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Mobile Device Security WAP mobile Internet Anti-Virus Strategy

its diversified functions, the next generation of wap mobile phones will bring about more disasters. Viruses that attack the wap mobile phone may automatically enable the phone recording function, automatically call the phone, delete the file content on the mobile phone, and even generate a large amount of phone bills. To avoid Virus Infection on

New trends in Intranet security: Coping with mobile device threats

I have previously shared with you some personal views on the two cutting-edge technologies that may be used in the Intranet security field (sandbox that has not been widely used, and access control that has become more mature, today, I will discuss with you a topic that may be more cutting-edge for domestic enterprises: the threat that mobile device applications

Four measures to manage and control Enterprise Mobile Device Security

Patrick Salmon, a Mobile designer of Enterprise Mobile, a technology service company specializing in Windows Mobile applications, said that if you ask a stranger to borrow a smartphone from your company, you may have given your company data as a gift to that person. The reason is: the person may be able to insert a device

Using Exchange Server to troubleshoot mobile device security issues

It is increasingly common for users to use mobile handheld devices to establish VPN connections with corporate networks. Although the VPN connection itself uses PPTP or IPSec encryption, the device itself can have significant security implications. The problem with mobile devices is that they are completely out of cont

HTTPS bidirectional authentication to build mobile device security system

HTTPS bidirectional authentication to build mobile device security systemFor enterprise projects with high security requirements, we sometimes want to be able to authenticate clients. At this point we can use the two-way authentication mechanism of HTTPS to implement this function.One-way authentication: Ensure that th

The device security configuration does not allow connection. Make sure that you have the appropriate certificate for the device you are developing. For the correct security settings for connecting to this device, please refer to the SDK documentation

Deploy Windows Mobile 6.5 when connecting devices todaySmartphone ApplicationProgramThis error occurs. "The device security configuration does not allow connection. Make sure that you have the appropriate certificate for the device you are developing. For the correct security

Smart Device Security: China's online smart device Security Situation Report in 2017, and the situation report in 2017

Smart Device Security: China's online smart device Security Situation Report in 2017, and the situation report in 2017 Smart Device Security: China's online smart device

How mobile device bindings and cancellations are made on the report mobile side

Scenario Requirements DescriptionIn order to enhance the authentication of mobile login mechanism and ensure the security of data, the report Tool Finereport provides the function of mobile device binding, and each system user needs administrator authorization to bind the user's mo

Mobile phone QQ device where is the lock closed? QQ Device lock closure diagram

Computer End QQ Lock off 1. First through the computer end of the QQ, if you need to verify through other means to complete the verification and login QQ operation. 2. Open the main QQ panel, click on "Main Menu"-"Security"-"Security Center first" item. 3. In the open "QQ Security Center" page, click on "Account Protection"-"QQ Landing protection" item.

Mobile Report usage Tutorial-Mobile device bindings and revocation

1. DescriptionIn order to enhance the mobile login mechanism verification, to ensure the security of data, Finereport provides mobile device binding function, each system user when using the mobile connection system, need administrator authorization, the user's

2015 Mobile Security vulnerability Annual Report--Ali Poly Security

Android System Vulnerability 2.1, Android System Vulnerability overviewIn 2015, the overall vulnerability of Android systems exploded in an explosive growth. Among them, the application Framework libraries of the total number of vulnerabilities amounted to 130, up 1082% yoy. Both in absolute numbers and in terms of the rate of vulnerability growth, they are the first since 2009. At the same time, Linux kernel still have many rights to exploit the security

Black-handed Bluetooth mobile phone security attack and defense for mobile phones

the story. Bluetooth Security Suggestion 1: disabled if not used To protect the security of Bluetooth, the first principle is to disable it when you do not need to use Bluetooth. For mobile phones, you can disable Bluetooth on the Bluetooth settings page, the Bluetooth adapter on the computer can be set to unconnected through the tool software or the Bluetooth S

Mobile device Interaction Design: Gesture Design for mobile devices

input pattern. We now understand the intuitive human-computer interaction is the interaction between people and machines, this interactive way through the mouse, physical hardware, screen touch, remote sense of the body of the gradual development of the process of operation. However, in the field of interactive design, the concept of gesture, which is widely discussed, is different from traditional keyboard operation and mouse operation. The following will focus on

Eight steps to ensure that mobile device policy is effective and secure

1, the formation of a mobile equipment guidance team. To develop a sound mobile device strategy, organizations need to organize teams that represent multiple departmental experts. Of these, three departments play a particularly important role: IT, human resources, and lines of business. In some cases, specific discussions about

A preliminary study on mobile device Management--oma DM Protocol Wizard

Along with the rapid development of 3G technology in China, the data business is bound to become an important means of communication between consumers and enterprise users, and these trends pose significant management challenges to mobile operators (while extending mobile data services to different mobile devices of different network types are also challenging).

Mobile device management (MDM) and OMA (OTA) DM protocol wizard (II) -- WAP protocol (1)

environments and can fully interact with standard TCP applications on the Internet.(2) At the Session Layer, WAP2.0 adopts the wireless HTTP protocol (wp http). The wp http specification is a subset of HTTP protocols for wireless environments and can be used together with HTTP/1.1. The interaction between the WAP device and the WAP Proxy Server/WAP ServerThe basic model is the HTTP Request/Response Processing Mechanism. Wp http supports response body

Grey box test for mobile device applications

should try to identify vulnerabilities that can affect hosts, servers, and networks. Artificial analysis At this stage, we recommend that the code for the application be examined in detail to identify security vulnerabilities unique to the application architecture. When reviewing code, it is recommended that you use the following technologies in combination: 1. License Analysis: Many platforms require mobile

Three-Step gray-box test and evaluation of mobile device applications

stage, we recommend that you check the application code in detail to discover the security vulnerabilities that are unique to the application architecture. When checking the code, we recommend that you use the following technologies in combination:1. License analysis:Many platforms require mobile apps to declare what features they are trying to access during execution. The

Mobile device Management (MDM) and OMA (OTA) DM Protocol Wizard (ii)--WAP Protocol (1)

(connectionless push) session Communication service for upper-level applications.(3) WTP transaction layerProvides a lightweight, transaction-oriented service that is specifically optimized for use with wireless data networks.(4) WTLS Security LayerSSL-based secure transport protocol that provides encryption, authorization, and data integrity capabilities.(5) WDP Transport LayerWireless Datagram Protocol, a universal data transmission service, can su

The problem that enterprises can't ignore--staff mobile device management

Enterprises often face the situation of employees bringing personal mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets into the workplace, which not only brings trouble to network managers, but also adds risk of enterprise data leakage. A common enterprise chooses to use mobile device management (Mdm-

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