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Linux ubuntu local mirror software source Authoring method

1, the configuration of the current software source, the image is very large, so the first to configure the fast download software source HTTP://FFFO.BLOG.163.COM/BLOG/STATIC/2119130682014322104136601/2, install the image software and To modify a

A Simple Study of screen capture demo with window2000 DDK mirror driver

Address: http://blog.163.com/cgq_ I /blog/static/728779232009530112128471/ 1. simple installation steps of window DDK mirror: To download the DDK installation package path, see my previous article. After downloading and installing the Windows 2000

How to build a local Ubuntu mirror server

To install and build a local Ubuntu mirror server on your computer, you can reduce time when installing other common tools! So how to build it! Let's take a look at it! I. Demand analysis A recent requirement for the company's software team is:

Android Livereload-jimu Mirror

Friends who have used Sketch should know a function called Mirror , it can put your design manuscript on the phone preview, for designers to improve a lot of efficiency. And today I want to introduce the Jimu Mirror , and Sketch Mirror Similar, you

Build a local Ubuntu mirror server

I. Demand Analysiscan you build an Ubuntu mirror server on the LAN,the benefit of this is that you can save the installation time for some of the most commonly used tools in Ubuntu. two. Deployment Process2.1 test EnvironmentCurrently there is an

JMeter learn one of the -034-jmeter Debugging tools---HTTP Mirror Server

In general, the programming tools IDE provides the appropriate debugging modules for developers to use in order to locate the problem more quickly. So what debugging tools does JMeter provide for us to use while jmeter writing test scripts?JMeter

Microsoft Magic Mirror: Magic magic from "jiyuhua" to "read tree"

Microsoft Magic Mirror: Magic magic from "jiyuhua" to "read tree" All the children's shoes who have read Snow White will surely have imagined the spirit "Magic Mirror" with an evil queen as a child to understand everything and predict the future. It

Development screen capture Mirror driver

Mirror driver mirroring Drive, directly create a virtual graphics driver (personally think), the application calls the operating system needs to change the graphics display in advance intercept the application needs to display the area and content,

Use apt-mirror to create a Debian source Image

The apt-mirror tool can download the official image to a local device and ensure that the directory structure is consistent with that of the image. However, you cannot modify the image repository. To download and modify the image repository, use the

Apt-mirror: Build local Ubuntu private source

First, we need to install apt-mirror $ sudoapt-getinstallapt-mirror. Suppose we put the image and other files under the/service/Ubuntu Folder: Please create the following folder (mirror. list prompts us to create a folder in advance):/service/ubuntu/

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