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RFID cooking with Mifare classic

From: http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/index.php/RFID_Cooking_with_Mifare_Classic Contents[Hide] 1 RFID cooking with Mifare classic 2 0x00-Preface 2.1 Dependencies 3 0x01-hardware 3.1 touchatag-acr122u 4 0x02-Software 4.1 acr122u driver 4.2 open source near field communication (NFC) Library/libnfc/ 4.

RFID penetration test-Mifare Classic card cracking (1)

0x00 Preface I have always wanted to play wireless security, but wangcai said that the threshold is low (where is it low? =. = Web dog: I am stupid, Wang). I started ACR122u and wanted to get into trouble from NFC. Now I have read this article to popularize basic knowledge. Mifare Classic card provides 1-4 k capacity. We often see the Mifare

MIFARE Series 1-Introduction

sometimes to other companies to comply with the ISO14443A standard RF card is also known as "Mifare", especially Mifare S50 card, is almost the spokesperson of the ISO14443A standard. Mifare Series cards are also sometimes based on the use of chips within the card, Mifare ultralight called Mf0,

Android NFC development tutorial (3): Mifare Tag read/write example

Android system detects NFC tags, encapsulates them into Tag classes, and stores them in the Intent NfcAdapter. EXTRA_TAG Extra data packet. You can use MifareClassic. get (Tag) to obtain the MifareClassic class of the object. [Java]Tag tagFromIntent = intent. getParcelableExtra (NfcAdapter. EXTRA_TAG );// 4) Get an instance of the Mifare classic card from this TAG// IntentMifareClassic mfc = MifareClassic.

[NFC] What are some birds in nfca/nfcb/nfcf/nfcv/isodep/ndef/Mifare/felica/PBOC/isoxxxx?

. Let's talk about the common solutions for RF cards: Phillips's Mifare, Sony's felica, and PBOC of the Chinese name bank. Mifare card has many versions (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIFARE for details), common versions include Mifare classic and

Replace the NFC controller in Nexus 7, which no longer supports reading Mifare Classic NFC 1 k Tags

In a review by Anandtech, it was found that the Nexus 4 makes use of the Broadcom BCM20793 NFC controller. all previous NFC-enabled Nexus devices (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Q and Nexus 7), as well as the vast majority of non-Nexus Android phones,

Mifare Series 7-Security

Phillips's Mifare card is widely used in the market due to its high security. For example, we use bus cards, meal cards for schools and corporate canteens, etc. each slice has an independent key (six-byte password). During communication, the key must be verified before data can be read and written. its key technology is to use the triple-encryption DES algorithm for key verification (that is, the keys transmitted between the reader and the card are en

Android MIFARE NFCA Source parsing

Mifare Classic tagNFCA NFCA = nfca.get (tag);byte[] Atqa = Nfca.getatqa ();if (atqa[1] = = 0 (atqa[0] = = 4 | | atqa[0] = = (byte) 0x44 | | Atqa[0] = = 2 | | Atqa[0] = = (byte) 0x42))Getsak ()Sak/sel_resReturns information about the selection commandExample:Byte Sak = (byte) Nfca.getsak ();if (Sak = = 8 | | sak = = 9 | | sak = = (byte) 0x18 | | Sak = = (byte) 0x88)Transceive ()Send Raw nfc-a commands to t

Mifare Plus Card Commissioning Summary

Original address:: https://blog.csdn.net/wwwtovvv/article/details/9240783 Related articles 1, Mifare Plus card reading and writing module user manual----http://www.docin.com/p-1252890695.html 2, Mifare plus card reading and writing module----http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3968383719?traceid= 3, Mifare PLUS CPU card reader software green free version----http://dl.pconli

Mifare Series 3-card energy and data transfer

   text/Shing original reprint please indicate the source http://blog.csdn.net/yxstars/article/details/38080175 In the Mifare card, the energy and data are transmitted through the antenna, the antenna in the card is a few turns of the coil, directly connected to the chip, no longer require additional components. The coil is embedded in the plastic and forms a passive contactless card.Card reader to the IC to send a set of fixed frequency of electromag

