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Current Situation and Future Trend of RFID-1.3 Classification of RFID tags

According to the internal structure of RFID tags, they are divided into active tags with battery (Tony Note: Also called active tags) and passive tags without battery (Tony Note: Also called passive tags) these two types. The Pass

Current Situation and Future Trend of RFID-1.6 antenna types and features of RFID tags

× Winding Process It is a process that combines an antenna and an IC loop to form a module. It takes some time to mount modules one by one on a thin board. Therefore, high costs are not suitable for mass production. However, compared with other manufacturing processes, the tag communication distance is improved. × Etching ProcessIt is a process of forming an antenna by etching aluminum or copper film on the pet Film Board. Figure 4 shows an item (using an etching antenna in an IC circuit). B

Current Situation and Future Trend of RFID-1.7 antenna shape and material of RFID tags

Antennas are rectangular, circular, and rod-shaped. Generally, the longer the communication distance is, the larger the size of the antenna. However, in actual use, when tags are attached to an item, even the RFID tags of the business card size are too large. In fact, the size and shape of the RFID tag in use need to b

RFID tags can be divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra high frequency (UHF)

For an RFID system, the concept of Frequency Band refers Frequency Range of tag signals sent, received, and read by the reader through an antenna . In terms of application concept, the operating frequency of the RF tag, that is, the operating frequency of the RFID system, directly determines all aspects of the system application. In an RFID system, the system wor

How to identify the chip model of UHF RFID tags?

know which brand the chip is produced by which model of the chip.The following list of various manufacturers of chip models of the coding table, for your reference:6C Series: Based on the first few of the TID to determine the chipAlien and Impinj's Tid 21h,nxp G2 series of Tid have 16h/24hE2003411Alien H2E2003412Alien H3 (96-480 bit EPC)E2006001UCODE EPC G2 (224bit user memory, 96bit EPC)E2006003G2XM (512bit user memory,96-240bit EPC)E2006004G2XL (NO user memory,96-240bit EPC)E2006806G2il (NO u

Current Situation and Future Trend of RFID-1.4 overview of passive tags

The Passive Tag does not generate electricity itself, but uses the radio waves sent by the reader as the power of the IC circuit. This is divided into two types: the induction mode and the electric wave mode (Figure 3 ). Electromagnetic Induction: receives the time-varying magnetic field from the reader through a ring antenna to provide power to the IC circuit. This is the same principle as a turbine generator (Tony Note: How is a turbine generator working? ). Radio waves: In order to effect

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