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Organize and display photo EXIF information

Display the photo EXIF information in Chinese style, showing the sketch in the picture This thing in addition to some PHP forum to display a simple 32 information, other people's lb5000 forum to see the show, ASP also has a long time did not touch

How to modify the Exif information contained in the photo details

How to modify the Exif information contained in the photo details This method requires a photo with a canvas on the background when applying for an ICP filing. ps will see some relevant information. So I found the following two solutions to help you,

How to use the beauty map to look at the photo EXIF information

"Exif Information" is a series of information collected by a digital camera during the filming process, which is equivalent to a set of photographing parameters in the JPEG image file format. It is important for video lovers to learn and shoot with

EXIF information processing under android2.2

1. What is EXIFEXIF (exchangeable image file can exchange image files) is an image file format, and its data storage is exactly the same as JPEG format. In fact, the EXIF format is to insert digital photo information in the JPEG format header,

EXIF data in a picture

The first two days a goddess in the Python group sent a picture, though it was just a landscape photo. But it suddenly occurred to me that before I read it in the > book, the exif(exchange image file format) EXIF standard defines the standard for

Modify image EXIF information

Let's take a look at EXIF:EXIF can be attached to JPEG, Tiff, Riff, and other files to add content about the digital camera shooting information and the version information of the index graph or image processing software. All JPEG files start with

What is EXIF

Xif is an English exchangeable Image The abbreviation of file (interchangeable image files) was initially developed by the Japanese electronics Industry Development Association (jeida) -- Japan Electronic Industry Development Association) Developed,

Read and modify extended JPEG Image Information

  Reading and writing are key-value pairs. Note that the value type must be strictly in accordance with the api-defined format. Read/write nodes are supported: 1. TAG_APERTURE: aperture 2. TAG_DATETIME: Date and Time Type: String, format:

PHP Pictures Trojan Explanation

This is a very interesting backdoor, it does not rely on the normal mode to hide the content (such as Base64/gzip encoding), but it has its own data hidden in the image of the EXIF head of JPEG. It also uses Exif_read_data and preg_replace two PHP

Implementation of Greenopenpaint (vi) saving and opening of pictures

If just a direct picture is saved and opened, there is not much content. But I am here, the EXIF information into it, so that the image processing results can be preserved. This is very valuable. All operations are handled in the doc. I have

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