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Date and Time formats of different countries

// String STR = @ "AF; af-za; sq; SQ-Al; Ar-DZ; Ar-bh; Ar-Eg; Ar-IQ; ar-jo; Ar-kW; Ar-Lb; Ar-ly; Ar-Ma; Ar-om; Ar-Qa; Ar-sa; Ar-sy; Ar-Tn; ar-AE; Ar-ye; hy-am; AZ; EU-es; Be-by; BG-BG; CA; Ca-es; zh-HK; ZH-Mo; ZH-CN; ZH-SG; ZH-tw; HR-BA; HR-hr;

SQL Server Functions

Use of some functions in sqlserver (05: I. Time functions: DateAdd ([year, Quarter, month, day], number, date) Function Description: used for addition or subtraction within a specific time range Parameter description: [year, Quarter, month, and day]

SQL Server CONVERT () function Usage Summary _mssql

How to use convert: Format: CONVERT (Data_type,expression[,style]) Description This style is generally in the type of time (datetime,smalldatetime) and String type (Nchar,nvarchar,char,varchar) When they are converted to each other. Example: SELECT

Nested table and variable length array example (SQL)

-- Nested table and variable length array example:   Create Type animal_ty As Object (Breed Varchar2 ( 25 ),Names Varchar2 ( 25 ),Birthdate date ); /**/ /*Create or replace type mytabletype as table of varchar2 (30 );*/

SQL Server CONVERT () function usage summary

CONVERTUsage://////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////Format:CONVERT (data_type, expression [, style])Note:This style is generally in the time type (datetime, smalldatetime) and string type (nchar,

SQL Server Date formatting

SQL date format 0 or 100 (*) default value mon dd yyyy hh:miam (or PM) 1 101 US mm/dd/yyyy 2 102 ANSI YY.MM.DD 3 103 UK/France Dd/mm/yy 4 104 Germany 5 105 Italy Dd-mm-yy 6 106 -DD Mon yy 7 107-mon dd, yy 8 108-hh:mm:ss-9 or 109 (*)

Common date Conversions in Sql convert (Datetime)

CONVERT (Data_type,expression[,style])CONVERT (varchar (10), field name, conversion format)DescriptionThis style is typically in the time type (Datetime,smalldatetime) and the string type (Nchar,nvarchar,char,varchar)It is only used when converting

SQL CONVERT function Use summary _mssql

CONVERT (Data_type,expression[,style])CONVERT (varchar (10), field name, conversion format) DescriptionThis style is generally in the type of time (datetime,smalldatetime) and String type (Nchar,nvarchar,char,varchar)When they are converted to each

Problem with page export time format for Excel _ Practical Tips

Phenomenon: Yes, a company system that adds a new feature that allows users to select his prefer time format when a page is generated, with the following four time formats to choose from: Default OPTION:YYYY-MM-DD Descriptive (1-jan-07) Short

SqlserverCONVERT () function usage Summary

This article analyzes and summarizes some common usage analysis of the convert () function during date operations. This article analyzes and summarizes some common usage analysis of the convert () function during date operations. CONVERTUsage: ///

CONVERT data of DATE type in sqlserver to CONVERT

It mainly describes the actual operation process of SQLServer to use convert to obtain datetime date data. In actual operation, converdatabase uses convert to obtain datetime date data. The following examples include conversions of various date

SQL CONVERT () function usage

CONVERT function format in SQL:CONVERT (data_type, expression [, style])Parameter description:ExpressionIs any valid Microsoft® SQL Server™ expression ..Data_typeThe data types provided by the target system, including bigint and SQL _variant.

MSSQL formatting time

ConvertExplicitly converts a data type expression to another data type. Because some requirements often use different date formats, You Can format the date in SQL Server. SQL Server supports the use of KuwaitAlgorithmData format in the Arabic

SQL convert usage

Convert function [data type conversion] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FunctionReturns the expression converted to the provided data type. SyntaxConvert (data type, expression [, format-style])

SQL conversion date field -- CONVERT Conversion Function usage in SQL

Today, I encountered the problem of converting the date field. After the problem was solved with the help of SQL king, I found the relevant materials on the Internet to learn!SqlDataSource1.SelectCommand = "SELECT ***** '+ RIGHT (XkzSqs. QYMC, LEN

Sqlserver date Conversion Function

We often use a variety of date formats for some purpose. Of course, we can use string operations to construct various date formats, but why are there any ready-made functions? The default datetime format of the Chinese version of SQL Server is

SQL Server 2000 functions use-CAST and CONVERT)

Explicitly converts a data type expression to another data type. CAST and CONVERT provide similar functions.Syntax Use CAST: CAST (expression AS data_type) Use CONVERT: CONVERT (data_type [(length)], expression [, style])Parameters Expression Is any

Type conversion in SQL-Learning

Cast and convert Explicitly converts a data type expression to another data type. Cast and convert provide similar functions.Syntax Use cast: CAST ( expression AS data_type ) Use convert: CONVERT (data_type[(length)], expression [,

C # string Comparison Method

There are multiple methods to compare strings with C #, such: 1. string. Compare (x, y );2. string. Equals (x, y ); If it is case-insensitive, the result is:String. Compare (x, y );String. Equals (x, y ); Note: The meaning of the comparison result

Oracle and sqlserver date

1. In oracle in English, the default date format is 'dd-MON-YY ', For example, '01-Jan-98' In the Chinese version of the Chinese version, the default Oracle date format is 'day-month-Year', for example, '21-January-2003-'or '21-January-03'

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