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JS of the front end (ii)

Array Object1 Array CreationThere are three ways to create an array:Creation method 1:var Arrname = [element 0, Element 1,....]; var arr=[1,2,3]; creation method 2:var arrname = new Array (element 0, Element 1,....); var test=new array ("A",

Use of cron (2)

Understand cron concepts The cron daemon is a small subsystem composed of utilities and configuration files. cron of a certain style can be found in almost all UNIX-like systems. CronComponents include the daemon itself, a set of system-wide

Quest how to Venture private equity (transfer to a forum article, infringement of the deletion)

On the issue of private enterprise, think for a long time, but also read a lot of senior entrepreneurial experience. This article is seen from the forum, it is very true. Tidy up a bit, send out, with June mutual encouragement.First article: Memory 2

How can I write code every day?

Have you ever been disappointed that the project is not progressing? It is unrealistic to program for two days without any chance of relaxation. Another important question is the code you wrote last week. How much do you remember? To this end, John

Basic overview and syntax for front-end Foundation-javascript

1. JavaScript overview 2. JavaScript Introduction method 3. JavaScript Language Specification 4. JavaScript Language Basics 5. JavaScript data type 6. JavaScript operators 7. JavaScript Process Control 8. JavaScript

Wind and rain without plugging, travelled day, keep a heart, do not forget the original intention

Year after year, day after day. Time is always so zipping, fleeting figure quietly buried, we still too late to think, everything is like clouds, not seen, let the wind blown by messy confused. Old language, ancient literati more lonely, but the

About JS Date Object two or three things

To learn the Date object dates, first to clarify some knowledge.How many days are there in one months? How many days are there in a year? What is common year and leap year? What is the difference between common year and leap years? When does the

"2014 Year-end summary" struggle embellishment time, in your my most beautiful years

The sun is tilted and the glow warms the world. This day also to the past, like the last night of wind and Frost, after a night of melting sunshine first gaze, eventually turned into dust for the spring and summer accumulation. 2014 is a year of

"The end of the month"---those wonderful bugs

Can not say that all the bugs are paper tigers, but often the kind of seemingly wonderful bugs, the cause is really simple, annoying you for a period of time, to find the truth and let you can't help a smile. What is a wonderful bug? My definition

DB2 a description of the application of the date and time function _db2

Dayname returns a mixed case string, with a week representing the name of the day (for example, Friday) for the day portion of the parameter. DayOfWeek returns the number of days of the week in the argument, expressed as an integer value of 1-7, of

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