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"Miscellaneous questions" FZUU2190 The redemption of non-mention

Chinese questions, test instructions not much to say.It felt like DP.In fact, as long as the maintenance of monotony from top to bottom is goodThe Pit is ... This OJ ... With Cin it is easy to tle ...1 //#include 2#include 3#include 4#include

The past does not love, the present is not miscellaneous, the future is not chaotic-reading "The Life of the Magic"

The past does not love, the present is not miscellaneous, the future is not chaotic--read "The Magic of Life in the Heartbeat"I read this book only to learn the skills of finishing, because I am a person who can clean up the environment but does not

A line of miscellaneous questions to find page pages

1. Problem Description: The number of items per page in the Web shop is limited, and the total number of n (n > 0) Items is given, and only m (M > 0) Items are allowed on each pageNow ask for a line of expressions to calculate how many pages are

[Miscellaneous Questions] URAL2047. Maths

Test instructions: Constructs a string of length n so that, except for the first, the number of prefixes and factors in each position is exactly equal to the number at that position.N$\le 100000$For example $a_i$:2 4 6 6 4 8 4 8 4 8Prefixes and: 6 12

[Miscellaneous Questions] CSUOJ1413 area of a Fractal

http://acm.csu.edu.cn/OnlineJudge/problem.php?id=1413Test instructions: The picture is given in the question, so I probably know it without reading the word.The area of the nth graph is asked.is to find a regular recursive class ...Give the

Some DP and DP miscellaneous questions

Some DP and DP miscellaneous questions 1. [HNOI2001] Product Processing A simple backpack, but I still wrote QAQ for a long time. The time range is smaller than 5. Obviously, one-dimensional backpacks are considered. dp [I] indicates that currently

[Miscellaneous Questions] URAL1822. Hugo II ' s War

Read Test instructions Please skip the next lump! I have express obstacles!==========================================Test instructions: (test instructions really difficult to understand AH!!! Go to his mother's * *)There is a kingdom, there is a

[Miscellaneous Questions] CSUOJ1276 Counting Route Sequence

http://acm.csu.edu.cn/OnlineJudge/problem.php?id=1276Test instructions: Go from point 1th to point N (each side can only walk once, the number of sides between the two nodes must be odd)How many ways are there in different order of the nodes (e.g. 1-

[Miscellaneous Questions] Csuoj1274balls and Boxes

http://acm.csu.edu.cn/OnlineJudge/problem.php?id=1274Test instructions: Chinese problem test instructions not much to repeatIt is worth noting that NThe problem is that the congruence equationEach time you select N boxes to place the ball, that

Codeforces 37C (Miscellaneous questions)

Test instructions: Given the length of n 01 strings, any one 01 string cannot be the prefix of another string, which requires the output of these strings.Start very confused, the main feeling is difficult to output, to determine whether there is a

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