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Modulo and remainder, modulo Remainder

Modulo and remainder, modulo RemainderFor integer a and B, the modulo or remainder operations are all performed: 1. evaluate the integer quotient: c = a/B; 2. modulus or remainder: r = a-c * B. the modulo operation and the remainder operation are

Floating Point modulo Function

In addition to the default % modulo, the math library of C ++ also has a template function float fmod (float _ x, float _ y), which is used to modulo floating point numbers. % Can only modulo int There is also a MODF Function Float MODF (float _

Algorithm tips [modulo extraction tips]

My notes are a little hairy. If you can understand them, just read them. Write a method to achieve the loop effect without the if statement: int I = 0; // 1-6 cycles. Int fun (INT max) {static int I = 0; I = I % Max; I ++; return I;} int main (

Use BigDecimal (fixed-point) for decimal operations in Java to avoid floating-point numbers such as float

In Java to use BigDecimal (fixed-point number) for the related operation of decimals, avoid using float, such as float, float, double, such as floating-point storage and operation (such as: Add, subtract ...) ) There is an error (7.22f-7.0f = 0.21999

Basic built-in types

The arithmetic type of C ++: integer, floating point number, single character, and Boolean value. It also defines a special type: void. The storage space of the arithmetic type depends on the machine. The C ++ Standard specifies the minimum storage

JVM command 2

0x59dup copies the top number of stacks and pushes the copies to the top of the stack. 0x5adup_x1 copies the top number of stacks and pushes the two copies to the top of the stack. 0x5bdup_x2 copy the top number of stacks and press three (or two)

Double long float type read double modulo fmod

The Library of fmod is # include # Include # include # include # include # include # include using namespace STD; int main () {Double X; long y; long Z; scanf ("% lf", & X); double doublemod = fmod (x, (double) 3 ); printf ("the result of X

Python errors and exceptions

This is not a comprehensive introduction to Python exceptions. it is just a note-taking record and summary article after learning Python exceptions, this is not a comprehensive introduction to Python exceptions. it is just a note-taking record and

Limits header file usage example

  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Compile options needed: /GX// // : Numeric.cpp// // Variables and Functions:// // has_denorm// has_denorm_loss// has_infinity// has_quiet_NaN//

Header file usage example

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Compile options needed: /GX // // : Numeric.cpp // // Variables and Functions: // // has_denorm // has_denorm_loss // has_infinity // has_quiet_NaN // has_signaling_NaN //

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