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Mitm attacks against SSL

Author: szzm8767 (1 Article) date: October 11, 2011 at pm 1 man-in-the-middle attack OverviewMan-in-the-middle attack (mitm) is a long-standing network intrusion method, and still has a wide range of development space today, such as SMB session hijacking, DNS spoofing, and other attacks are typical mitm attacks. In short, the so-called mitm attack intercepts norm

OpenSSL SSL/tls mitm Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)

OpenSSL SSL/tls mitm Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) Release date:Updated on: 2014-06-06 Affected Systems:OpenSSL Project OpenSSL OpenSSL Project OpenSSL OpenSSL Project OpenSSL Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 67899CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-0224OpenSSL is an open-source SSL implementation that implements high-strength encryption for network communication. It is widely used in various n

Record simple ARP spoofing and mitm attack processes using ettercap

The methods are all from the network. I only record my own operations. Please ignore them ~ Attacked host platform: Kali-Linux attacked HOST: Android phone (within the same LAN) 1. use ettercap for ARP spoofing: Open ettercap: ettercap-C (curses UI) ettercap-g (GTK + GUI) curses UI working interface: GTK + UI working interface: here, GTK + UI is used as an example. After opening ettercap, select sniff ---- uniied-sniffing and then select NIC: Then hosts --- scan for hosts --- host

Parse Transport Layer Security Protocol MITM attack

First, this vulnerability carries some interesting attack methods. Of course, it has a serious impact on those unfortunately recruited. However, to enable attackers to exploit this vulnerability, hackers need to use other vulnerabilities for MITM access. Of course, if you have local subnet access or hackers use DNS spoofing, you can easily perform MITM access. However, these requirements have increased the

SSL/TLS LogJam mitm Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-4000)

SSL/TLS LogJam mitm Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-4000)SSL/TLS LogJam mitm Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-4000) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: OpenSSL Project OpenSSL OpenSSL Project OpenSSL Description: Bugtraq id: 74733CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2015-4000TLS is a secure transport layer protocol used to provide confidentiality and data integrity between two co

[HTTPS] Mans in the Middle (MITM)

If you go a public caffee shop, they has free wifi. How could do sure your infomration cannot being read by a second person?Well, in HTTP1.1, you cannot. With HTTPS, it'll encpty your data and only the server is talking to can decode your data.And how is thought you is talking to the real server but actually you is not. MITM would redirect you to their server and decode the message and read, then send to the real server. One thing in HTTPS to prevent

SSL mitm attack (zt)

Introduction    The current version of SSLv3 is version 3.1, also known as TLS. It provides a mechanism for secure data transmission over the network. It is said to meet all security needs, such as your bank account management.    But here I will

Resolution mitm attack-session hijacking

In this article, we will discuss the theory and demonstration of session hijacking and discuss related detection and defense techniques. Introduction In the previous two articles, we discussed ARP cache poisoning and DNS Spoofing respectively. From

Man-in-the-middle attack on github

, the two switch between 17 and 18, there are links in and, which belong to China Unicom. This confirms that GC is located in an asn, and a previously gfw man-in-the-middle attack is located in the same place. The investigator published some PCAP files about GC and GFW. Gfc_test.tcpdump Falun_traceroute.tcpdump Eureka. tcpdump (interesting capture file, with injected packets and packets from Baidu in the same TCP session) Both_sidechannel.tcpdump.gz Injector_trace

View IP spoofing, ARP spoofing, ARP attack horse and route (route) security from large-scale rule addressing events

recognized by CISCO and Juniper. 3. The focus of this study is not "whether it is a router problem 」. The conclusion is that, first, it is determined that there is none-blind IP spoofing, rather than the DNS attack, and there is no ARP attack. This is different from others' opinions. Second, from the perspective of the incoming packets and the attack volume content (insert iframe), the attacker cannot modify the original packet, you cannot avoid Original or hidden packets, or avoid real packets

Hacking MSSQL without knowing the password

-middle attacks. 0x02 man-in-the-middle Back in the lab, I started my research. For my further research, I ran MSSQL Server 2012 Express on Windows Server 2014 R2. The client is a Windows 10 system and runs MSSQL Management Studio 2014. My attacker is a newly installed Kali 2.0. All machines are in the same subnet to simulate attacks on the Intranet. This environment is almost the same as my client environment. This type of attack is MITM, and Anitia

