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Who are the masters of your emotions?

What is emotion? The concept of emotion is derived from the Latin verb "motere (Action)", which indicates the tendency of individuals to take certain actions, it is a physical and mental excited state that an individual is subject to an internal or external stimulus. The ancient Arab scholar avi once placed the two lambs of a child in a different external environment to live: A lamb lives happily with the sheep in the water plants; when a wolf is tied to another lamb, it always sees the threat o

Emotions and expectations of the Project Management Team

During the software project production process, the coding stage can be considered as physical labor, but it is definitely mental labor in the design stage. Therefore, for those with rich emotions, emotions will inevitably affect the production of software projects. So are project management and enterprise management. The satisfaction of enterprises to employees' expectations is the main factor affecting

Thoughts on controlling emotions and how to deal with their mistakes

This one months, I ushered in a work change, for the first time, got a 15-day vacation, moving to a good busy, really let the hot and quiet a lot of calm. After entering the new working environment, recall the past mistakes, and the small emotions, can always summarize a little experience. Sudo's song is well written: "Run forward, face the cold and laugh ...", sometimes we have to look back, only the road behind can tell you, where the front.What kin

How can we get rid of strong emotions?

Everyone has had this experience: when various emotions, such as joys and sorrows, reach a certain level, the brain is almost in the blank state, and almost all kinds of perception are nearing failure ...... The explanation of the brain scientist is generally as follows: In this way, the brain can be divided into three layers: the first layer is responsible for "reflection", the second layer is responsible for "Emotion", and the third layer is respo

Integrate emotions into the design to improve the website user experience

There is emotional marketing in the marketing method. When designing a webpage, you must also integrate the emotions to grasp the user's psychology from the user's emotions. The style of the page that matches the user's mood is designed with the user's mouse. It sounds vague. In fact, many excellent websites will integrate their emotions into the design. For exam

A square image, along with me for a year and a half, dare to ask how to use emotions, square dare to ask

A square image, along with me for a year and a half, dare to ask how to use emotions, square dare to ask [Origin] [Description] Method 2: I have been using this method for the past year and a half. That's right, I have to write it on each div every time I need to adapt to the image; Just now, I was blushing when I press enter on the mobile terminal, but it hasn't subsided yet. This is a very funny thing. [Why] Why have I been using method 2 for

EQ Cultivation Expert: How do successful people control their emotions?

\ How successful people stay calm Managing your emotions and staying calm under pressure is directly related to your performance. Talentsmart has conducted research on more than 1 million people, and we found that 90% of the best performers are good at managing their emotions at moments of tension, so as to stay calm and control their emotions. If you follow our

Philosophical stories and management approaches (21)-use emotions to motivate subordinates

Motivation for employees Article 3-Emotion Story 1Napoleon is very good at using emotions to boost morale of officers and soldiers. In a battle against Italy, Napoleon inspected the guard at night and found a sentinel falling asleep leaning against the root of the tree. He didn't wake up the Sentinel, but picked up a gun to stand for him for about half an hour. The Sentinel woke up from sleep and recognized the commander who was setting a whistle for

Control your emotions.

Bugs always have, do not get angry with the bug, after all, they will also make a bug, whether it is not a silly bug, always bugBring their own Daniel has not been a temper to himself, what qualifications to say others are not, after all, they are very waterPeople, there are always too many kinds of desire. Want a high salary, lazy unwilling to learn, want to make money, and want to relax. There is greed, evil thoughts, and hatred.But the more often this is done, the more bad thingsIt's better t

Fuzhou programmer base camp: A local programmer group in Fuzhou that communicates technologies, emotions, travel, entrepreneurship, and entertainment

This group is for local FuzhouProgramMember. The Group is very lively. It's hard to add it. /*************************************** ******************************* QQ group of Fuzhou programmer base camp: 40692406 ** Fuzhou programmers exchange emotions, explore technology, leisure, entrepreneurship, and play among the local Fuzhou group ******************** **************************************** **********/ Your website is under construction

