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Source code of Four Seasons radio application project, source code of Four Seasons radio station

Source code of Four Seasons radio application project, source code of Four Seasons radio station Source code: Sky31Radio, Four Seasons radio station, produced by the three-wing campus of Xiangtan University, is an academic radio program. The campus network TV station is one, and various hosts are available for you to play. There are small fresh and h

Life also has four seasons-summer and winter

Four Seasons of LifeYoung is spring, youth is summer, middle age is autumn, old age is winter.Spring, full of vigorous vitality, summer, full of fire general enthusiasm; autumn is the harvest season, but also the time to think about why the harvest or crop failure; Winter is the most relaxed time of the year for a farmer, but it is the coldest time of the year, and it is the time when plants are bred to spr

Experience on four seasons sales of children's clothing

experience on four seasons sales of children's clothing Spring Clothing Sales is very short, the basic is a group sold after the beginning into the summer clothes, for the new shop customers, this phase of the purchase of the principle is: Diligent into the fast pin. Summer sales are the longest in a year. Summer clothing from April onwards to enter the strong sales, will continue to the end of July, so early into the summer clothes may be more

The Flowing seasons

"The Flowing Seasons"Spring bud probe foot fog like looking at flowers, green level diffuse dead tree to cover body, green leaves do not wear new red and Sheng Dew, wake up the earliest insects yawn start a new day walking, Love clean beast will first go to the river to brush teeth, eat before will remember to wash their hands, eat and rinse. That may be the big shark, there is no river in the forest can be loaded with big sharks, only the small fish

Four Seasons Skincare It's so easy!

All things in nature change with the seasons . the same is true of human skin. ... spring weather rain, humidity is too big, always feel itchy on the face, there are erythema; Hot summer Weather , The sultry weather makes people feel sweaty and greasy on their faces. Autumn is milder, the north wind blows, the face always has a sense of dryness; winter cold, bad weather, the face always feel skin, chapped, dry. Spring allergy; cleanSpring all things a

Summary of 2014 seasons

several exciting places, So we were excited to apply for a place on the Anshan station. Well, we can go out for a tour. There was another primary key event in the middle of the school. We played well and won the fourth place without a team .. There were several simulated matches before the competition. Last year, the two regional matches were all iron, but the gap between the bronze line was not significant = then the Mudanjiang synchronous match

Genesis of the Four Seasons

Reference: http://www.arcticworld.net/season.htmThe Four Seasons are formed by the revolution of the Earth around the sun. The Earth's orbit is elliptical, called the ecliptic, and the sun is in one of the focal points, so the Earth's distance from the sun is constantly changing and repeating itself. The Earth's revolution is one year. However, the alternating seasons are not due to changes in the Earth's d

Project Seasons work in Progress 4

The project has not been updated for a long time because there has been little progress in this period. Last year Gc-forever forum unseen disclosed his FPGA Gamecube component cable, then happy_bunny the design based on the completion of the HDMI version shuriken Video, Then I'm going to have to make a little more sense.This update is based on the Happy_bunny design process:The first is a good PCB:Next is the protagonist: Xilinx xc3s50a and SPI Flash Rom:Next is the assembly, the most troublesom

All Seasons Radio Application project source code

Source Sky31radio, Four Seasons Radio from Xiangtan University three-wing campus produced, is a college wind radio program. Campus Network radio station, a variety of anchor can be used to flirt. There is a small fresh and heavy taste, radio drama professional self-control, God passers-by all kinds of chaos into. is also an open-source campus Radio app, a college-style radio program, you can learn, but because it is the campus of things, the service s

Drinking tea in all seasons

make people thirsty, should drink oolong, tieguanyin and other green tea. Green tea sex Moderate, green tea between red, green teas between, not cold not hot, suitable for autumn climate, often drink can moisten skin, benefit lung, Sheng Jin, run throat, effectively remove residual heat, restore body fluid, to autumn health benefits. Green tea color Golden, the shape of fat and uniform, tight knot curl, color green, rich in quality, its taste refreshing back to Gan.Drink black tea in winter.Bla

