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Mobile QQ music Local song where to add mobile phone QQ Music Add Local Song method

1. To add a local song we just click on the QQ Music "local song" to open into 2. Then we click on the right menu to open the entry 3. Then we find "Scan song" Click Open to enter 4. You can choose "Custom Scan" and "scan filter" as shown in the following figure to open the entry, details as shown in the following figure 5. Aft

Where is the song location where the mobile phone QQ music downloads? Mobile QQ Music Song Save File Path Introduction

The following picture shows us the music files downloaded by QQ Music default save location in: Your storage disk/qqmusic/song location. We open the QQ music to click "More", select "Settings" as shown in the following image. And then we'll go into the path and we'll see a "song in place" We can modify here, which is the storage disk-qqmusic-song we

Mobile phone every day to listen to songs automatically loaded song song name

1 Open the phone every day beautiful software, access to the software, click on the upper left corner of the search, and then click on "Listen to music song." (as shown in the following figure) 2 The system will automatically search the nearby songs, after the completion of the search will appear you want to listen to music songs, click on the play can download or try to listen to the song. (as shown i

Charm Blue Max mobile can download song charm blue max how to download song details

How does the charm blue max download the song/mp3 on the mobile phone? The proposal installs the QQ music, downloads with the QQ music, below is the step: 1, open the browser, search QQ music, and then install. 2, after the successful installation of QQ music, click on the upper left corner of the magnifying glass logo, and then enter the song you wa

Mobile Cool dog Download song How to remove cool dog Delete phone download song

To clear our downloaded songs only need to be in the software download management can be deleted, the specific steps are as follows. 1. In the open cool dog music, select "Download Management" open, as shown in the following figure 2. Then in the open interface we click on "... "Open as shown in the following illustration 3. Select "Clear Download History" and click on it to open the entry 4. Pop-up prompts, select "Delete" (also can be checked to delete

Song Libo: Talk about the operator's mobile phone software marketplace and application Factory (for operators and mobile phone developers, see it)

(China Telecom)(China Mobile) Since I participated in the China Mobile Application Mall (mobile market) release (2009.8.17) and the first Developer Conference of China Telecom Tianyi application Factory (2009.12.16, I can already feel the intense heartbeat in the 3G age of a carrier's competition for customers, developers, CP, and AP, talking about tension not o

Mobile phone Cool Dog Music Create My Song single method

1 Turn on the cool dog music on your phone and then "My Song list"-"new song" as shown in the picture 2 Enter the name of the song here, then click Ko and then appear the new song success; 3) then click on the building of the song single that column, there is no

Mobile phone QQ Music to the micro-trust friend song send blessing

1. We just install the latest version of "QQ Music" on our mobile phone, and then open 2. Again we find "My Music" in the figure above-"download song" as shown 3. Then here we can start the song, select the need to point to the micro-letter friend songs, click on the "Red box icon" 4. Then click "Song Sharing"

Mobile phone cool dog Music WiFi song function How to use?

1 if you want to use the cool dog WiFi song We need to install it, install the click to open to find "more." (pictured below) 2 and then we click on the inside of the "scan pass song" To find Inside the "Computer song sync" Then we click to enter 3 OK now just need to scan the computer-side cool dog music two-dimensional code. You can create a connect

Where is the song saved by the mobile phone Baidu music download?

We are presenting the latest version of the Baidu Music app and demonstrating it on Android phones, not knowing if it's in the iphone. One, in Baidu music view 1. Baidu Music download files can be in the Baidu Music "Download Management" found, as shown in the following picture we open and click on my 2. Into the download management we click the "More" button below to open 3. After that we can set the download song to ring or dele

Song Bang GB-520 mobile Power, bring me to help you

each manufacturer has its own sales of very good products, the following small series for everyone to explain a song bang production volume and sales are very good products. This mobile power model is GB-520, "520" I love you, isn't itthe name is special, it's not written specifically for the name. Song Bang Mobile po

The method diagram of App Quick Search song in Watercress FM mobile phone

Watercress FM mobile phone app can be a search just a few friends do not know how to use it, here we will come to a review of the Watercress FM mobile phone app search song steps. 1, in the mobile phone open watercress FM and then enter to the home page, click on the upper right corner of the magnifying glass logo

QQ Music 2015 mobile phone Remote control computer broadcast song how to use

First, connect the phone to WiFi. Open the latest version of the mobile phone QQ music, if you are not the latest version, you have to upgrade the first version OH. Open the QQ music to find more under the Qplay, click in. and open the Qplay. Then open the song you want to play, in the lower right corner of the song play page can see a qplay logo, ope

Mobile phone cool Dog music shake a song to use the method of function

1, in the mobile phone to ensure that we cool dog music for the latest version, and then we open it into the interface as shown below, and then we click on "More." 2. After entering, we click on "Shake a song" and then we click on "Do not open", and then we click on to open it. 3, there is a "gentle shake", "ordinary Jilt", "forcibly dumped" three options available for you to choose from, set

Mobile phone Cool Dog song to the computer tutorial

1, we in the mobile phone to open the latest version of the Cool dog, enter and click "More" to open into 2, after entering the relevant interface, we click on the "song" Effect as shown below 3, after entering, we will enter into the image below the interface 4, we also install the latest version of the computer in the computer end cool Dog, click on the lower left corner of more ope

Mobile phone cool Dog side listen to the song side download Setup method

In fact, while downloading and listening to the song function is very simple can be set, regardless of that version of the Cool dog music can be this operation, the specific procedures are as follows 1. We click on mobile phone cool dog music, then in the Open Interface we find "menu" open into 2. Then in the Open menu we click "Settings" to open the entry 3. Then we just have to "listen and

Mobile phone Baidu Music shake a song to use tutorial

1, click on the mobile phone "Baidu Music app" open click on the upper right corner "more menu" to open the results below. 2, after opening the "more" interface, we click the following "Settings" as shown in the following figure. 3, now you open the settings interface has a "shake a song" We click on it to open it into. 4, good after we go back to the music of Baidu music playback pag

Mobile Universal K Song Comments Friends method

1, if we open into the "Universal K song" and then enter after we click on "My" Here we click on "Attention" friends. 2, in the "attention" Okay here we click on the below. 3, in the "friend" interface, we can see a lot of songs, choose their favorite songs, such as "Caocao." 4, into the "Caocao" Song singing interface, click the "Comment" button. 5, in the editing state, wri

Sing the song how to download the free to the mobile phone?

Sing the song free download We are currently only Android phone and jailbreak successful iOS system, the other without the phone file management permissions temporarily does not support the download. We click on the phone to "sing it" and then find the song we want to download for free. Click Play and wait for him to slow down. Okay, we're caching the "File Management" feature on our phone.

How to set a song as a ringtone on Meizu mobile phone

1. On the mobile phone, we open the downloaded ringtone directory, as shown in the following figure.2. In the download directory, you will see the downloaded file. Then, select the file, click the origin on the right of the file, and select the forehead movement button below, find the folder "Ringtones" that we want to move and click "OK" to move the folder.3. The bell rings to the Ringtones directory, on the desktop of the

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