Negative energy programmers (2)-emotions and meanings in management

Manager are usually mixed up, many things can be solved in a human way to avoid these problems. This is a common problem, which makes middle-level management very embarrassing. It is not a human inside or outside. I want to talk about some of my views.What is the boss? If you manage a team in a team, your role and responsibility have changed a lot. At this time, you are already the "boss" in your team. What is the boss? Use my own experience and know

PHP Regular Replacement function-----preg_replace (mixed $pattern, mixed $replacement, mixed $subject [, int $limit =-1 [, int & $count]] )

preg_replace- Perform a search and replace of a regular expressionDescriptionmixed preg_replace ( mixed $pattern , mixed $replacement , mixed $subject [, int $limit =-1 [, int $count]] )The subject matching portion of the search pattern to replacement be replaced.Parameters pattern The mode to search for. Can make a string or arr

Mix-blend-mode mixed mode background-blend-mode background mixed mode isolation: isolate isolation, mixblendmode

Mix-blend-mode mixed mode background-blend-mode background mixed mode isolation: isolate isolation, mixblendmode Css3 mix-blend-mode hybrid modeThis attribute can not only act on HTML, but also on SVG.Compatibility: IE 8 ~ 11 Edge 12 ~ 14 Firefox 41 ~ 47 chrome 45 ~ 51 Safari 7 ~ 9.1Many supported values:Mix-blend-mode: normal; // normalMix-blend-mode: multiply; // click it to overlay the video.Mix-blend-mo

How to shoot mixed Reality (mixed reality) videos via HTC Vive

Https://www.vive.com/cn/forum/1706?extra=page%3D1Maybe you're a developer who wants to create a cool promo for your HTC Vive game, or you're a game host that wants to bring a high-quality VR live experience to your audience, even if you're a VR enthusiast. Anyway, if you're interested in mixed Reality (mixed reality), keep looking. This article describes how to use HTC Vive to capture high-quality Mr Video.

How does one disable display of mixed content in Win8.1? Win8.1 disable mixed content display tutorial

1. Right-click "Start" in the lower-left corner in desktop mode. 2. Select "Control Panel". 3. Select Network and Internet. 4. Select the "Internet Options" below. 5. Switch to the "security" option in a new pop-up window. 6. Select "Internet" and click "Custom Level" below. 7. Find "Show mixed content". 8. Select "Disable" and click "OK" below.

Android Graphics Mixed (one)-achieve edittext graphics mixed insert Upload

Some time ago to do an Android Conference management system, project requirements related to the edittext of the picture and text mixed,In the meeting details, you need to support mixed insertion of text and pictures, demonstrating examples of input:When the meeting is created, save the data to the server, and then view the meeting that you just created.I. Clear NeedsFirst, click on the "Meeting details" te

HTTPS Mixed content parsing

What is HTTPS mixed contentWe may have this experience, when we visit a website through HTTPS, suddenly prompted: "This page contains unsafe content." This time will ask whether to show "unsafe content", this time, is met with mixed content of the page.The page under HTTPS is rarely a single connection, with HTML tags, images, JS scripts, and other page resources that are not only available for multiple con

[Sass] Parameters for mixed macros

[Sass] Mixed macro Parameters--pass a parameter without a valueSass's mixed macros have a powerful function that can be used to pass parameters, then in the Sass there are several main parameters:A) pass a parameter with no valueIn a mixed macro, you can pass a parameter without any value, such as:@mixin border-radius ($radius) { -webkit-border-radius: $radius;

Some interesting CSS questions (17th) -- incredible mixed color mode mix-blend-mode and cssmix-blend-mode

Some interesting CSS questions (17th) -- incredible mixed color mode mix-blend-mode and cssmix-blend-mode Start this series and talk about some interestingCSSQuestions and question types are not empty. What to think of is not only to broaden the problem-solving ideas, but also to involve CSS details that are easy to ignore. Compatibility is not taken into consideration in solving the problem. The question is just a blank question. What do you think of

What is the definition of a mixed firefight?

Mixed fire, English name Hybrid CrossFireX is an interpretation of the hybrid graphics hybrid graphics technology, we can plug in the support Hybrid CrossFireX mixed fire of the independent graphics card plug-in support hybrid A hybrid CrossFireX system is built on the CrossFireX's 7-series consolidated motherboard, and when high load operations are required, independent graphics and integrated graphics wil

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