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Hadoop 2.7.2 (hadoop2.x) uses Ant to make Eclipse Plug-ins Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.7.2.jar

-core.version=1.8 # jersey-json.version=1.8 # jersey-server.version=1.8 jersey-core.version=1.9 jersey-json.version=1.9 jersey-server.version=1.9 # junit.version =4.5 junit.version=4.11 jdeb.version=0.8 jdiff.version=1.0.9 json.version=1.0 kfs.version=0.1 lucene-core.version=2.3.1 mockito-all.version=1.8.5 jsch.version=0.1.42 oro.version=2.0.8 rats-lib.version=0.5.1 servlet.version=4.0.6 servlet-api.version=2.5 # slf4j-api.version=1.7.5 # slf4j-log4j

How to compile your own build eclipse plugin, such as Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.2.0.jar

  How to compile your own build eclipse plugin, such as Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.2.0.jar data is a hot topic today, I believe that the Java of course we can not miss, especially in the big data era of Hadoop beloved is our Java community (the core is written in Java).See Hadoop, be

Hadoop Environment IDE configuration (Install the Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.7.3.jar plugin in eclipse)

I. Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.7.3.jar plugin download Click to download the plugin into the installation directory of Eclipse DropinsThird, the configuration on eclipse3.1 Opening Window-->persperctive-->other3.2 Select Map\/reduce, click OK3.3 Click the image icon to add a clu

How does Eclipse Standard Edition install the Java EE plugin? Eclipse Install the Java EE Plugin tutorial

WTP is very convenient to use the Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers, but it is too large and I like to configure on demand. First, let's understand what WTP is. The WTP (Web tools Platform) project expands on the Eclipse platform and is a toolset for developing Java EE WEB applications. WTP contains the following tools: A source editor can be used to edit HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSP, SQL, XML, DTD, X

[Eclipse Plugin] How to install and use the Grepcode plugin in eclipse

and Projects, where types returns a definition list of the interfaces and classes in each version of tapestry, and Projects returns the package name tapestry each version. Visible Java source search engine-grepcode return results are very clear human, is the developer of the first choice to consult the source code!Java source search Engine-grepcode website:Http://grepcode.comThe GC plugin for Eclipse, like

[Eclipse Plugin] How to install and use the Grepcode plugin in eclipse

: Types and Projects, in which types returns the result is tapestry each version the interface and the class definition list, and projects returns the result is tapestry each version of the package name, visible Java source search engine-grepcode return results are very clear humanization, is the developer's first choice to consult the source code!Java source search Engine-grepcode website:Http://grepcode.comThe GC plugin for

Eclipse installs the Hadoop plugin

First explain the configured environmentSystem: Ubuntu14.0.4Ide:eclipse 4.4.1Hadoop:hadoop 2.2.0For older versions of Hadoop, you can directly replicate the Hadoop installation directory/contrib/eclipse-plugin/hadoop- to the Eclipse installation directory/plugins/ (and not personally verifi

The Lombok plugin is configured under Mac in Eclipse, and Eclipse cannot start after configuring the plugin

Background: Today's chance to learn about the Lombok plug-in, development without writing get set, annotated compilation period automatically added, is undoubtedly the gospel of fast developers. But the new thing needs to know, but also to take some detours. The window can be installed, and the Mac will not start after installation. Finally found the answer on the official website, and then make a memo.1. Official website: Download the latest version of Lombok3. Inte

Hadoop 2.7.2 (hadoop2.x) uses Ant to make Eclipse plugins Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.7.2.jar

Previously introduced me in Ubuntu under the combination of virtual machine Centos6.4 build hadoop2.7.2 cluster, in order to do mapreduce development, to use eclipse, and need the corresponding Hadoop plug-in Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.7.2.jar, first of all, before the hadoop1.x in the official Hadoop installation package is self-contained

Install the easy Explorer/open Explorer plugin on eclipse Eclipse to open files directly on the Eclipse interface

