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5 best Automation Tools for testing Android applications

Posted in | Automation testing, Mobile testing, software testing ToolsNowadays automated tests is used during almost every testing process. This isn't surprising, as properly organized automated

Mobile App Automation Testing Framework

automated testing tools, especially for projects that cannot get the API, such as Flash animations, it is very effective.2. A/b test framework AppgraderHttps:// Appgrader is not a first-class testing framework, it also has a director. It can help developers to compare their applications with many

Robotframework Automated Testing framework-Mobile phone automation test Appiumlibrary Library other common automation keywords

. Swipe Analog phone slide, swipe from one point to another, the keyword receives 5 parameters [start_x | start_y | end_x | end_y | duration=1000], when sliding, the position of the point is in the form of coordinates. Tap This keyword simulates clicking on a screen element and receiving a parameter [locator] Zoom This keyword is used to magnify an element and receive three parameters [Locator | percent=200% | steps=1], the first parameter

Service-side interface Automation testing tools Daquan and adaptation environment analysis

might say there are tools, but not all tools can support you in this task. The following figure is a few of the tools I selected: 1. Fiddler Fiddler is an HTTP Protocol debugging Agent tool that is used for both Web and mobile testing, and also supports interface

Web Automation Testing Tools Research

:// frame mocha--Test framework Chai--Test framework Unit Test Qunit Qunit is a powerful, Easy-to-use JavaScript Unit Testing framework. It ' s used by the jquery, jquery UI and jquery Mobile projects and are capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, INCLU Ding i

C # Use Code UI Automation to get rid of VS Black Box automated testing tools

Summary: 1: Test requirements 2: Run automated testing in 3: Automated Testing Without In the previous article "C # using API to achieve the compilation of Black Box automated testing tools" (, we use windows api to achieve the compilation of automated

Selenium-java Web Automation Testing Tools

//open an article titled Building a Mirror from Dockerfile and publishing a Web projectBayiWebdriver.findelement (By.partiallinktext ("Build image from Dockerfile and publish Web project") . Click (); the theThread.Sleep (1000); - //move to the bottom - //( (Javascriptexecutor) webdriver). Executescript ("Window.scrollto (0, Document.body.scrollHeight)"); the //moves to the specified coordinates (moving relative to the current coordinate) the((Javascript

Fedora23 install and use web automation testing tools selenium and fedora23selenium

Fedora23 install and use web automation testing tools selenium and fedora23selenium 1. pip install selenium requires root permission 2. Run openchrome. py: from selenium import webdriverfrom selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementExceptionfrom selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keysimport timebrowser = webdriver.Chrome() # Get local session of Chromebr

Functional Automation Testing Tools Selenium individual browsers and Android device driver methods

(Mobilecapabilitytype.platform_name, "Android"); Capabilities.setcapability (Mobilecapabilitytype.device_name, "WQ"); Capabilities.setcapability (mobilecapabilitytype.version, "6.0.1"); Capabilities.setcapability ("Apppackage", "");//This is the native app's package name capabilities.setcapability (" Appactivity "," ");//start activity URL url = new URL (" Hub "); Sdriver = new Androiddri

Appium Mobile Automation Testing-Java-based iOS environment building

: Installation Ideviceinstaller1. Description: cross-platform libraries and tools for communicating with iOS devices to install uninstall apps or backup apps for iOS devices. The tool is based on Libmobiledevice, so the first step is to complete the Libmobiledevice compilation installation. 2. Terminal execution: Brew install Ideviceinstaller3. Check if the installation is successful and if it appears, the installation is successful.V: Install Xcode1.

Mobile platform automation testing from scratch-monkeyrunner tool use (first section)

shell of the device or simulator, generating a pseudo-random event stream for the user or the system, Monkey has no way to control the logic relationship, such as: when we find that the phone's resolution is 1920x1080, execute a script named "", Other resolutions, the name is "" of the script. Instead, the Monkeyrunner tool uses a client/server architecture that runs on the PC side, explaining Jython script code step by line and sending its commands to an Android device or simulator.

Appium Apppackage and appactivity for mobile automation testing

Method One: Open Appium directly, click on the top left corner of the robot iconChoose the location of the APK, here take contactmanager.apk as an exampleMethod Two: Use the Dex2jar and Jd-gui tools to decompile the APK fileHere still take contactmanager.apk as an example(1) Rename contactmanager.apk to and extract the file Classes.dex;(2) Unzip the and enter the folder from the command line;(3) Run the commandGet Cl

"Video" mobile app features, performance, automation, special testing

But more explanations, please click the link to see the course catalogue you knowMobile app Test starts from scratch (beginner)Http:// app Test starts from scratch (intermediate)Http:// app Test starts from scratch (xx article)Going onlineMobile app Test starts from scratch (xx article)Going online"Video" mobile app features, performance,

Robotframework Automated Testing framework-Mobile phone Automation test Click the use of the element keyword

The click Element keyword is used to simulate clicking an element on the app interface, which receives a parameter [locator], where locator refers to the way the interface element is positioned.Example 1: Use the click Element keyword to simulate clicking on a button, where locator uses name to locate the element that needs to be clicked, and still uses the app interface previously used to do the operation example.Open application Http://localhost:4723/wd/hub platformname=android platformversion

Appium-based mobile automation testing, the password keypad does not recognize the problem

is "963", the first key is "9", the second key is "6" And so on However, some people will ask "since we do not recognize the keyboard, then how to get keyboard information?" ", yes, we can only get the keyboard number by OCR, but we can't get the key information. So how do you click it? Next, we turn on the "pointer position" function of andorid and calculate the position of each key on the screen (calculated by a percentage of the way: The key is in the relative position of the screen). Then d

Non-UI Automation testing and UI Automation testing _ Automated Testing

accessibility program can do. No need to be tested program source code. For example, an article in front of the calculator to maximize the simulation of user operations (some operations such as using Invokepattern, or with the user click the mouse is not the same, but we can simulate the mouse events to achieve the exact same effect). This is easy to understand, after all, the user is using the mouse keyboard operation, not write code to use ... So how do we choose to use a non-UI or UI? Import

About the book on mobile app Testing: Technology, tools and case books Corrigendum information

First of all, the negligence of our work to the "proficiency in mobile app testing: technology, tools and cases," the readers of the reader's apologies, and has been the issue of these questions to the publishing House editor comrade, reprint will be unified amendment;Second, please refer to the Annex PDF document, Errata information.Finally, I would like to expr

Performance testing for mobile social apps (OpenFire background XMPP protocol LoadRunner tools)

network card---serverSome people will say that actually set up a WiFi network agent on the test device phone, but, remember, not all traffic will go to proxy settingsSome people will say that actually running tcpdump on the test device can capture all the traffic, which is correct, but the tester can't see the traffic in real-time, can see is only a series of business operations after the generation of a traffic log file. pcapSome people will say that you can use Fiddler, intuitive, real-time,

Analysis of the difficulties in the implementation of software automation testing _ Software Testing

With the improvement of software development and testing level in domestic enterprises, many enterprises begin to try to carry out the application of automated test to improve the test efficiency and test quality. Although the application of automated testing tools in foreign countries has been very common, but many enterprises in China's understanding of softwar

Mobile phone Automation test: Build Appium mobile phone automation test development environment

Poptest is the only training institute for developing Test and development engineers in China, aiming at the ability of the trainees to be competent in automated testing, performance testing and testing tools development. If you are interested in the course, please consult qq:908821478. Poptest has started a

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