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[Translate books]-moving applications to the cloud on the Microsoft Windows azure platform-1

sections, we will continue to describe how adatum migrates their aexpense application to the cloud. reading this chapter will help you understand why adatum wants to migrate some of their commercial applications to the cloud and describe some of their concerns. "Phase 1: Getting to the cloud" describes the steps tha

How to deploy enterprise applications in the Windows Azure Public cloud environment

Enterprise Internal application conversion to online service Windows Azure has become a hot topic for many IT service providers, some of whom argue that only applications that provide an Internet User Service are appropriate to run in a public cloud environment. However, in fact, in the current Windows Azure environme

Windows Azure Traffic Manager (6) uses Traffic manager for on-premises applications + high availability for cloud applications

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogNote: This article describes an Azure China service that uses a domestic century-connected operation.  The service endpoint behind the previous traffic Manager must be the cloud service in the Azure datacenter.Now the newest traffic manager,endpoint not only suppor

Grid Computing Based on azure cloud computing platform, Part 1: Running grid applications

ArticleDirectory Grid Application Solution Structure Set local database Configuration Solution Test and step-by-step advancement of grid applications across Environments Local test run View Grid View task View results Run grid applications in the cloud Performance and Tuning In part 1 of this series, we introduced the de

Windows azure-Development and deployment of cloud applications in Visual Studio 2010

There are many reasons to deploy an application or service to the Microsoft cloud services platform, Windows Azure. For example, paying for what you use can reduce the cost of operating and hardware, build applications that are almost infinitely scalable, huge storage capacity, geography, and so on. It is only when developers actually use the platform that the p

Grid Computing Based on azure cloud computing platform, Part 1: Development of grid applications

In part 1 of this series, we introduced the design model for grid computing on azure. In this articleArticle, We will use C # To develop a grid applicationProgramTo achieve this mode; in Part 2, we will first run this application locally and then run it on the cloud. To implement these functions, we need the auxiliary functions provided by the grid computing framework. Role of the grid framework Unless

Use VISUALVM to monitor Java applications in Azure cloud services

When we do Java development, we need to stress test the program before going online, to fully monitor the performance of the program, to understand the CPU, memory, gc,classes, thread, etc. of the JVM, or to run the program in order to diagnose problems or optimize the process. There are more tools on the market for Java profiling, such as commercial jprofiler,jclarity and so on, there are free JDK's own tools, such as VISUALVM,JCONSOLE,JMC and so on, So how do we use these tools for performance

Grid computing based on Azure cloud computing platform, part 2nd: Development grid applications

In the 1th part of this series, we introduce a design model for grid computing on Azure. In this article, we will use C # to develop a grid application to implement this pattern, and in the 3rd part we will run the application locally and then run it in the cloud. To implement these functions, we need the accessibility features provided by the Grid computing framework. Role of the grid framework Unless yo

Use VISUALVM to monitor Java applications in Azure cloud services

your Azure Deployment Project, find package.xml: Locate the Jetty startup line and add the JMX parameter after Java start : -dcom.sun.management.jmxremote=true-dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port=1099 (the port can be defined by itself)-dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.ssl=false-dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.authenticate=falseFind Jetty Start line:?the above JMX parameter is added to the Jetty in the startup parameter Save the changes and redeploy t

Windows Azure Handbook (6) Azure bandwidth with azure blob cloud storage

: Enterprise a online training system, mainly for employees in the enterprise online video training. (2) Existing structure: the customer built the data center to purchase 60M exclusive bandwidth, all dynamic requests and static video files are going to the Internet bandwidth. (3) Pain point: The 60M bandwidth cannot respond to large concurrent requests when the number of users who need training is exploding. Customers also have security requirements for video files and cannot accelerate video a

Azure Web sites, cloud services, and virtual machine comparisons

the role instance is running. You can also write more advanced scripts for IIS and machine configuration changes that run when the role starts, including tasks that require administrator control.Virtual machines, you can run WEB applications on virtual machines in Azure. This feature is also known as infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Create a new Windows Server or Linux computer from the portal, or uploa

[Walk through the cloud, azure services platform] First: Learn about azure Services Platform

service platform based on Microsoft Data Centers. It provides us with a real-time operating system and a series of development services. It can be said that azure services platform is provided by Microsoft and can support cloud services for various applications. You can integrate Web applications, PC systems, servers,

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solution for Windows Azure Handbook (5)

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog In many cases, we encounter hybrid cloud scenarios where the local private cloud and public cloud are interconnected. For this hybrid cloud scenario, Microsoft Windows Azure

[New portal] windows azure platform () how to select the type of Windows azure hosting service? Website, cloud service or virtual Ma

Windows azure platform articles I believe that after reading my blog post, I have a certain understanding of the Windows azure hosting service. In general, Windows azure services are divided into three types: Windows azure website Cloud Service Virtual mac

"Cloud discussion"-using open-source technology and Azure public cloud services to quickly build cloud-based IoT solutions (below), azureiot

"Cloud discussion"-using open-source technology and Azure public cloud services to quickly build cloud-based IoT solutions (below), azureiot This solution is a series of articles, including the first and second articles. In the article "using open-source technologies and Azure

Advancing towards the cloud: Interpreting SQL azure cloud Database Development

service layer also exposes the list data stream (tabular data stream, TDS) with SSL to the Client layer. Client layer The client layer is the only layer running outside the Microsoft Data Center. Instead of using any special components of SQL Azure, it uses the SQL server features installed on the current client, such as ADO.. net, WCF Service, ODBC, and SQL server management tools. The client layer uses APIs to initialize a TDS connection and connec

Windows azure platform (14) deploy a local azure project to a cloud server

We have learned about the previous chapter. 1) how to create a Windows azure Project 2) how to add web role and worker role 3) introduced the project content and configuration file 4) Learn How to debug the azure Project 5) have a certain understanding of worker role This chapter describes how to deploy a project that has been successfully debugged locally to a

Cloud computing and data selection of Windows azure table Storage and SQL azure

, any program in the world can enjoy your data as long as it supports the odata standard. Similarly, your cloud applications can also use odata to access your local data. Many current Microsoft products are already using odata. For example, indows azure table Storage, Dallas, Sharepoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, and so on. If you plan to use other topologies,

How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

features of Virtual machine are as follows: Services that provide IaaS. Not only Windows-supported, but Linux operating systems are supported. Easily deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines within minutes, migrating running loads without changing existing code. For Windows OS-based apps, you can deploy it to Hyper-V as a VHD file and upload it directly to Windows Azure for dep

Azure OPS Series 3: Installing and using Azure PowerShell management cloud

There are a lot of ways to manage it, including the recently updated preview Management portal in Azure China and the Azure Cloud Assistant, all of which are great ways to manage azure, and today we'll talk about a more efficient way to manage azure PowerShell. Friends famil

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