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[FPGA black gold Development Board] released the second generation of black gold core board HJ-II-CORE

I. The core Board uses a more advanced FPGAEp3c16q240With more resources and higher performance; Ii. Core Board4-layer PCBDesign, more stable, more professional! Can be used in industrial products; III,Wide power input (7.5v ~ 16 V) Design, Including anti-plug-in and anti-attack functions, and built-inThree-way switch power supply moduleMore environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be used not only as a

[Note]. How can I properly plug in the JTAG simulator of the FPGA Development Board, such as USB-blster?

, Amy electronics guessed that Altera cut down the low-end fpga I/O diode clamp protection circuit to reduce costs. Recommended plugging Sequence Cabling Sequence 1. Power off the FPGA Development Board; 2. Connect the JTAG cable of the JTAG simulator to the JTAG interface of the

Host computer serial control FPGA Development Board LED

Experimental Purpose:PC software through the serial port control FPGA Development Board on the 4 LED lights off, while the digital tube shows the number of LED lights, experimental results such as.Experimental background:Always want to learn FPGA, this is an introduction, I am reading to learn, so the code of the

The first FPGA project----lit 3 LEDs on the Development Board

-write files . SofClick start to start the write program to the FPGA chip, and there will be a progress bar display, when the 100% is reached, that is, the success of the write, the Development Board on the corresponding LED Light is lit (this program is to write the program is downloaded into the SRAM , the power-down program will disappear, but after the comp

The latest design proofing production completed FPGA video Development Board VIP-V101

. LVDS Video Image transmissionResources Download:Http:// this design to get a lot of friends help, a lot of people have never met the support of netizens, once again thanks!Crazybingo, Xiaomagee, Atom, old Xu, two horses, and "FPGA Camera Development Alliance QQ Group 248619895" of all netizensFollow-up development, research, learning,

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] niosii-External interruption Experiment (V)

. I have already discussed this part in detail. I 'd like to explain it briefly here. Open the Quartus II software, and double-click the kernel to go To the FPGA builder. After entering, we will create a PIO module, and there is a difference in the creation process. Let's take a look, as shown in, at Red Circle 1, we enter 1, because we only need one button (five buttons in the black gold Development

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] What about niosii-program download (9)

Disclaimer: This article is an original work and copyright belongs to the author of this blog.All. If you need to repost, please indicate the sourceHttp:// Introduction This section describes how to compileProgramDownload to the Development Board. You need to download the program twice during the development of the program.

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] What about the niosii-led Experiment (IV)

compilation. If you forget to save it, it is equivalent that you have not modified it. Now let's program C code. In order to standardize the program, I need to make some adjustments to the program for further explanation. Create two folders named driver and main respectively. As shown in, Change hello_world.c to main. C and put it in the main folder. After modification, as shown in Next, let's modify main. in C, I will first introduce the purpose of this Code, which is to control th

FPGA development All-in---FPGA development and Xilinx series

Original link:FPGA development of the eight: from the development of programmable devices to see the future trend of FPGAFPGA development All the nine: FPGA main suppliers and products (1)FPGA development All the nine:

FPGA Development All--FPGA selection

devices are more likely to produce signal reflection, design to the integrity of the signal to spend more energy;(2) High-speed devices generally used relatively little, the price is often multiplied, and the high-speed device supply channels generally less, the device's ordering cycle is generally relatively long, often delay the product development cycle, reduce product listing rate.Temperature rating of the 5.1.5 deviceIn some applications, there

FPGA development--concept article

2008, a well-known embedded system IT company to help its product after-sales engineers and online technical support engineers to better understand their products, held a ASIC/FPGA basic training. Since the latter is only accessible to board-level schematics and layout because of the secrecy system, and because ASIC/FPGA are typical SOC applications, the ASIC/

Design of serial communication system between FPGA and GPS-OEM Board

Design of serial communication system between FPGA and GPS-OEM Board [Date:] Source: Electronic Components application Author: Chen shilei, Liu Guixi, to Guohua [Font:Large Medium Small]   0 Introduction Global Positioning System (GPS) is the second generation of satellite navigation system in the United States. It is developed on the basis of the satellite navigation system of the Mer

Dsp6678+fpga-v7+rapid IO Interconnect +2FMCVPX Processing Board

Dsp:hyperlink [email protected]/lane;2.DSP and Fpga:srio [email protected]/lane;3.FPGA and Fpga:2 Road gth [email Protected]/lane;4.FPGA and master control: PCI Express [email protected]/lane;5.FPGA and FMC Interface: 2 way gth [email protected]/lane;Physical and electrical characteristics1.

Summary of porting Icamera program based on CC1606 FPGA evaluation Board

Icamera as the Firewood Electronic Classic camera development tool, its powerful camera debugging function, by the majority of netizens love, support various cameras on the market.Currently existing application board support: CC1601 (cp601a), CC1602 (cp601b)Icamer: Camera Development Debug Tool, Camera effect evaluation, no open source code and SDK, debug camera

FPGA composition, working principle, and development process

* ****************************** Loongembedded ******* ************************* Author: loongembedded (Kandi) Time: 2012.1.7 Category: FPGA development * ****************************** Loongembedded ******* ************************* Note: The following description is based on the FPGA chip of the Altera series. It is the first time to learn

Basic FPGA development process

Typical FPGA development process and precautions The FPGA design process is the process of developing FPGA Chips Using EDA development software and programming tools. Typical FPGA development

FPGA Development--commissioning

Original link:FPGA Development 13: FPGA Practical Development Skills (12)FPGA Development 13: FPGA Practical Development Skills (12)5.6 Commissioning experience in large scale designIn

Go Introduction to FPGA--basys2 generation of pseudo-random gold codes for development boards

This article original, reproduced please indicate the source: System principleThe frequency control word selects phase stepping to generate the address of the access ROM, thus controlling the output waveform and frequency of the DAC. The entire system consists of clock generation, phase accumulation, ROM, and DAC. Limited to the BASYS2 Development Board, this t

MiS603 Development Board Chapter 11th CY7C68013A Slave FIFO return transmission

MiS603 Development Team Date: 20150911 Company: Nanjing mi Lian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Forum: Website: Shop: Eat blog: Blog Park: MiS603 Development Board Chapter 11th CY7C68013A Slave FIFO return transmissionCY7C68013A provides a powe

MIS603 Development Board Tenth chapter USB2.0 CY7C68013A Development environment Construction

MiS603 Development Team Date: 20150911 Company: Nanjing mi Lian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Forum: Website: Shop: Eat blog: Blog Park: MIS603 Development Board Tenth chapter USB2.0 CY7C68013A Developmen

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