1.64-bit High version eclipse--with open Explorer Eclipse (4.4.1) eclipse-jee-luna-sr1-win32-x86_64 Eclipse Open File Directory plugin open Explorer,easy Explorer on eclipse4.4 cannot use the plugins directory placed directly in your

Compiling hadoop1.x's eclipse plugin using eclipse&ant

Note: The following operations are based on Hadoop-1.2.1,eclipse Luna 1. Import the Hadoop Eclipse plug-in project into Eclipse. Plugin source directory is as follows: D:\Lab\lib\hadoop\hadoop-1.2.1\src\contrib\eclipse-plugin 2.

Windows compiled Hadoop 2.x Hadoop-eclipse-plugin plugin

A. IntroductionWithout the Eclipse plugin tool after hadoop2.x, we can't debug the code on eclipse, we're going to package the MapReduce of the written Java code into a jar and run it on Linux, so it's inconvenient for us to debug the code, so we compile an eclipse plugin ou

Eclipse Common Eclipse Plugin Introduction

directory where the selected files are located.Official website: (5) EasysqlDescription: Easysql:eclipse SQL plug-in. Includes SQL editor and executor, table Editor, data Export tool. The Easysql is designed to be easy to integrate with other plugins. If you need a database in your projectOperation function, you can consider the plug-in.Official website: Download Url:ht

[Eclipse plugin] Install and use the Jd-eclipse plugin

package separate: Http://, you can choose your own on-demand.After installation, press F3 may be the original class viewer, can not normally call JD's Class viewer, at this time need to set class file association open way for JD program, such as: Eclipse default is the VIEWER,JD plug-in installation will have an editor, Select that and set

The basics of Eclipse plug-in development (2) First Eclipse plugin

Reprint Source: Http:// PDE (Plugin development environment) for plug-in development in eclipse. In PDE for everyone to prepare a few templates for your reference. The first step is to use the template to make a simple plugin as the first contact with PDE.1. Build plug-in engineeringCreate a new]->[project by selecting [File]->[...] Sta

Eclipse installation Aptana Stadio 3 Plugin Plugin

Login Aptana Official website: Http:// Select Eclipse Plugin version: It does not provide a download link, but rather describes how to install it in Eclipse: Http:// Installing via Eclipse Please copy the following Update Site URL to your clipboard a

Eclipse Oxygen (4.7.0) Install plugin eclipse Class decompiler decompile jar file

Quote from official content Eclipse Class Decompiler is an eclipse plugin that integrates multiple anti-compilers and integrates seamlessly with the Eclipse Class viewer, making it easy to use plug-ins to view library source code for debug Debugging. It also provides the ability to automatically find the s

Installing the Hadoop series-eclipse Plugin plugin compiling the installation configuration

[i], environmental parameters eclipse-java-kepler-sr2-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz//Now change to eclipse-jee-kepler-sr2-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz Hadoop1.0.3 Java 1.8.0 Ubuntu 12.04 64bit [ii], installation configuration1, copy the generated Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-1.0.3.jar to the

How to install the Eclipse installation plugin (as an example of SVN plugin installation)

Although there are many software for Java development, in the actual development process, the number of people using eclipse to develop is still more. In this section, we describe the download use of Eclispe and the installation of its plug-in. First: Tool preparation 1.eclispe Download, official website address (HTTP://WWW.ECLIPSE.ORG/DOWNLOADS/PACKAGES/ECLIPSE-STANDARD-431/KEPLERSR1), Eclispe version has

JDK, Eclipse, tomcat plugin, SVN plugin installation

directly by decompression. Eclipse does not open generally is downloaded and the system does not match, the JDK environment is not configured well, if it is dragged from elsewhere may also be the Eclipse.ini configuration file in the virtual memory and other issues ...Install the SVN plugin in eclipse:1. Open Eclipse-

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