min identifier not found

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Vs2015--win32 Some ideas of the project configuration GdiplusTypes.h (470): Error C3861: ' min ': identifier not found

Once in a while, bored to fall into their own dug pit.Previous Blog "Vs2015–win32 project configuration of some ideas of the algorithm Min/max and Windows Min/max macro conflict" wrote how to deal with algorithm in Std:min and windows in the

[C + +] [Language grammar] function templates and template functions

Reference: http://blog.csdn.net/beyondhaven/article/details/42043451. Declaration of function templates and generation of template functions1.1 Declaration of a function templateFunction templates can be used to create a common function that

function templates, inline functions

A function overload has the same function name but the number or type of arguments is different so that the corresponding method is invoked depending on the number of parameters and the type of parameter. we found that the function overload only

A complete roadmap for learning C ++

/* It is recommended to a friend who wants to learn C ++ a simple but complete roadmap for learning C ++: C ++ primer-> C ++ standard library-> Objective C ++-> Objective STL-> exploring C ++ object models C program common algorithm source

Use static factory method to replace construction method and static Construction

Use static factory method to replace construction method and static ConstructionCreate Object Construction Method create object In Java, common methods to create objects areConstructorCreate; For example, the following is a constructor of the

pragma pack (very useful byte alignment usage instructions)

Http://hi.baidu.com/zhanghuikl/blog/item/124ea7998108a9006e068c19.html Emphasize one point: #pragma packs (4) typedef struct { Char buf[3]; Word A; }KK; #pragma pack () The principle of alignment is min (sizeof (word), 4) = 2, so it's 2-byte

Understanding of C + + memory alignment

The program compiler's special handling of the storage of the structure does increase the speed of the CPU storage variables, but sometimes it also brings some trouble, we also block out the default alignment of the variable, we can set the

#pragma pack (very useful byte alignment usage notes)

#pragma pack (4)//4-byte aligned, but in fact the maximum number of bytes consumed by a single member in a struct is 2 bytes, so it is actually aligned by 2 bytestypedef struct{Char buf[3];Word A;}KK;#pragma pack ()//de-Custom byte alignmentThe

Use C macro

C1 condition include As follows: Code # Ifndef main_h _ # Define main_h _ Other content # Endif When we see the header file, the function is to prevent this header file from being included multiple times. Repeated definitions occur when multiple

C-language pre-processing procedures and comments

C-language pre-processing programs and comments-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. The source code of the C program may include various compilation commands, which are called

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