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Video Transcoding technology and transcoding implementation

This article briefly introducesVideo Transcoding TechnologyOfDefinition, classification and implementation methods, focusing on how to use transcoding Technology in video engineering, including the use of transcoding technology and its advantages.

An interview with popcorn: advertising is a profitable begotten of video sites

Advertising March 5: In the second half of 2006, in the domestic video site more and more hot, venture capitalists suddenly cold down, and the industry sigh into the "cold winter", in such an environment can be recognized by investors in several

Video websites rely on 3G to make money and wait 3 years

Yesterday, LeTV announced that it had received approval from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and was allowed to start mobile video services in the future. In fact, a group of websites, including LeTV, have obtained red headers

Mobile Site Performance Optimization: Web page loading

Original link: to the environmental limitations of mobile devices, such as low bandwidth, high latency, small memory, low processor performance, etc., forcing developers to find ways to optimize the

2009 Global 50 Best Sites

From Sina Science and Technology report, the United States "time" weekly 2009 "50 Best Sites", photo-sharing site Flickr, social bookmarking site delicious, microblogging site Twitter, Google and video site YouTube, etc. on the list. The following

How difficult is automatic flash and html5 player switching between video sites? -

I really can't stand the terrible heat of BNS in various video stations. I tried many plug-ins and they were not very good. So I asked questions. 1. Is it difficult to use different players according to the operating system, browser, or user-defined?

Six Trends of video website development

One. Genuine Content for the king has become a lot of video sites to pursue the truth. And with the perfection of the law, the authenticity has become the trend of video web site development, users upload the copyright content will be directly

Yuequi: The video attracts the VCS! Or is the VC like the video?

Is the video attracts the VC! Or is the VC like the video? The profit model of the Internet mainly includes advertising revenue, media cooperation, electronic commerce and so on. And for video-sharing sites, because television and other industries

Video web site Transformation Peer-to-peer Rife

Communications Industry newspaper reporter Shuje "The world is changing so fast that August and now are two worlds." "Tudou CEO Wang is undoubtedly a real reflection of the drastic changes in the recent economic environment." High financing, large

Dabeni: From "The Queen of Taobao" to the CEO of video Search

Dabeni (Benny Da), once known as "Taobao Queen", is the Chinese online auction platform to hold the first star. On the internet has been silent for more than a year, this has been portrayed as "wisdom, beauty, wealth coexist beauty", to stunning

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