mod of two numbers

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[Computer Basics] mod function and negative numbers

Http:// function and negative numbers Date: 04/28/2000 at 11:17:09From: AnneSubject: Using the mod() function with negative numbersI work in IT - Technical Support. I am trying to sort out a problem for

Prime Number and mod

Modulo p operation Given a positive integer p, any integer n must have an equation           n = kp + r Where K and R are integers and 0 ≤ r For positive integers p and integers A and B, the following operations are defined: Modulo operation: A

Mod (modulo or redundancy)

1. Residual: The remainder after the division is divided, for example: MOD 4 = 2;   -17 MOD 4 =-1;    -3 MOD 4 =-3;    4 MOD (-3) = 1; -4 MOD 3 =-1; If a mod B is an XOR, then the resulting symbol is the same as a; Of course, a mod B is equivalent

Famine MoD LUA Programming 0 Basic Primer

ObjectiveThe original posted in the Famine game bar, in order to make the article more targeted, the original cut and streamlined. This paste is mainly for programming 0 basic Modder to explain some of the basics of programming. As for the

Introduction to MOD (x, y) and x % y_PHP using the remainder function in PHP

The remainder functions of PHP are described in MOD (x, y) and x % y. The remainder function PHP is used to obtain the remainder MOD (x, y) x % yMOD of the remainder function PHP. for example, 93,9 is the divisor, and 3 is the divisor. the mod

How to use the MoD function in Excel

Meaning of the 1.mod function 1The 1.mod function is a remainder that is used to find the remainder function, returning two numbers. MoD functions are generally not used alone in Excel and are often used in combination with other

PHP take the remainder function introduction mod (x, y) and x%y_php tutorial

Take the remainder function PHP to take the remainder function PHP two to take the remainder MOD (x, y) x%y MOD For example: 9/3,9 is the divisor, 3 is the divisor. The MoD function is a redundancy function in the form of:MoD (NEXP1,NEXP2), which

Zoj problem set-1489 2 ^ x mod n = 1

Time Limit: 2 seconds memory limit: 65536 KB Give a number N, find the minimum X that satisfies 2 ^ x mod n = 1. Input One positive integer on each line, the value of N. Output If the minimum x exists, print a line with 2 ^ x mod n =

Introduction to the PHP function mod (x,y) and x%y_php skills

The remainder function PHP takes the remainder function PHP two to take over MOD (x,y) x%y MOD For example: 9/3,9 is a divisor, 3 is a divisor. The MoD function is a remainder function in the form of:MoD (NEXP1,NEXP2), which is the remainder of

Zoj -- 1489--2 ^ x mod n = 1

This question requires the smallest positive integer x, N> 0 that satisfies 2 ^ x limit 1 (mod N. First consider the Euler's Theorem 2 ^ Eular (n) limit 1 (mod N), which requires n> 1. So when n = 1, in fact, all K numbers have k limit 0 (mod N),

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