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A great mobile wireframe design tool

Recently looking at the Android user interface design book, want to know some design wireframes tool. Not used before, try these days, good to try to know1, framer------Modern prototype manufacturing tools2, Indigo Studio------Rapid Interactive Prototyping3, mockingbird------fast line block Diagram design4. simulify------Shareable Interactive wireframes, mock-up,

20 Excellent mobile product prototypes and wireframe design tools

Axure. A number of commonly used controls and icons, such as buttons, images, drop-down menus, progress bars, and text panels, are built in to help users improve the planning process for fast design and interactive user interface entity models for traditional software and rich Internet application software.The Mockflow comes with a library of four optional templates (IPhone app, Android

Exquisite (Android, IPhone, IPad) mobile interface design material and wireframe design tools

When creating the interface prototype, if there is a ready-made interface base elements can be used, the designer can quickly complete the prototype production, can save a lot of time and energy. In this article, I share with you 45 sets of very useful UI and Wireframe kit kits to help designers interface prototyping for WEB and Mobile projects.Android 2.2 GUIA complete set of Android 2.2

20 Mobile wireframe design tools for outstanding applications (figure)

If you want to successfully complete a set of design processes, the Web site or application of the wireframe design, as well as effective planning is essential. This will not only help you reduce overhead (especially in terms of design and development costs), but can further expand your initial creativity and effective

Small white Learn jQuery mobile "building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app" series six-design player app

Examples of the previous sections have introduced some of the use of button controls, but the author's colleagues consistently reflect that in the jquery Mobile button can only be a full line of tiles appear too monotonous, happened to the author in the bar to see a student design of a simple player (6-13), and then produced inspiration, Decide to implement a simple player control panel with a set of inline

Mobile app Design: An excellent app navigation design format

Article Description: the design of the navigation is worth pondering in the development of the APP design, because of the limited screen size of the mobile device, especially the smartphone, designers usually leave the screen space as far as possible to the main content, and the excellent navigation

Mobile app design trends in the 2015

with and use your own photos. Using photos in apps is a powerful tool. Vsco ( and Steller ( Two app is based on photos, quite stunning. They all try to use your photography skills and inspire you to share. Take Vsco as an example, both photo editing and display/sharing functions. This means you can edit your pictures and upload them to your pro

The most noteworthy mobile end app design trend in the 2016

Regardless of what is going on between mobile web pages and apps, the rapid development of mobile apps is an indisputable fact that the development and access of various clients has become the norm. Users for their favorite brands and services, always expect the official to launch the client, it is in this expectation and demand, the emergence of more and more apps. In fact, research by

Mobile Internet Advertising design: App ads, WAP ads and mobile search ads

of users, increase the point of effect. Design based on ease of use: Help the user to find the request more quickly, provide the convenient contact way, the quicker realization O2O mode, in order to increase the usability of the advertisement, reduce the user to the advertisement aversion. Based on trust degree design: Increase the user's trust to the advertisement, the user pays more attention to whet

The elegance of mobile app fuzzy background design

The fuzzy background (blurred backgrounds) has long been a basic photo effect, but in the recent blur background has become the extraordinary tool to make design elements stand out, and is favored by many designers. This approach is fairly easy, silently and naturally giving the content a proper prominence, and the icons and graphics can stand out. Doing so can make two birds a stone. First of all, you can

Talk about the design method and example of feedback hint in mobile app

close button, the user can either click the Guide area or click the Close button to let the hint disappear; Figure 3 from the photo-app--in, the user clicks the Guide area in order to let the hint disappear. 3) deficiencies Easy to be ignored by users, so it is not appropriate to host too many text or important information   2, Pop-up box 1) Usage Typically with one or two text and two action buttons to confirm and cancel important a

Talk about the revision of mobile app navigation design

There has been a lot of discussion about the navigation design of mobile apps (especially for the Hamburg menu). Today's translation of this article, is the original author in the real App for the navigation of the revision, observation data and analysis of a small text, practical significance is very strong, can be used for reference >>> Students are welcome to

Assessment: Huawei's latest mobile application/app test Tool mobiletest

stepsN Test screenshot: Record main operation steps screenshot, problem step Red highlight highlightN Performance Details: Resource consumption, application design, Response rate 3 class 16, 4 performance classesN Performance curve: Record CPU usage, memory usage, battery temperature change curve with timeNlogcat log: Record Logcat log, according to error, Warning, Info, Debug rating display, support one-click Download logIv. free public test entranc

UI Interface Design company collects wonderful design 30 examples: Mobile app interface design appreciation of the second

if you want to subscribe to this blog content, automatically sent to your mailbox every day, please click here.Blue-Blue design is a Beijing-located interface design company, will often receive mobile app interface design projects, such as to a seaweed to do the overseas sho

Mobile App Architecture Design

mobile app Architecture design This article mainly summarizes several commonly used architectural patterns, basically is layer by layer progressive Reprint please note name Source Http://, good typesetting in If you think this article is good, please give a top in csdn, GitHub to a star. The development

Mobile app designer experience sharing: App user experience design

Article Description: practical experience Sharing: How to make app faster! Did the design blink also more than 4 years, from 2011 from the Web designer to mobile phone app designer; The recent work is not very busy, and then calm down to read some of the Internet's development trends to make up for their

Ten exciting mobile-end app design trends

interaction and solves the problem of reading for a part of the visually impaired users. However, improving accessibility and availability is not a simple way to enlarge the font or adjust it. To ensure the availability of the app, you need to have a deeper critical thinking about its accessibility. When it enters the "old age machine" mode, can the layout adapt to the interface after the font size adjustment? will multiple-selection controls be eas

Design the mobile App interface

Design the mobile App interface It took about seven or eight hours to design three interfaces. Look at the teacher to explain the time, feeling is so, quite simple, not actually, when personally operating after discovering a lot of problems. The first is the use of known tools of the unskilled, and some of the tools t

Android app development notes (13): templated design of the Android mobile app Interface

Android does not have an interface development tool that is as powerful as Apple's. Its ADT plug-in provides limited interface editing capabilities and cannot portray all interface conditions. Android interface xml code can be manually modified, the Iphone is dragged on the graphic interface without any code-level modifications. Android's UI design and development process is very cumbersome and error-prone.

2013 mobile App design 13 items of attention Detail summary _android

you will find your own application of style.13. Vector AdaptiveWith good tools in hand, designer's work becomes more convenient. Perhaps for many designers, sketch is the best tool. For different screen design to develop different application interface is not simple and impossible, if you want to achieve "one design, anywhere", you must carry out a more streamli

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