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Php gets the day of the week in a few days and the corresponding day of the week on Monday and next Monday _ PHP Tutorial

Php gets the day of a day, the day of the week, and the date corresponding to the day of the week and the day of the week. Php returns the day of a day, the day of a week, and the date $ todaydate (Y-m-d) corresponding to Monday and next Monday.

PHP gets a few days of the week and this week of Monday and next Monday corresponds to the date _php tutorial

PHP gets days of the week and dates of Monday and next Monday for this week $today =date ("y-m-d"); echo $today;//You can get the date today. Output 2014-9-29 Define an array first. $rows =array ("Day", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "

Take this Monday and the previous Monday method case

Last Monday String Getlastmondayyyyymmddhhmmss () { MonDay =-6; SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd 00:00:00"); Set the time format Calendar resulttime = Calendar.getinstance (); DayWeek = Resulttime.get (Calendar. Day_of_week);//Gets

Date dimension (Monday is the first day of each week)

Dim _ Date: Create Table [DBO]. [dim _ date] ([date id] [varchar] (8) Not null, [year] [int] Null, [half year] [varchar] (6) null, [season] [varchar] (2) null, [month] [varchar] (4) null, [week] [varchar] (6) null, [week] [varchar] (6) null,

Algorithm: Calculate the day of the week on the first day of a year.

First, use your formula to compile a simple program: Main () {Int year;/* year */ Intw;/* day of the week */ Scanf ("% d", & year ); W = (year-1) + (year-1)/4-(year-1)/100 + (year-1)/400 + 1) % 7; Printf ("% d \ n", W ); Getch (); } Enter 1 during

Query which day is the first Monday of the month in which the given date is the SQL statement

DECLARE @date datetime; Set @date = GETDATE () --Thinking, 1900-01-01 (Monday) plus (given a log of the month of 6th month and 1900-01-01 weeks) week Why not choose number 7th? If it is number 7th, then 7 is exactly Sunday, the first Monday will

Oracle Date minute solution and week start end time calculation

1 ORACLE mid-week related knowledge description 1.1 Date formatting functions To_char (X [,FORMAT]) : Press X toFORMATThe format is converted into a string. X is a date,FORMATis a format string that specifies the format in which X is

C # Gets the first and last day of the week on which a date is located

usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingSystem.Linq;usingSystem.Text;namespacewyfclass{ Publicclasstools{/// ///get the first day of the week (first day of Sunday)/// /// ///  Publicdatetime Getweekfirstdaysun (datetime datetime) {//Sunday

MySQL Query day, query one week, query one months of data "go"

Transferred from: Day:SELECT * FROM table where to_days (column_time) = To_days (now ());SELECT * FROM table where date (column_time) = Curdate ();Query one week:SELECT * FROM table

Obtain the time from Monday to Sunday of the current week-PHP source code

Obtain the time from Monday to Sunday of the current week. obtain the time from Monday to Sunday of the current week. $ Date = new DateTime (); // Time object $ date-> modify ('This Week'); // specify the week, echo $ date-> format ('Y-m-D') on

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