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Map projection--Gaussian-gram gauss–krüger projection, Mercator projection, and UTM projection

Map Projection ( Map Projection )Http:// projection is the theory and method of converting any point on the Earth's surface to a map plane using certain mathematical laws.Since the earth is an irregular pear-shaped sphere that is slightly flattened at the equator, its surface is a non-flattened surface, so the use of any m

Knowledge of common map projection (III.)---map projection in China

1. Gauss-gram Gauss–krüger projectionGauss-gram Gauss–krüger projection This projection is by the German mathematician, physicist, astronomer Gauss in the 1820s, after the German geodesy home Crugge in 1912 to complement the projection formula, it is called Gauss-gram Gauss–krüger projection. Also known as transverse M

Derivation of the projection matrix (deriving Projection matrices)

This article is the derivation of the Deriving-projection-matrices.htm, due to my limited ability, there is no understanding of the translation of the place you can refer to the original, thank you ^-^!A star on a meteorIf you want to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you!In the basic matrix transformation of 3D graphics program, the projec

Map Projection Series Introduction (iii)----map projection

4. Map projection4.1 Projection EssenceA method of mapping points on the Earth's ellipsoid to a plane, called a map projection .Why do you want to project?– Geographical coordinates are spherical coordinates, which are not convenient for acreage of parameters such as distance, azimuth and area.– The Earth ellipsoid is a non-developable surface.– The map is planar, meets visual psychology, and is easy to dis

Three-dimensional image projection transformation--parallel projection

(2) Parallel projection"The projection of the sun's rays is a parallel projection."If you move the center of the perspective projection to Infinity, each projection line becomes a straight line that is parallel to each other , and this p

Difference between Gaussian-kruger projection and UTM projection

Gaussian-kruger projection and UTM projection are both variants of the horizontal mocator projection, at present, some foreign software or the supporting software of imported foreign instruments often do not support Gaussian-gram projection, but support UTM projection. There

Understanding of the earth's coordinate system and projection mode (about Beijing 54, Xi ' an 80,wgs84; Gauss, Lambert, Mercator projection)

ellipsoid model (XI ' an 80) is most accurate in the Chinese region, its geometric center is certainly not the centroid of the Earth, but elsewhere. So this geometric center is called the Reference Center, referred to as the heart.On the earth a point latitude and longitude, is based on the reference ellipsoid to calculate, so, the same place, with Beijing 54, Xi ' an 80,wgs84 calculated longitude and latitude is three different values. Since GPS is WGS84, we see the latitude and longitude of t

Perspective projection Detailed (Dx perspective projection deduction)

ext.: Overview The projection transformation is to show how to display the three-dimensional model to the two-dimensional viewport, which is a three-dimensional to two-dimensional process. You can consider a projection transformation as the focal length of the camera, which simulates the process of selecting a lens for a camera. A

Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (17): Projection Transformation projection

The previous modelview transformation is equivalent to placing the camera and adjusting the position and angle of the object to be photographed. The projection transformation corresponds to adjusting the camera lens distance to obtain the scene. BelowCodeSet the current matrix mode to projection matrix: Gl. glmatrixmode (gl_projection); Subsequent coordinate transformations are for the

Mocato projection of Vernacular map projection

In the introduction to world projection, we mentioned mocato projection, which isBy HollandCartographyG. Mercator was created in 1569. Currently, most popular map websites such as Google map and Baidu map all use this projection (Web mocato projection). Today we will briefly introduce this

Map Projection: mocato projection (2)

In fact, this article should be called (1). After all, this article mainly focuses on theoretical knowledge and the previous article focuses on implementation formulas. Map projection used by network maps such as Google Maps and Bing (it seems that Baidu map is also a mocato projection), which is often called Web Mercator, the main difference between it and conventional mocato

§ 6 projection of vectors on the axis (projection)

§ 6 projection of vectors on the axis (projection) IAngle between two vectors of space: There are two vectors that are handed over to the point (if they are not intersecting, one of the vectors can be translated to make them cross), and one of the vectors is rotated inside the plane determined by the two vectors, so that the square direction of it overlaps with the square direction of another constant, so

The projection operation of the Hiberante object mode and the projection of the SQL statement (the hibernate usage of the aggregation function)

The projection operation of the Hiberante object mode and the projection of the SQL statement (the hibernate usage of the aggregation function)Recently used hibernate projection, write a diary to record.(⊙o⊙) ... Prerequisites: Paired with Hibernate environment. MyClass refers to an entity class that has been mapped wellThe following 3 functions are the methods I

Mongodb-the MONGO Shell, Write Scripts for the MONGO shell

Tags: man SSI onchange returns control following ROR scripts LuaYou can write scripts for the MONGO Shell in JavaScript this manipulate data in MongoDB or perform administrative Operation. For more information about the MONGO Shell, see the Running. js files via a MONGO shell Instance on the Server SE Ction For more information about using these

ArcGIS Tutorial: Adding Projection and projection transformations to layers in ArcGIS

Because GIS describes the spatial information on the Earth's surface, it must be embedded in a spatial reference system, which is a coordinate frame, which is based on parameters such as ellipsoidal bodies. The three main coordinate systems currently used in China are: Beijing 1954, Xi ' an 1980 and WGS84.With the coordinate system, the ellipsoid, the data layer has geographic coordinates, which are the locations of the spherical surface with latitude and longitude. In order to be able to conver

How to implement the projection effect? PS: create realistic projection effects-PS tutorial

Projection and reflection any part of the backlight of an object will produce a projection. if it is on a brighter surface, it will also reflect the reflection of the object, such as the water surface, glass desktop, marble floor, etc. So how to implement the projection effect? The following small series will introduce you to pss' realistic

Iphone/Ipad wireless projection to PC, Iphone Ipad projection pc

Iphone/Ipad wireless projection to PC, Iphone Ipad projection pc Original Blog, reprinted, please indicate the Some projection technologies will inevitably be used for Demo presentation of applications. At this time, it seems a little bad to give a speech with a data line. At this time, wireless

CSS3 projection Interpretation, projection

Confused for some time, today began to tidy up their own, but also to organize new knowledge.CSS3:Start from scratch: Now the most used in the page is the picture/container projection, text projection;Next, we summarize a projection problem:Box-shadow: Shadow type X-axis displacement y-axis displacement shadow size shadow extended shadow colorGenerally this write

Java from entry to entry-database Mongo DB installation start and configuration details, from entry to entry-level mongo

Java from entry to entry-database Mongo DB installation start and configuration details, from entry to entry-level mongo I. Overview After Mongo DB is downloaded, how should we install and start and configure Mongo DB? This blog will introduce how to install and start Mongo

Mongodb-the MONGO Shell, Data Types in the MONGO shell

MongoDB BSON provides support for additional data types than JSON. Drivers provide native support for these data types in host languages and the MONGO Shell also provides several h Elper classes to support the use of these data types in the MONGO JavaScript Shell. See the Extended JSON Reference for additional information.TypesdateThe MONGO Shell provides various

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