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Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + software

Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + softwareOriginal link:, an international health member organization, defines mobile medicine as MHealth, which provides medical

Baidu Mobile application Quality Management and data analysis (mobile testing framework)

Https:// Mobile internet era, beer and Skittles, office payment and so on all kinds of applications are in the mobile app market, in traffic for the King today, mobile app although the competitive prospect of a good,

A practical guide to the "turn" CDC mobile app Test

Translator Note: This article from the point of view of testers, put forward more than 100 in the test mobile app process need to consider the problem. Whether you're a tester, development, product manager, or interaction designer, these issues are

Hyper-Focus: Practical Test Guide for Mobile applications (RPM)

 Testers are often seen as bug seekers, but have you ever wondered how they actually carry out the tests? Are you curious about what they are doing, and how they embody value in a typical technical project?The authors will take you through the

Manually screened commercial gallery provocative map + response web development artifact

Today's two cool stations, one is a special emphasis on the story behind the picture can be a commercial library "provocative map", the other is able to help developers test different devices, the Web page content adaptation is the correct expansion

Bug handling process

  I am also a popular article, hoping that I can sort out and summarize the most basic knowledge of software testing while being attracted by various technologies. From the first defect management tool that I first came into contact with at work,

Why the app is rejected for review

1. The program has a major bug. The program cannot be started or exited midway through.2. bypass Apple's payment channel. We used to redeem gold coins with a redemption code in the game.3. If there is a physical reward in the game, you must make it

Beginner Software Test Engineer 0 Basic Introductory Guide _ Test

1. Basic Concepts 1.1 Software Software is a computer program that can run on a computer, such as operating system windows, Office software Office, chat QQ, mobile games, and so on. The link between software and our lives and work is getting closer.

Android Developer Tips (ii)

13. How to fully compile the code?Since the above describes how to connect to the real machine for debugging, it is necessary to quickly complement the fully compiled method. Because you want to debug online, you first have to fully compile the

30 minutes Learning Regular Expression Basics Tutorial

Basic Tutorials | tutorials | regular Expressions | regular Directory Objective of this article How to use this tutorial What exactly is a regular expression? Entry Testing Regular Expressions Metacharacters Word Escape

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