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The application of minimalist style in design

Hello, I am Itsuki, today I combined with my real project in micro-blog to share with you a little design experience of minimalist style. In modern city life we have to face noisy streets and subways every day, all kinds of advertisements, handling

Weibo design experience: Using minimalist design style web design case

Article Description: This is also true of the design experience of Weibo, where we have removed complex visual distractions and sought to give users a pleasant and relaxing visual experience. Hi everyone, I am Itsuki, today I combined

28 A good foreign website advocating minimalist design style

Sometimes it is not necessarily "more" on the "good", on the contrary, simple design will have a lot of appreciation. Simple Web design can better highlight the essence of the core content, more intuitive and fast to the user to communicate the

Web Design translation: The use of mathematics in web design

"Mathematics is wonderful. "This may sound absurd to those who cringe in the face of numbers and formulas." But from the smallest shells to the largest spiral galaxies, nature and most of the beautiful things in our universe are mathematically

Love! Top 20 best web Design in 2014

It's time to say good-bye to the 2014, and it's about to review the great design of the year! The well-known design blog Designmodo the top 20 best websites of the year, and these excellent web pages are not only carefully designed, but also closely

Web Design reference: Blog Bottom Design

What will you do when your users finish reading a journal? Maybe they will give you a comment, or read another journal, or click on an ad, or contact you, vote or share it with a community website, subscribe to your blog, or simply leave your blog ..

New Trends in web design: immersive interactive design

The wheel of time is rolling forward, constantly changing our perception of the world, some websites and apps from rounds to empty may only take a few months, but every time an old technology ends, it means the rise of a new technology.Here are some

50 Web page header design for users to linger (on)

In the template flying today, opening a blog seems to be a particularly simple thing, is not it? Platform is there, the blogger just need to go to the dispatch, this is all right, how difficult? But the reality is that there are thousands of

Java Open Source Blog--b3log Solo 0.6.7 official release!

Java Open Source Blog--b3log Solo 0.6.7 official release! Welcome everyone to download.In addition, welcome to observe the new project of B3log team: Wide, also welcome everyone to participate in:-)Characteristics Label-based article

2015 Global website Design Trend forecast

Anyforweb for everyone to bring benefits, heavy launch of the 2015 Global website Design Trend forecast Analysis, I hope everyone in the new year can more and more "one manuscript"! The trend of web design is mainly in layout, color, user

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