mongo connect to database command line

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7.mongo command line run JavaScript script

7.mongo command line run JavaScript scriptYou can manipulate the data and manage MongoDB by writing JavaScript scripts at the command line. For more information, see How to use the [Running. js files via a MONGO shell Instance on the Server] () in

Mongodb-introduction of the MONGO Shell

IntroductionThe MONGO Shell is a interactive JavaScript interface to MongoDB. You can use the MONGO Shell to query and update data as well as perform administrative operations.The MONGO Shell is a component of the MongoDB distributions. Once you has

[MongoDB] building a Mongo database replica set (similar to a cluster) on the windows platform (III), mongodbmongo

[MongoDB] building a Mongo database replica set (similar to a cluster) on the windows platform (III), mongodbmongo I have written two blogs about how to build a Mongo database replica set on windows. Article 1: How to build a Mongo database replica

A murder caused by data loss in a MONGO database

January 8, 2017 No, a sunny morning (Big Weekend on the sunny morning), I still in the dream, was awakened by a telephone, it is known that the most feared to do operation and maintenance of the company during the rest of the phone calls!Cause: A

Save node. JS data to the MONGO database

Mongo Database InstallationFirst to Mongo's official website to download the installer:, I downloaded the file name is: Mongodb-win32-x86_64-2008plus-2.6.4-signed.msiExecutes the setup program.NextAgree to the license

Mongo widget 1.0 test version (MongoDB for Visual Studio)

Mongo widget is a vs plug-in that provides a very small tool similar to vs's "server resource manager" for managing MongoDB databases. The current version is the 1.0 beta version. Due to insufficient development time, only a few features are

4.MongoDB command Line

4.MongoDB command Line①mongodb Command-line IntroductionThe MONGO command line is the JavaScript interface for the MONGODB database. This command line can be used to make database pruning, performance management and other operations.The MONGO

MongoDB database documentation

  MongoDB database OverviewMongoDB is a high-performance, open-source, and non-pattern document-type database. It can be used in many scenarios to replace the traditional relational database or key/value storage mode. MongoDB is developed in C ++

MongoDB Real-combat development

"Goal": This article will show you how to access MongoDB in C #, complete common database operations tasks, and also introduce MONGODB clients (command-line working mode) and some basic commands in the form of real combat."description": What is

Monodb Shard Cluster Deployment

This document is based on MongoDB version 3.6.2:Recommended use of the latest versionHttps:// filesCluster IP and port design scheme: Service 192.168.141.

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