Mifare Series 6-communication between RF Card and Reader

followed, b4-b0 must have and only 1 bit is 1. Generally, the atqa of Mifare S50 is 0004 H, and that of Mifare s70 is 0002 H. 2. anticollision Loop) When multiple cards enter the reader operation range, the anti-conflict mechanism selects one of them for the operation. If not selected, the system is in idle mode and waits for the next card selection, this process returns the serial number of the selected

Mifare Series 3-card energy source and Data Transmission

In the Mifare card, energy and data are transmitted through an antenna. The antenna in the card contains several turns of coils and is directly connected to the chip without additional components. The coil is embedded in plastic to form a passive non-contact card. The card reader sends a set of Fixed-frequency electromagnetic waves to the IC. The card contains an IC series resonance circuit, which is the same as the frequency of the reader. In this w

Mifare Series 4-composition diagram

The Mifare IC chip contains the EEPROM, rfinterface, and digital control unit. 1. rfrf Interface Rfrf interface circuits mainly include waveform conversion modules. It can receive the 13.56mhz radio modulation frequency on the card reader. On the one hand, it sends the modulation/Demodulation module, and on the other hand it converts the waveform, converts the sine wave into a square wave, and then rectifies and filters it, the voltage control modul

Mifare Series 2-Non-contact card Standard

speed up!4)The anti-conflict of typea requires a relatively high and accurate timing sequence on the card. Therefore, you need to add hardware to the card and reader separately, while the anti-conflict of typeB can be implemented by software. From the comparison above, we can see that the two technologies are difficult to say that they are superior or inferior, which is one of the reasons why the international ISO organization has determined the two standards. However, for public transit syste

MIFARE Series 4-composition

text/Shing original Reprint Please specify the source http://blog.csdn.net/yxstars/article/details/38081241The Mifare IC chip contains EEPROM, RF interface and digital control unit.1. RF RF InterfaceIn the RF RF interface circuit, mainly includes the waveform conversion module. It can receive the 13.56MHZ radio modulation frequency on the card reader, on the one hand the modulation/demodulation module, on the other hand, the waveform conversion, t

NXP Mifare S50 Standard IC card-access bit (access bits) analysis

Label:The Mifare S50 standard IC card has a 1 K-byte EEPROM, which is used primarily to store data and control information. The 1-byte EEPROM is divided into 16 zones, each divided into 4 segments, with 16 bytes in each of the 1 segments. The last segment of each zone is called "tail" (trailer), which includes two keys and the access conditions (programmable) for each segment in the zone. Storage Organization (Memory Organization) Storage access (M

PHP implementation of the classic algorithm PHP programming classic 300 examples PHP recursive algorithm classic example PHP classic interview

Objective The following is the implementation of the classic algorithm through PHP, and calculate the time-consuming, can be time-consuming comparison of the complexity of these algorithms. Insert Sort Bubble sort Select sort and sorted Quick Sort CODE $arr= []; for($i=0;$i the;$i++) {$arr[] = rand (1,10000);}//1 Insert Sort functioninsertionsort($arr){ for($i=1;$i$arr);$i++) {$tmp=$arr[$i];//Set up a lookout$key=$i-1;//Set wher

Classic PHP algorithm Collection [classic favorites], classic php algorithm collection

Classic PHP algorithm Collection [classic favorites], classic php algorithm collection This example summarizes the classic PHP algorithm. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: 1. First, draw a diamond for fun. Many people have painted it in books when learning C. We have used PHP t

MIFARE Series 2-Non-contact card standard

This article transfers from the text/ Shing original reprint please indicate the source http://blog.csdn.net/yxstars/article/details/ 380799 Depending on the way the signal is sent and received, Iso/iec14443-3 defines the TypeA, typeb two

What is Classic shell? Chinese version of classic Shell download

What is Classic shell? Classic Shell is a Windows Start Menu tool that provides three start menu styles such as XP classic style, Vista double column classic style, Win7 two-bar evolution style, and can also replace your favorite "Start" button icon, is a recognized Start menu customization Tool. In layman's words

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