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EnvironmentSystem: CentOS 7.3apache:2.4.27modjk:1.2.42tomcat:8.5jdk:1.8.92apr:1.6.2apr-util:1.6.0Turn off all firewalls and selinuxSystemctlstop Firewalldserviceiptables Stopsetenforce0First,Installing Apache1. Installation DependenciesYum-y

Install some necessary mod for Apache

  Install some necessary mod for Apache PS:Apache powerful points out that it is convenient plug-ins and module technologies. Some of the modules installed here are not commonly used but very good, including mod_evasive, which prevents server

Install some necessary mod for apache

  Module: mod_evasiveRole: Prevent DDOS attacksIntroduction: The predecessor of the mod_evasive module is mod_dosevasive.Download: Install# Tar zxvf mod_evasive_1.10.1.tar.gz# Cd mod_evasive_1.10.1#

Configure mod_deflat compression output for Apache [original]

[Author: Zhang banquet this article version: V1.0 last modified: 2007.09.10 reprint please indicate the source:] 1. If Apache is not installed. During compilation, add -- enable-Deflate. For example: (for Linux only, this step

Install and configure apache2 and mod_deflate in Linux

Install Apache 1. wget Http:// 2. In the installation directory   Let's take a look at the actual results. Please refer to the traffic in ten o'clock A.M.. After deflate compression is enabled, the

Debian system installation and configuration Apache2 + MySQL5 + PHP5 server environment

Finally, we installed LAMP with apt-get in Debian. Previously, we used CentOS for compilation and installation, which was faster than now, but the memory usage was not optimized, there is no time for further research... After installing yum, it is

Lamp Environment-limited PHP parsing, useragent, PHP-related configuration, Apache-related configuration

11.28 limit a directory to prevent PHP parsingThis section should be used to optimize settings for static file directories or writable directories, and to prevent malicious attacks by restricting resolution/access to improve security.To edit a

Installation, optimization, and security settings of Apache2.x in CentOS

Web server software installation sequence: Mysql -- & gt; Apache (httpd) -- & gt; PHPApache: Installation Web server software installation sequence: Mysql --> Apache (httpd) --> PHPApache: Decompress the package and

Installation, optimization, and security settings of Apache 2.x in CentOS

Web server software installation sequence: Mysql --> Apache (httpd) --> PHPApache: Decompress the package and enter the decompressed directory. Execute: . /Configure -- prefix =/home/apache -- enable-so --

Install, configure, and optimize apache on ubuntu server

  In ubuntu and debian, the main functional modules of apache2 (MPM) are divided into different software packages: Apache2-mpm-event: event-driven MPM; Apache2-mpm-perchild: This is just a transitional "fake" software package that relies on

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