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Minimalist website design: A white minimalist website design

Article Description: The design of 35 minimalist websites abroad. Original: 35 minimalist web design abroad From: Effective examples of minimalism in Web design Please respect the copyright, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

Minimalist design is a lot of design principles

This article is translated from a foreigner's article (original text), but not completely literal translation, the article has added some my experience and the idea: As designers, we all know that a simple design can create very beautiful results.

Studying minimalist design: simplifying your design

Article Description: Minimalist Design: Less is more. This article is translated from a foreigner's article (original text), but not completely literal translation, the article has added some my experience and the idea: As designers, we

WEBJX collection of fresh and beautiful minimalist style website design examples

Article Description: 40 a refreshing and beautiful minimalist website. If a page has too many elements, the viewer will be puzzled by where to look or misunderstand the priority of each element, and a minimalist design will focus on

Simple and efficient! 25 beautiful minimalist style web design works

In the past few years, there has been a great change in the field of web design. In addition to RWD (responsive web design) and the revolution in Web fonts, the trend of modern design is rapidly becoming popular with flat color schemes, where web

Website user experience and minimalist design that's important

We do not need to discuss the perfect user experience and simple design, not the important question, because simplicity does not mean that the product experience is imperfect. Now basically is a concise for the beauty of the era, and in fact, the

Leading 2015 years of web design trends

Web design, like other areas of the web, has undergone several changes in the 2014. Several new trends in web design are expected to emerge in 2015, and more innovative and interesting design concepts will emerge in the area of web design,

Website landing Page Design: A reference example for designing a simple landing page

Article Description: Landing pages are important for helping the site to turn visitors into customers. Therefore, the message of the product must be clear, the design must be attractive and easy to understand. Landing page design should help to

How to make your website design concise?

In web design, simplicity does not necessarily equate to minimalist design aesthetics. A simple web site simply removes all unnecessary elements from design, content, and code. Minimalist websites generally conform to this standard, and there are

2014 Web page Design trends

In the past 2013 and 2012, the concept of web design is more or less influenced by the design style of large companies. Google has also made many tweaks to search algorithms over the past few years-paying more attention to the originality and

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