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Tomcat, Apache, IIS three Web servers to tell about 3 ways to build a JSP runtime environment

Label:First, the related software introduction1, J2SDK:JAVA2 software development tools, is the basis of Java applications. JSP is based on Java technology, so you must install J2SDK before you configure the JSP environment.2, Apache server: Apache

Apache and IIS share 80-Port Four Settings method _ website Application

method One: IIS5, multi-IP coexistence, IIS,apache to c:\Inetpub\Adminscripts cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/disablesocketpooling true This command feeds back to the following disablesocketpooling: (BOOLEAN) True Restart

Apache and IIS Common Port solution Set _ Server

After a burst of stability considerations, the company's Web site decided to use IIS as a management platform, Apache to do access to the platform, but the server to open up the number of ports are too few, how to make Apache and IIS sharing a port,

IIS and Apache share the 80-port method

Apache|iis for the debugger, this machine installs IIS and Apache, cannot use 80 port at the same time, now gives the workaround: Method One: IIS5, multi-IP coexistence, IIS for,apache for original addressC:\Inetpub\Adminscrip

XP SP3 configuration apache+php, and iis+php____php

Recently, the company used PHP to do the development of customers. Learn how to install apache+php under XP SP3. This is recorded so that information can be found later. First, apache+php configuration 1. Download Apache server, for compatibility co

Nginx vs Apache

Tags: nginx apache Web Server Web serversOriginal address: vs ApacheWhat's the Nginx Web and proxy server and how does it compare to Apache? Should you use one of these servers or both? Here we explore

Rewrite static server configuration method under Apache and IIS in PHP

iscuz! URL static functionality by the Forum Server environment constraints, before you turn on this feature, according to your WEB server environment, select the appropriate environment configuration method. Incorrect settings may cause the server t

How to configure Tomcat 5 and IIS 5 work together

IIS Catalog Summary Preparation download Java 2 SDK 1.4.2 (or later) Tomcat 5.0.24 (or later) Tomcat WEB Server connector installation Java 2 SDK Tomcat 5 Tomcat JK2 IIS Connector setting Tomcat Tomcat IIS connectors Windows IIS setting ISAPI filter

100 points for a detailed solution to the coexistence of the IIS environment and the WAMP environment!!

We use the WIN2003 server, the boss wants IIS and Wamp to be able to use the 80 port together, do not stop IIS, or the port and other scenarios, can be accessed through the normal URL. Thank you!!! I am now running in the IIS environment, Apache

Apache four ways to share 80 ports with IIS

To debug the program, the native installs IIS and Apache, cannot use 80 ports at the same time, now gives the workaround: Method One: IIS5, multi-IP coexistence, IIS for,apache for original address C:\Inetpub\Adminscripts

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