mkdir data db permission denied

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Solve the cant open file/data/SVN/develop/DB/txn-current-lock: Permission denied error when submitting SVN.

The installation and configuration of subversion on the test server were successful today, and then submitted from the client through SVNCodeAn error occurred.Error: Can't open file '/data/SVN/develop/DB/txn-current-lock': PermissionDenied. You have no permissions. Later, I checked the information to know that the root permission was used when I created the ver

THINPHP5 Framework Encounters mkdir () Permission denied solution

Site Reload Direct Copy Local program file inside the database link information to be changed to online and then MySQL Apache and so on did not moveAn error occurred after runningmkdir () Permission deniedThis is because the runtime directory does not have permission to causeSolutionschown -R apache runtime This is the runtime directory to the user Apache to be in the current directory in the directory map

Why PHP runs mkdir () Permission Denied

With lamp, PHP executes mkdir ($path) when uploading a file, and There are no permissions errors. Solve:This time using the YII framework, so first make sure that the Apache user has permissions to the Web directory, and then add rw permissions to this user.The specific commands are:1 . ps-ef |grep PHP command to see which PHP execution user is. This is www2, add the corresponding users and groups to the Web directory: Chown-r www:www/path/server/web3

Phantom Online Judge Configuration error: CREATE database permission was denied in the db ' master '.

Error code: The CREATE database permission was denied in the database ' master '. Attempt to x:onlinejudgewebapp_dataojdb.mdf a file An automatically named database was attached, but failed. A database with the same name already exists, or the specified file cannot be opened or located in a UNC share directory. Note: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current WEB request. Check the

"Novice of the database" failed to create database procedure, "master" denied CREATE DATABASE permission problem __ db

Problem Description: SQL Server Authentication Mode login, CREATE DATABASE error: "Master" rejected the Create DB permission issue. Solution: First, re-login with Windows mode, click "Security-> Login", and then there will be a drop-down list of login names, Then, double click on the sign-in name that you last failed, and the following interface appears: Select "Server Role", then appear the foll

Cant Open File/data/svn/dev/db/txn-current-lock:permission denied solution

Label:Orilink: 9f65cb4a8c8507ed4fece76310489d2d0e54f73c6bca814623928448e53919161b71e3cd73794e53c4c50a3152e91a4bea8677366b1420c1cd9fcc5dd Dcdc478388851723a40914164825eef8b11798737902cb7f248beadf044d1f9928c841512910e596d8086dd0d5c4f9d39e71447a2fbc70f53044de6fa 3012a51f28778b661df611f6b6627907f0b097005bc25ac7616780ae45e17952f544f8590c2534b74cc71f50566ebd1e7ep= 882a9543d1970eb44ba9cc2d0214c6newp=8565c64ad4934eaf5eeac5645a4188231610db2151d6d712user=baidufm =scquery=

Resolve svn submission times cant open file/data/svn/develop/db/txn-current-lock:permission denied error

Today on the test server installation, configuration subversion is very smooth, and then through SVN to submit code from the client there is a problem, reported a mistake: Can ' t open file '/data/svn/develop/db/ Txn-current-lock ': Permission denied. Ah, there is no authority. And then I checked the

MySQL Import data hint error on Windows (Errcode:13-permission denied)

Tags: Read service rest dialog SQL prompt Mys using canTip Error 1290 (HY000): The MySQL server is running with the--SECURE-FILE-PRIV option so it ... StatemetEdit C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\my.ini, modify secure-file-priv= "/" or other folders that you can accessHint Errcode:13-permission deniedUnder the Windows Services dialog boxIf you are using Windows, open services. Right click on MySQL service, select Properties. In the Properties wi

The SELECT permission solution for the object 'data' (Database 'xxx', owner 'dbo') is denied.

The SELECT permission on the object 'data' (Database 'xxx', owner 'dbo') is denied.Solution:Remove the check box of db_denydatareader from the corresponding user permissions in the database. Many beginners always think that the more database permissions they select, the more permissions they have. This is actually wrong! Db_denydatareader is a denial of access. User 'sa 'login failed, this user is not as

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