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Arduino car entry-fourth day (sensor), arduino car

Arduino car entry-fourth day (sensor), arduino car Hello everyone, I am a small Editor. Record the content in the previous section and click "open link ". Today we will talk about sensors. Today we will talk about light and ultrasound. Start with a chart: There are three optical interfaces: UCC, out, And GND. Ultrasonic has four interfaces: UCC, T, E, And GND. T

Arduino Peripheral Modules: Sensor components (thermo-sensitive, photosensitive, wet-sensitive)

loop()6. {7. intSensorvalue=analogread (A0);8.Serial.println (Sensorvalue);9.Delay -);.}Then the light sensor is blocked by hand, and when the hand is blocked, the value read back is greater than 950.1.intledpin=6;2. void setup()3. {4.Pinmode (Ledpin,output);5.Serial.begin (9600);6.}7.void Loop ()8. {9. intSensorvalue=analogread (A0);.Serial.println (Sensorvalue);One by one . if(sensorvalue>950).{.Digitalwrite (Ledpin,high);.}ElseA .{.Digita

Arduino uses human infrared sensor module hc-sr501

sensor detects a move and the output is high, if the human body continues to move within the detection range, the sensor remains high, knowing that the person leaves before the delay turns the high level to low.differenceThe difference between the two detection modes, after detecting the movement trigger, if the human body continues to move, whether the continuous output high level. hc-sr501 simple functio

The writing of multi-sensor data acquisition in Arduino

Today took out the home Arduino again out to play a bit, also looked at some recent online information. Feel the current online article still stay in this how to use, that how to use the stage. There are few examples of the combination. So, I will write the code today, for everyone to refer to the brick. Arduino, after all, is the basis of C language. So the structure of the program is still very important.

SR04 Acoustic Sensor principle and Arduino programming--everyone can play hardware _arduino

Through the first two articles, we have become familiar with the basic GPIO programming of Arduino and the serial communication between PC and Arduino. Next we're going to start learning all kinds of sensor operations while delving into Arduino programming. Before we start programming, we need to be familiar with the p

Arduino ADC + analog temperature sensor lm35d

+-0.08 °C. Encapsulation: To-92, metal can, SOIC-8, to-220. The lm35d used in this article is the to-92 encapsulation. Circuit connection The lm35d is powered by 5 V voltage on the Arduino uno board, and the signal output end is connected to the A0 pin. Simple voltage reading and conversion The conversion is implemented using the Arduino ADC function. The relationship between the voltage and the ad sample

Arduino and Compass sensor hmc5883l

First Arduino default I²c address is 7-bit address, the manual is described, 7-bit address is 0x1e, read address is 0x3d = (7-bit address If you want to communicate with the hmc5883l, you need to hmc5883l power on the 5ms. Therefore, the general write configuration requires a delay of 5ms before communication. After connecting the device to test the sensor, identify the operation and identify register a,

Arduino debug temperature and humidity sensor AM2321

AM2321 is a digital temperature and humidity sensor in Guangzhou ausone electronics production. Although it is a domestic brand, its precision can be comparable with foreign mainstream temperature and humidity sensing IC. Size: 11.3x7.8x4mm (L x W x H) Package: 0.05 pitch PTH Operating voltage: 2.6~5v Interface: i²c, maximum rate 100kbps, with special timing requirements Resolution: Temperature 0.1°c, relative humidity 0.1%rh

Arduino I²c + temperature and humidity sensor Si7021

SI7021 is a temperature and humidity sensor chip produced by Silicon Labs. Its main features: Humidity accuracy: Error typ. +/-2%RH, Max +/-3%rh (0~80%RH), factory corrected Temperature accuracy: Error typ. +/-0.3%°c, Max +/-0.4%°c ( -10°c~85°c), factory corrected Measuring range: Temperature range 0~100%rh, maximum temperature range -40°c~125°c Operating voltage: 1.9~3.6v Low power consumption: Low 150μa at work, 60nA at stan

Arduino MQ135 Gas Sensor

Arduino MQ135 Gas Sensor first, the wiring The MQ135 has 4 pins, VCC, GND, A0, D0, respectively, where VCC, GND, and A0 are required. The following diagram is a esp8266 wiring diagram. Due to the measurement of the gas value of PPM, it is related to the air temperature and humidity. So we've added a DHT22 here. DHT22 Portal vcc->3v Gnd->g A0->a0 Second, MQ135 library Download Address:

Arduino I2C + digital ambient light sensor bh1750fvi

Bh1750fvi is a digital ambient optical sensor IC produced by Rohm semiconductor in Japan. Its main features include: I2C digital interface, supporting a maximum rate of 400 kHz Illuminance) Measurement Range: 1 ~ 65535 Lux, minimum resolution Power down Shielding illumination variation interference caused by 50/60Hz Mains Frequency Two I2C addresses are supported and selected through the ADDR pin. Small measurement error (maximum precision err

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