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Common folder names and their functions in SD cards

, generated scene pictures (images and numbers more detailed) folder, you can clear. 46, PDF: Portable Document Format, PDF Reader storage folder. 47, Zidan Youdao: Is the dictionary of thesaurus file storage, deleted to download the thesaurus. 48, Callrecords: The use of third-party mandatory two-way recording software (mobile phone is not root), audio files to save. 49, Vplayer Pro: is Mobo and other video players after the use of the record reg

Completely troubleshoot Ubuntu 10.04 on some of the sound card does not support or headphones silent problems

to your sound card model, such as your sound card is ALC880, and then there are these lines nearby: ALC880======3stack 3-jack in/a headphone out3stack-digout 3-jack in Back, a HP out and a SPDIF out5stack 5-jack in Back, 2-jack in front5stack-digout 5-jack, 2-jack in front, a SPDIF out6stack 6-jack in Back, 2-jack in front6stack-digout 6-jack with a SPDIF outw810 3-jackZ71V 3-jack (HP shared SPDIF)Asus 3-jack (ASUS Mobo)ASUS-W1V Asus W1VAsus-dig Asu

A20-A pain from the past

machine the screen goes blank. the (embedded on mobo) Video chip is a trident tgui9780. Petr vandrovec suggests to do the write only when it is really necessary: inb $0x92, %al #+ testb $02, %al+ jnz no92 orb $02, %al # "fast A20" version outb %al, $0x92 # some chips have only this+no92: Since bit 0 sometimes is write-only, and writin

The composition and function of computer

a BIOS chip, I/O control chip, key and Panel control switch interface, LED plug-in, expansion slots, motherboards and card DC power supply connectors and other components.The motherboard features an open architecture. Most of the motherboard has 6-15 expansion slots for the PC Peripheral Device Control Card (adapter) plug. Through the replacement of these cards, the corresponding subsystems of the microcomputer can be upgraded locally, so that manufacturers and users in the configuration of mod

Life Entertainment How to install custom software on Android Smart TV

features of Windows 360 security defender), download the mall software without root and brush, there is no risk. But software store software kind of less, still can't search, so just download this one can, after the installation.?Don't look to QQ Gung, installed 360 flat guard, although I hate 360 of things.?3 after installing the 360 tablet defender, use it to search your SD card for the APK installation package and install it manually, as long as you can find the Pea pod and install it. Click

As of 2007.04.06 the existing domestic donkey server list _ Internet surfing

status: Number of users/maximum users 500/500 files 350K Telcoo (Liaoning) ip: Port: 7685 Current status: Number of users/maximum users 329/500 files 202.3K ip: Port: 4069 Current status: Number of users/maximum users 3.6k/70k files 175K SOURCE Power Electric Donkey server (newly opened) IP: Port: 4242 Current status: Number of users/maximum users 190/? File Number 160K Neu Emule (Northeastern University of Shenyang) ip:

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