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Msys + mingw is handy!

1 origin At ordinary times, in some C ++ groups, I saw many universities studying C ++/mfc with great efforts and seeing that when programming languages were all over the world, c/C ++ is very attractive. It is estimated that many beginners use

Compiling x64 bits with MINGW-W64 ffmpeg

This article from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6125d067010168dt.htmlFFmpeg x64 was used in the work. It is not easy to find FFmpeg compiled out of x64. The special record.The original plan compiles the static library, discovers the static library,

Eclipse: configure the C/C ++ environment (eclipse + CDT + mingw)

Required tools: JDK + eclipse + CDT + mingw A. The installation of eclipse and JDK is not described here. Install the CDT plug-in:Install the CDT plug-in1> download the CDT plug-in: You can select the appropriate version of your eclipse in the http:/

Using ECLIPSE+CDT+MINGW to build C + + development platform under Windows

This article provides a way to build a C/D + + development platform with ECLIPSE+CDT+MINGW under Windows, and test the platform for Windows XP Sp2 CHS.   The following software is available under the Windows platform version. 1, install the JDK, the

Eclipse MinGW CPP Development environment

Eclipse Development C + +Contrast:Microsoft's vc++6.0: Too old, for Win7 compatibility is not good,Now Microsoft Visual Studio: Installation package is too large, several g, loaded with a bunch of things you don't need, money, teachFertility version

Compiling wxwidgets--windows, vc71, Bcc32, MinGW, and command lines

Compiling wxwidgets--windows, vc71, Bcc32, MinGW, and command lineshttp://www.diybl.com/course/3_program/vc/vc_js/20071226/93502.html#WxWidgets is a well-known C + + library that provides a graphical interface support that you can use to develop

C Language Study first day ~eclipse MINGW environment construction

first, the environment preparationWindowssecond, the GCC compiler in Windows environment1.MinGW IntroductionMinGW is a compilation environment that uses only free software to generate pure Win32 executables, which are minimalist GNU on Windows

FFmpeg build under mingw [original]

FFmpeg build under mingw Use mingw to compile FFMPEG. The latest FFMPEG version is used here. Version 0.6.1 (Oct 18,201 0) Steps: 1. Build the mingw compilation environment Download mingw-get-inst-20101030.exe, click here to download

Use eclipse3 + mingw to configure the Standard C/C ++ Development Environment

To learn C language and C ++, you first need a development platform that provides exercises. For C ++, there are many tools and platforms available, including Borland's c ++ builder and Microsoft's Visual Studio series, they are indeed very

GSL installation and use methods: mingw, Vc, Borland C ++ builder, and Windows Development Environment

Source: http://hi.baidu.com/lihui880921/blog/item/5b39044e54ddc5d8d0c86a6c.html It is very likely that you will need some functions in the program one day, such as gamma, beta, and common logarithm. What do you think, no # I nclude right? After so

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