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Misc subsystem and linuxmisc subsystem in linux

Misc subsystem and linuxmisc subsystem in linux Misc Subsystem Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/wang_zheng_kai Optical source device and System Research Institute Personal Learning Summary 1. What is misc in linux? When

Introduction to Linux Driver Development Misc class Equipment

1, what is misc equipment?Misc is the abbreviation of English, the Chinese name is generally called miscellaneous equipment/stray equipment.We know that most of the equipment has a clear classification class, some equipment to classify the not very

Misc Subsystem in Linux system

Misc SubsystemReprint Please specify source: Http://blog.csdn.net/wang_zheng_kaiInstitute of Light source devices and systemsSummary of individual Learning1. What is misc in the Linux system?When researching the camera driver, we found that the path

Linux Kernel learning-MISC miscellaneous Device Driver

The MISC miscellaneous device in Linux is a driver with the master device Number 10. It is easy to register and use, so it is suitable for devices with simple functions. It has its own device structure: Struct miscdevice {Int minor;Const char *

Php miscellaneous functions (MISC) _ halt_compiler ()

This is a function that I have never used. Most people do not need to use this function, so few people know its usefulness. Today, I read some related knowledge on stackoverflow and share it with you. Let's take a look at the official explanation:

9, Linux-driven miscellaneous devices

Miscellaneous devices, which are special in the character device, it's main device number, is 10, different miscellaneous devices, which are differentiated by the secondary device number.1. Registration and cancellation int misc_register (struct

Linux MISC Device

Refer: Http://longer.spaces.eepw.com.cn/articles/article/item/60415 Http://imganquan.org/blog? P = 350 I found it online and summarized it as follows: Miscellaneous device (Misc device)Miscellaneous devices are also a device driver used in

Linux misc devices and character devices

Tag: member function by character command height file nod avoid member.1 introduction of miscellaneous device driversA character device is a device that must be sequentially accessed in serial order, without a system-fast buffer, to understand the

Miscellaneous device example

This article is written by xhz1234 (Xu Hongzhi). For more information, see the source. Http://blog.csdn.net/xhz1234/article/details/38750091 In the previous blog, a character device driver is created. To use the features provided by the driver, you

Write your first Linux kernel module (currently proofread to miscellaneous devices)

Tag:linux    kernel     module    linux_kernel 3.0    want to start black out? There's no clue how to start? Let us show you how to do ...   Kernel programming is often considered black magic. In the sense of Arthur C Clarke, it may be. The

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