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How can I solve the problem that Quartus II cannot use Modelsim-Altera modulo? (SOC) (Quartus II) (Modelsim)

AbstractIf Modelsim-Altera 6.1g is modified under us II 7.2, the following statements may fail. IntroductionEnvironment: US us II 7.2 SP3 + Modelsim-Altera 6.1g Error: Can't launch The Modelsim-Altera software -- the path to the location of the executables for The Modelsim

(Original) How to Use Modelsim-Altera as the electrical model? (SOC) (Quartus II) (Modelsim)

AbstractHowever, in Quartus II, the vector waveform method can be used as the electrical module, but this method is limited to a single module, how can we use Modelsim-Altera and testbench to create a linear electrical model? IntroductionEnvironment: US us II 7.2 SP3 + Modelsim-Altera 6.1g How can I design a digital circuit in the website? (SOC), we use the vector waveform modulo created in Quartus II.

(Note) perform simulation under Quartus II and Modelsim to set the initial count values (Modelsim) (Quartus II) (OpenGL)

Abstract Use Quartus II and Modelsim to separate a simple frequencyProgramDuring the simulation, we found a question about the initial setup value. Intrduction Environment: Quartus II 7.2 SP3 + UP-SOPC2000 (Cyclone IIEp2c35f627c8) + Modelsim se plus 6.2b I used to use the policy tool provided by Quartus II for program function and timing simulation. Today I tried to use

(Reporter) how to add permanent library ing to Modelsim? (SOC) (Modelsim)

AbstractWhen we opened Modelsim-Altera, we can see that the producer has already added the libraries of mega function of Quartus II. Can we add permanent library mapping on our own? IntroductionUse environment: Modelsim-Altera 6.3g _ p1 (with Quartus II 8.1) As we all know, Modelsim se is faster than Modelsim-Alter

Joint use of xilinx_ise and Modelsim/issues encountered while booting Modelsim from Xilinx ISE 14.7

Workaround: The premise is that Xilinx ise14.7 and Modelsim se 10.1a are installed 1〉 from Start menu in Windows, Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7-〉edk-〉tools-〉compile Simulation Libraries Follow the prompts to compile the library, compiled library output directory is: D:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\EDK, compile takes a certain amount of time. 2〉 from the Process menu, select Process Properties ..., set compiled Libraey Directory 3〉set the enviroment variables

(Reporter) how to enable the storage of Modelsim and nlint? (SOC) (Modelsim) (nlint)

AbstractMany EDA tools use the lm_license_file parameter to specify the license path. Therefore, Tools A and B often fail to be written, how can this problem be solved? IntroductionRecently, I have encountered this kind of thing. After Modelsim is ready, nlint cannot be used, finally, it turns out that both Modelsim and nlint use the lm_license_file environment variable to specify the license router. There

Experience with Modelsim for the first time

best to reset the settings for different simulations and compile them all, because if there is one in the door-level simulation folder. the SDO file seems to be faulty, and the simulation error is loaded in ModelSim. Note: The New quartue II version is no longer equipped with the simulator tool, this means that you cannot use a built-in Simulator for simulation (future versions of the Quartus II software w

Modelsim simulation process

Modelsim simulation process 1. Introduction to Modelsim . 2. Modelsim simulation process: the basic simulation process of Modelsim includes creating a library, creating a project, compiling, simulating, debugging, and running Modelsim In the libero environment, the

Modelsim Practical Tutorial--Preface

ObjectiveModelsim is a professional simulation software, especially in the version after the Quartus II 11.0, there is no matching their own simulation software, so modelsim into the FPGA design process for the simulation of the first choice of software.???? Modelsim is a HD

Quartus II + Modelsim simulation

course, the corresponding version must be used for automatic simulation. When the software version requirements are met, you must set a third-party software path in Quartus II tool → option, as described below: For Xiao Bai (I am Xiao Bai), Modelsim can automatically run on the Quartus II settings for timing simulation or functional simulation. However

Us II comes with Simulaiton and Modelsim Simulaiton function simulation

simulation is more suitable for project development, and skilled use of Modelsim will inevitably bring twice the result with half the effort to FPGA development projects. 2. Mutual Simulation step 1. simulus II comes with simulation 1) create a wave_test Project 2) EditCodeAs follows: /*------------------------------------------------------------------------- This confidential and proprietary software

The FIR filter of audio signal based on FPGA (Matlab+modelsim verification)

1 Design ContentThis design is based on FPGA audio signal fir Low-pass filter, according to requirements, using MATLAB to read WAV audio files and add noise signal, FFT analysis, FIR filter processing, and analysis of the effect of filtering. Through the analysis of MATLAB to verify the filtering effect, the audio signal of the superimposed noise signal is output to TXT file. Then use the Matlab language to write the filter module and test module, through the

"Go" Quartus II call Modelsim seamless emulation

settings are complete, select the menuToolèrun EDA Simulation Toolèeda RTL SimulationYou can directly invoke Modelsim for simulation.6. Tips:We call the simulation this way, if it is Modelsim AE will not compile Lib file each time, but if we are using the Modelsim se version, each call will need to recompile the library, very uncomfortable, here we recommend to

Teach you to install Modelsim SE 6.5g

Software version: Modelsim SE 6.5Computer environment: Win7 32-bit1. Before installing, prepare the Modelsim SE 6.5g installation package as follows:2, modelsim6.5g directory has installed programs and crack files, double-click Modelsim-win32-6.5g-se.exe to install.3, Direct next~~4, choose the installation path, accor

Modelsim another way to compile Xilinx device libraries (save time)

I used to compile the device library with Modelsim for Xilinx, and it was very convenient and simple to compile the device library directly in the ISE, which was a bit of a long time. Since the last time, in their own computer installed mathtype,360 antivirus software will it as a Trojan. I thought it was 360 false positives, and the 360 security guards were shut down directly. Later, the

Quartus II 12.0 and Modelsim 10.1 se installation and connection

Quartus II After 10.0 did not have their own simulation software, each time a veriloghdl to write a simple simulation, the results found that no self-brought simulation software. Third-party simulation software Modelsim 10.1 SE is required.Quartus II Installation and cracking1. Download Quartus II and quartus II hack p

Modelsim Library compilation for novice headaches

and Altera_ MF.V (described in Verilog), in addition to the PLL, so also the target device library, such as quartusii installation directory/eda/sim_lib cycloneive_atoms.v, and so on. Next, let's start compiling our designated device library. The Modelsim se 6.5g installed in the above blog post is compiled for the library, and the Altera file is first created in the Modelsim installation directory.(2) Sta

[Note]. How to Use Debussy + Modelsim to quickly view the pre-simulation waveform

Introduction: Modelsim is a HDL simulation software, and Debussy is a waveform viewing software. The so-called quick view of the previous simulation waveform is only for reference. Do not stick to this. The functions of the two software are very powerful. Please study it on your own. Note: The

FPGA learning note (4) Modelsim entry and testbench writing -- reasonable use of simulation is king

Start Modelsim step by step and perform simulation through seamless integration with Quartus. This article uses modelsim10.0c + quartuⅱ 10.0. Other versions are basically the same. Please study them on your own. Click to view the big picture! 1. Set up a third-party EDA tool In tools-> options, set the installation path of ModelSim. Be sure to set it to the Win32 folder (the 64-bit

Add Quartus simulation library to Modelsim

Find the ModelSim. ini file under the Modelsim installation directory. Remove the read-only attribute of ModelSim. ini. Open the Quartus software. Select launch simulation library compiler. Select the simulation tool ModelSim. Set the

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