ARP spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks

ARP spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacksPreface: In the previous WPA/WAP2wifi password cracking note, we talked about how to detect nearby open APs and crack the access, so what can we do when we enter someone else's lan? In other words, what will happen if someone else enters our internal network? This article briefly introduces the principles of ARP and MITM, and hijack the traffic of the target host in the actual environment. Exposed the common p

Use OpenSSL APIs for Secure Programming, Part 1: Secure handshake (2)

Prevent man-in-the-middle (mitm) Attacks Document options Level: elementaryKenth Ballard (, free programmerMay 23, 2005 Secure handshake in a Secure Socket Lay

China Han Long Hei Kuo teaches you how to fully automatic wireless intrusion hotspots, hacker fully automatic WiFi phishing, large-scale batch wireless hotspot phishing-Welcome to subscribe

Tags: des Android style blog HTTP color Io OS ar This article describes an automatic radio attack that works with all functions. It does not have any Internet connection or other external connections or affects the execution of client-type mitm attacks. For outsiders, this portable battery powered device automatically attracts wireless devices to connect to it because iPhone/iPad companies, robots and other mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Most device

Kali-linux Using social engineering Toolkit (SET)

into Autorun as hkcu\software\microsoft\windowscurrentversion\run\merugsie[+] installed into Autorun as hkcu\software\ Microsoft\windowscurrentversion\run\merugsie The output information shows a procedure for creating a backdoor. As you can see in the above information, a persistent script has been created in the target system and saved in C:\docume~1\test\locals~1\temp\izxbdjvcpnd.vbs. Also, the script will automatically run on the target host, and a second Meterpreter session will be establi

ble-nrf51822 Tutorial 5-Static password settings _php tutorial

for a second time when the security boot is faster. Instead of needing to start the entire pairing process like the first time. The first process of pairing is the exchange of pairing information, which is used to determine the authentication method, and whether or not to assign a key and which keys to assign later. The information exchanged includes: Both ends of the device input and output capabilities such as: whether there is a display, keyboard and so on. Whether binding is required (if

Android certificate trust Problems and big cousin

Android certificate trust Problems and big cousin0x00 cause 1. Recent major hijacking of,, and apple.com2. wooyun platform and CVE all receive a large number of vulnerabilities related to the Android APP's trust in all certificates.3. The 360 browser does not prompt a certificate error when MITM is mentioned in an article written by a foreigner about cousin.Previously, the issue of trusted certificates has been mentioned, but this

Guard against typical spoofing and layer-2 attacks on CISCO switches

1. Prevention of MAC/CAM attacks1.1principles and hazards of MAC/CAM attacks1.2 typical cases of MAC/CAM attacks1.3 use port security feature to prevent MAC/CAM attacks1.4 Configuration1.5 use other technologies to prevent MAC/CAM attacks 2. DHCP attack prevention2.1 FAQs about DHCP management:2.2 DHCP snooping TechnologySurgery Overview2.3 Basic defense2.4 Advanced Defense 3. Principles and prevention of ARP spoofing/mitm (man-in-the-middle) Atta

BLE-NRF51822 tutorial 9-dynamic password (pairing code)

displayed on the device, and you can see it on your own. The input of the pair code is one way to generate TK during the pairing process.Passkey Entry. In additionJust WorksAndOut of BandTwo methods. TK is generated to generate another STK to encrypt the link and then distribute LTK, IRK, and CSRK. (If the pairing information exchange is not binding, the key distribution will not be needed in the future) Since there are three options available, how does the Protocol decide which one to choose

BLE-NRF51822 tutorial 5-static password settings

. Instead of starting the entire pairing process as before. The first process of pairing is the exchange of pairing information, which is used to determine the authentication method, as well as whether to allocate and which keys will be allocated in the future. The information exchanged includes: The input and output capabilities of the two devices, such as whether the display screen and keyboard are available. Whether to bind (if bind bit pairs are set ). Whether

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