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Modern UI for WPF open-source project (3): Use a template to create my first modern UI app

Create a modern UI app using the project template Before doing this, make sure that the modern UI for WPF templates extension for Visual Studio 2012 is installed. Download and install the vsix extension fromVisual Studio

Modern UI for WPF Open-Source Project (2): My first modern UI app

1. Get the latest version of modern UI for WPF 2. Open Vs and create a new WPF ApplicationProgramName: muitest 3. Add firstfloor. modernui. dll 4. Define modernwindow to inherit from mainwindow Open mainwindows. XAML, add the xmlns namespace of modernui and use Mui to replace the window tag, as shown below: "

Modern UI for WPF open-source project (4): Use a predefined page layout

Modern UI for WPF uses a set of pre-defined page la S. A modern UI page is a user control that inherits control and is used to display content in the content area of the modern window. The page is often referenced in the

Styles and templates for the WPF QuickStart series (Style and template)

In the WPF desktop program, when we want to build a unified UI performance (the display is consistent across different operating systems), we need to use the styling and templating techniques in WPF. Simply put, if we need to simply give a button a width, height, margin, etc., you can use the style to specify this series of properties. The style can be understood

"Programming WPF" translation 9th 4. Templates

CONTROLTEMPLATENBSP; targettype = " {x:type local:controlwithplaceholder} GRIDNBSP; local: Controlwithplaceholder.ismyplaceholder = "true" NBSP; /> ControlTemplate > Some controls want a template that provides a detailed set of elements that fulfill a particular role in the label of the control. For example, the Horizontalslider control wants the template to contain an element that represents a draggable thumb, a clickable trace, on either side of the thumb , and so on.

The style "four" of WPF template templates

textbox is less than 7 o'clock DataTrigger uses its own set of setters to set the TextBox's border to red. Operating effects such as:4. Event-Triggered EventTriggerEventTrigger is the most special one in a trigger. First, it is not triggered by an attribute value or a change in data, but by an event, and secondly, it does not apply a set of setters, but rather an animation. As a result, the animation effects of the UI are often associated with EventT

Reducing the coupling of logic and UI elements in WPF

image = new image ();Image. Source = new BitmapImage (new Uri ((int) state+ ". png", urikind.relative));return image;}}Content= "{Binding elementname=windowmain,Path=thetaskstate,Converter={staticresource Mytaskstatesimageconverter}} "/>In this way, our back-end logic does not refer to UI element and imposes the data on it, the background focuses on how the task status and its updates, and the foreground focuses on how to present the information to t

Build a UI automation testing framework on WPF

Brief Description In the OEA 1.0-2.0 Framework, interfaces are developed based on the WPF technology. We need to perform automated testing on the developed system. NET platform's automated testing platform has not been completed by other departments within the company, so we developed a UI automation (UIA) using Ruby + vs uiunittest in 2010) framework, which is estimated to be UIA 1.0. UIA 1.0 is fu

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