Project Seasons work in Progress 5

Recently Happy_bunny updated the firmware, support the GameCube digital audio output to HDMI, I also download the latest firmware synchronously, but there is a problem in the experiment:Can see the image has a lot of green noise, and the sound is all noise, even the HDMI signal will be interrupted, and Happy_bunny discussed, he did not know why this, I have been in the diff code Changes in the code can not be resolved, this time I suddenly brainwave, move out the big kill device:Using an oscillo

Build a binary tree based on the forward and middle order of Python & re-build the binary tree based on the middle and back order, and output the results of the previous, middle, and post-order traversal.

This is based on my other C language version using Python implementation, added according to the central order and the post order re-built binary tree function, more detailed explanation can refer to: http://blog.csdn.net/hinyunsin/archive/2011/04/11/6315502.aspx The following is the Python code: #-*-Coding: UTF-8-*- Python is really interesting. It is much simpler to write than C. Of course, I am actually far from concise enough. I can't help it. I am a newbie ~ Here, the function of rebuildin

Personal Firewall-middle-tier NDIS middle-tier driver sending and receiving process

method needs to write the driver at the core layer of the system, which requires the writer to be familiar with the working mechanism of the core layer of Windows operation, and the driver is very high in code quality, which can cause the system to crash with a slight carelessness, b) win2kfilter-hookdriver. This is a driver from the Windows2000 system, which is primarily used to intercept network packets using the functionality provided by Ipfiltdrv.sys. The structure of the filter-hookdriver

An algorithm for binary tree structure with known binary tree's pre-sequence traversal, middle sequence traversal or middle sequence traversal and post-order traversal

The pre-order traversal in the binary tree is the first access to the root node, then the left subtree and the right subtree.The middle sequence traversal is the first access to the left subtree, then the root node, and finally the right sub-tree.The post-order traversal is the first to access the left subtree, then the right subtree, and finally the root node.The algorithm is based on the first node of the pre-sequence traversal or the last node of t

Rebuild notes -- remove man-in-the-middle and remove man-in-the-middle

Rebuild notes -- remove man-in-the-middle and remove man-in-the-middle This article is in the study of the summary, welcome to reprint but please note the Source: http://blog.csdn.net/pistolove/article/details/44022341 In the previous article, we introduced "Hiding delegation relationships ". This article describes how to remove man-in-the-middle. Let's learn a

Cannot create K/3 middle tier component or component is calling middle-tier problem resolution

Kingdee appears the following tips1. Unable to create the K/3 middle tier component, make sure that the middle tier component is configured correctly or that the current user has relevant permissions and retries2. The component is calling the middle tier ...Front-facing conditions1. Large-scale appearance2, double-click on the Kingdee server to open the clientSo,

Transform our learning: first from asking for middle school, then from using Middle School

because the hardware is best at 0 and 1. The emergence of any technology is aimed at solving specific problems. It must have a field that it is good at, and there is no omnipotent technology.Learning a technology can be divided into two phases:The first stage is in the middle school, and the second stage is in the middle school. When you are in a middle scho

CSS left and right fixed, middle adaptive width and left and right adaptive width, middle fixed

    CSS left and right fixed, middle adaptive width and left and right adaptive width, middle fixed

Binary tree traversal (middle order, first order-> back order; Middle Order, later order-> first order)

I wrote two C language programs with functions such as questions. If you have any questions, please leave a message !!! Development Platform: Linux; VIM; gcc We know the first order, the middle order, and the back order: # Include # Include # Define max 20Char STR [Max] = {'/0 '}; Int main (){ Void postorder (char * str1, char * str2 );Char str1 [Max] = {'/0 '};Char str2 [Max] = {'/0 '};Int I; Printf ("Please input the preorder:/N ");Scanf ("% S

Left Middle right 3 column first display the contents of the middle column method

The following is the implementation of the code, interested friends can copy back to try, but also welcome message exchange. BTW: This and Liu Yan, KESO revision donews.com, the benefit of the Philippines, they are really understand the user needs, understand the site. Middle column

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