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C + + image processing-image flip (mirror) __c++

Reading Tips : "C + + image processing" series with clear code, readability, all using C + + code. the Delphi Image Processing "series of focus on efficiency, the general code for Pascal, the core code using BASM." as much as possible to maintain

iOS development Swift realizes the horizontal flip (mirror) of the picture (UIImage) and flips vertically

Sometimes we need to flip the picture (uiimage) vertically (upside down) or flip it horizontally (that is, mirroring). The following figure: There are usually two ways. Method One, changing the direction of the picture 1, the

Why do we see ourselves in the mirror being left and right upside down?

The first to see this problem has been around for several years, although a bit curious but has not carefully thought about the reason. A few days before work in the road when suddenly thought of this problem, so focus on the spirit of serious

PS creates a very good mirror image reflection-PS tutorial

This tutorial is a very good mirror image reflection method to share with my friends. The tutorial is very good and recommended to my house, if you like it, come and learn about it. Today, we will share with you how to create a very good mirror

Android realizes the effect of text flip animation _android

This article realizes the Android program text to flip the animation of the small program, the specific code is as follows: The first effect chart is as follows: Requirements: Along the y-axis positive direction, the value minus 1 o'clock the

Learning about andriod development: Image flip so easy,

Learning about andriod development: Image flip so easy, Hello, everyone. I'm akira. Let's take a look at the following short video. SO what does this mean? It's too common for everyone to go to or out of the mall. He's just a revolving door. It's

How to create a combination effect of the original picture and the picture mirror in PPT2007

We often see a kind of picture effect--that is the combination effect of original picture and picture Mirror, some books, magazines, TV show more. The graphics and text effects applied to each major medium are also achievable in PowerPoint, and it's

How Android implements the front camera selfie mirror feature

The default front camera, the text "Xi" is displayed as "IX" when preview (front camera preview has a mirror effect by default), the photo taken is "Xi", how to make the photo taken is also "IX", Which is consistent with preview?For normal single

Photoshop makes fantasy blockbuster with mirror image

Many friends suffer from the work has been unable to break through, Pat to Pat are the same as the old, slowly lost the enthusiasm for filming, even in the late adjustment up and down a lot of kung fu, there is still a point of lack of meaning. In

Python uses pillow (PIL) as an example of image manipulation

Color and RGBA values The computer typically represents an image as an RGB value, or an alpha value (permeability, transparency), called an RGBA value. In pillow, the value of RGBA is expressed as a tuple of 4 integers, namely R, G, B, A. The range

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