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MongoDB cluster building (master-slave replication, replica and) (5), mongodb master-slave

MongoDB cluster building (master-slave replication, replica and) (5), mongodb master-slaveVi. Architecture ManagementMongodb master-slave clusters are divided into two types:1: master-Slave replication (master-Slave) -- The Slave server will not

MongoDB Learning articles to be compiled

Original address: Before learning must read, now there are too many resources on the Internet, therefore, the study of the internet age must not be without the help of search

MongoDB (50+ article)

Blog 2011 on the line, but did not care, starting from 2013 June or July began to care, began and Mobei spare time to write some articles,nginx,Zabbix, MMS has been collated part, Mobei masterful there is no time to summarize MongoDB, just, let me

MongoDB (4.0) Shard--the way to deal with big data

What is a shardHigh data volume and throughput of the database application will be more pressure on the performance of the single machine, large query volume will be a single CPU exhausted, large amount of data on the single-machine storage pressure,

MongoDB distributed sharding Cluster [4]

MongoDB distributed sharding Cluster [4]Sharding cluster configuration of MongoDBSharding cluster IntroductionThis is a horizontally scalable mode, which is especially powerful when the data volume is large. In practice, large-scale applications

Install MongoDB on Windows)

This tutorial describes how to install and run MongoDB on the Microsoft windowsmongodbserver (mongod.exe) platform as a Windows service by setting up MongoDB at the command prompt and summary process. Similar to operating on MongoDB on Windows, most

MongoDB Starter Series (4)--mongodb Architecture and client basic operation and attention to detail

When it comes to MongoDB's architecture, it is inevitable to compare it with relational databases. Here we take MySQL for example, we make some comparisons:From the logical structure of the comparison: MySQL Hierarchy concept

MongoDB, Java, and ORM

Document directory MongoDB Introduction Add the mjorm Library to the Project Create pojo Create an XML ing File Integration MongoDB Introduction Currently, there are many competing nosql products, which are used in different ways, but can

Install MongoDB in Windows

1. SummaryThis article describes how to install and run the mongodbserver (“mongomongod.exe ") on Microsoft Windows and set it to a Windows service. Using MongoDB on Windows is similar to using MongoDB on other platforms. Most components share the

(go) Prepare for the first deployment of MongoDB: capacity Planning and monitoring

If you have completed the development of your new MongoDB application and are now ready to deploy it into your product, you and your operations team will need to discuss some key issues: What is the best deployment practice? What key

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