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Time Format Daquan date

Public class vedate {/*** get current time ** @ return returns the time type yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: SS */public static date getnowdate () {date currenttime = new date (); simpledateformat formatter = new simpledateformat ("yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: SS");

Use ORACLE stored procedures and jobs to automatically back up data tables

The tutorial of helping customer House ( uses ORACLE stored procedure and JOB to realize automatic backup of data tables. 1. Create a stored procedure Create or replace procedure data_auto_backupV_tablename varchar2 (200 );V_year

Shell script to get the formatting Date and Time Summary

Shell script to get the formatting Date and Time Summary The Shell script obtains the formatting Date and Time summary. The Linux bash script's support for time formats exceeds my expectation and supports changes and outputs in multiple formats. It

Oracle Database Usage Summary

--1, use month as conditional filter (to_char function and extract function)SELECT * from Test_date where To_char (DQSJ, ' mm ') like '%07% ';SELECT * from Test_date where extract (month from DQSJ) = 6;--2, get view nameSELECT * from User_views;--3,

Java and Oracle date format __oracle

Oracle and Java date formats If you want to convert to a 2005-07-05 format, you need to use the class SimpleDateFormat SimpleDateFormat formatt= New SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd");Date Date =new date ();System.out.println (Formatt.format

ORACLE single-row function and multi-row function 4: Date function example

Lab environment: BYS @ bys1select * fromnls_session_parameterswhereparameterNLS_DATE_FORMAT; PARAMETERVALUE--------------------------------------------------NLS_DATE _ FORMATyyyymmddhh24: mi: ssBYS @ bys1showparameternls_langNAMETYPE Tutorial

Linux Create timed tasks and date formatting

-----reproduced from the network1. Create a timed task$ crontab-u//Set a user's Cron service, the general root user needs this parameter when executing this command $ CRONTAB-E//Edit Task $ crontab-l//show current Task $ crontab-r//Delete all

10gocm->session5-> Database Management Experiment

Oracle Database Management LabsA Transport table spaceTwo create partition table and partition indexFine-grained audit of three FGAFour Monitoring index usageFive create a table with a special field typeSix flashback flash back technologyA transport

Java obtains the timestamp.

Java obtains the timestamp. JAVA obtains the timestamp of the initial time of the current month. Public static long getMonthFirstDay (){ Calendar calendar = Calendar. getInstance (); // get the current date Calendar. add (Calendar. MONTH, 0 );

Several methods of range partition scanning under oracle10g

There are several scanning methods in oracle 10 Gb. Note that the last scanning method does not take partitions when calculating the partition columns, this is the same as the calculation of index columns, resulting in the failure to use indexes. --

Analysis of insufficient System tablespace alarms and analysis of system table alarms

Analysis of insufficient System tablespace alarms and analysis of system table alarms The Code is as follows: -- After logging on to an alert with insufficient SYSTEM tablespace, the SYSTEM finds that sys. aud $ occupies too many places. SQL> select

Oracle computing time difference

Computing Time Difference in Oracle is often used. You can use "date 1-date 2" and calculate it to obtain the time difference: day, hour, minute, or second. For example:  Select TO_DATE ('2017-02-20 17:45:04 ', 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24: mi: ss')-TO_DATE (

Joint use of case when and Max

Case when... then and decode have been used for a long time, and they always thought that case when can only be used independently or together with sum. In the test, a vertical row of data is merged into a model row, this row is not a numerical

Migrate historical data using Partition Table partition exchange

I. Note: Some tables in the OLTP database have a large amount of data and a large amount of data is continuously increased every month. Because historical data is not accessed in this database, it is analyzed in another OLAP database, therefore,

Oracle Computing Time Difference Expression

-- Obtain the number of seconds of the difference between the two time periods(Q. nh j ca0select Ceil (to_date ('2017-05-02 00:00:00 ', 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24-mi-ss')-to_date ('2017-04-30 23:59:59 ', 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24-mi-ss ') * 24*60*60*1000) differs from

How to optimize the Temp space of such a statement? Now it needs 30 GB.

Select/* + parallet (t_base_user_buy_info, 4) */a. f_yearweek, A. f_lotbigclass, B. interval num, A. Salay, B. countrysalay, A. Bonus, B. countrybonus From ( Select to_char (B. f_date, 'yyyymmww ') as f_yearweek, C. f_lotbigclass, f_flatname, Sum (f_

Oracle Partition Table Partitioning exchange for historical data migrations

One.DescriptionSome of the table data in the OLTP library is large and there is a constant amount of data added every month. Because historical data is not visited in this library, it is analyzed in 1 other OLAP libraries. Therefore, the historical

Java gets a summary of the implementation methods for the specified date _java

Format Date string-->date or data-->string simpledateformat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd"); Date date = Sdf.parse ("2009-11-04");//string-->date String sdate = Sdf.format (date);//Data-->string =========== =================================

Oracle 10g Under-range partitioning scanning in several ways

There are several scanning methods under Oracle 10g, note that the last scanning method, when the partition column is calculated, will not walk the partition, which is calculated with the index column will result in the same as the index.--Scan

Date-related functions

Source time: to_char (datevalue ));Source time minus 1 day: to_char (DateValue-1 ));Source time minus 1 day 1 hour: to_char (DateValue-1-1/24 ));Source time minus 1 day 1 hour 1 minute: to_char (DateValue-1-1/24-1/(24*60 )));Source time minus 1 day 1

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