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MongoDB Authoritative Guide PDF

856.4.2 Cases 2: Web page category 876.4.3 MongoDB and MapReduce 877th Advanced Guide 917.1 Database Commands 91How the 7.1.1 command works 927.1.2 Command Reference 927.2 Fixed Set 957.2.1 Properties and Usage 967.2.2 Creating a Fixed collection 967.2.3 Natural Sort 977.2.4 Tail Cursor 987.3 Gridfs: Storing files 997.3.1 Start using Gridfs:mongofiles 997.3.2 working with the

Common commands for MongoDB and Common commands for mongodb

Common commands for MongoDB and Common commands for mongodbCommon commands for MongoDB Databases Show dbs # show database use test # select/create database db. dropDatabase () # Delete the current database db # display the current database db. test_col.insert ({x: 1}) # ins

MongoDB installation and simple commands, mongodb installation commands

MongoDB installation and simple commands, mongodb installation commands Mongo Vue tool download Create a folder and put the unzipped mongo file. Make a variable and specify the bin The following folders and paths can be customized. Mongod -- dbpath d

O ' Reilly: Learn more about MongoDB PDF

recovered by repair 1054.4 Tricks 32:getlasterror 1054.5 Tip 33: Be sure to use secure write 106 during development4.6 Tip 34: Using the W parameter 1064.7 Tip 35: Be sure to set a timeout for W 1074.8 Tip 36: Do not call Fsync 108 every time you write4.9 Tip 37: Normal startup after a crash 1084.10 Tip 38: Instantaneous backup of a persistent server 108Chapter 5th Management Skills 1095.1 Tip 39: Manually clean up block collection 1115.2 Tip 40: Compress the database with repair 1115.3 Tip 41:

Some operations commands for "MongoDB" MongoDB

starting with the J letterDb.dept.find ({"Dname":/^j/})Query for records with a in dnameDb.dept.find ({"Dname":/a/})Delete operationDelete a deptno=10 recordDb.dept.remove ({"Deptno": 10})Delete all recordsDb.dept.remove ({})Update actionUpdate all, the entire JSON object will be covered outDb.dept.update ({"Deptno": 30},{"Phone": "1354444444"})Partial update, modifying a property valueDb.dept.update ({"Deptno": 30},{$set: {"Phone": "1354444444"}})Statistical operationsTotal number of statistic

Commands for opening PDF files and HTML files from the command line under Linux

Commands for opening PDF files and HTML files from the command line under Linux [Date: 2012-06-18] Source: Linux Community Author: hipercomer [Font: big medium Small] If you often work at a Linux terminal and need to look at some documents at some point (such as PDFs or HTML documents), it is often necessary to switch to the file system to open the files. In fact, you just nee

Life Thunder Dog MongoDB----MONGODB---2---common commands and tricks

To see which databases are available:Show DBSSwitch to that library:Use library name Use LocalUse also has a function of "Create a Database" Use testTo delete a database:Db.dropdatabase ();To view a collection:Show collectionsTo create a collection:Db.createcollection ("user");Implicitly created, inserted directly into the collection, she will automatically create the collectionDb. user. Insert ({ID:1, Name: "Lisi"});To delete a collection:Db. user. Drop ();Insert:Db. user. Insert ({ID:1, Name:

Sort out common MongoDB operation commands

Sort out common MongoDB operation commands Mongodb operation commands (note that all commands starting with "db." Must be used to access the specified database before the operation)Connect to the database:/Usr/local/mongodb-3.0.4/

MongoDB Learning (ii) MONGODB common commands

data (2) Modify Db.users.update ({age:25}, {$set: {name: ' ChangeName '}}, False, True); Equivalent to: Update users set name = ' ChangeName ' where age = 25; Db.users.update ({name: ' Lisi '}, {$inc: {age:50}}, False, True); Equivalent to: Update users set age = Age + where name = ' Lisi '; Db.users.update ({name: ' Lisi '}, {$inc: {age:50}, $set: {name: ' HoHo '}}, False, True); Equivalent to: Update users set age = Age +, name = ' HoHo ' WHERE na

MONGODB CREATE DATABASE and collection commands db.createcollection detailed

install MongoDB and server-side configuration Ubuntu 13.04 under Install MongoDB2.4.3 How to create a new database and collection in MongoDB MongoDB entry must read (both concept and actual combat)

MongoDB Learning Notes-06 database commands, pinned sets, Gridfs, JavaScript scripts

Label:Describes some of the advanced features of MongoDB support:Database commandsFixed-size collectionsGridfs Storing large filesMongoDB Support Database command for server-side JavaScriptthe principle of the commandThe commands in MongoDB are actually implemented as a special type of query that is executed against the $cmd collection. RunCommand simply accepts

MongoDB Learning Note One installation and basic commands

Operations Command with a lot of commands (): Data lookup for the Foo collection in the current database (all data is listed because there are no conditions) Use Yourdb; Toggles the creation of the database, which automatically creates the current database when a collection (table) is created. Db.dropdatabase (); Please use caution when deleting the current database. Db.clonedatabase (""); Clones data f

Finishing Summary of MongoDB Common commands

Summary of MongoDB common commands simple additions and deletions to check the dataSpecify the display in the query results or do not display a fieldFor example, we want to find all the data in the lessons collection, but we don't want to include the Slides field in the return result, because slides is a huge array of base64-represented images that affect the reading of query results.Then we can follow the

MongoDB basic Commands

include multiple servers for multiple users to access. In addition, the peer-to feature allows some systems to play the dual role of the client and server. HBase is a distributed, column-oriented, open-source database that comes from the Google paper "Bigtable: A distributed storage system of structured data" written by Fay Chang. The Yonghong Data mart is a software that is based on proprietary technology developed for the storage and processing of information. Yonghong Data Mart's Distributed

Finishing MongoDB Common Commands Summary

MongoDB Common Commands Summary simple additions and deletions to check the dataSpecify the display or not display a field in the query resultsFor example, we want to find all the data in the lessons collection, but we do not want to include the slides field in the returned result, because slides is a large, base64 array of images that affects the reading of the query results.Then we can follow a p

[MongoDB]-Shell basic commands

Label:Here, I simply record the basic commands MongoDB uses in the shell client, such as creating/displaying a database, creating a collection, deleting a collection, and so on. First, start MongoDB and connect to the shell client Use the Mongod.exe and Mongo.exe commands to start and connect to the database s

MongoDB basic Commands

MongoDB Basic Commands After the MongoDB is successfully started, you can then open a command line window to enter MONGO to perform some operations on the database. Enter help to see basic operations commands: Show DBS: Displaying a list of databasesShow Collections: Displays the collection in the current database (si

MongoDB Learning: Database commands and fixed collections

How we want to delete a collection can take the db.test.drop () Way, in fact, behind this, this function is running the drop command. The same effect can be achieved with RunCommand. Let's start by creating a new collection to use as a test:> Use Maple1Switched to DB Maple1> Db.maple1.insert ({' name ': ' Zhanghongfeng '})Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1})Delete this collection, the results of the feedback ok:1 represents the Success> Db.runcommand ({"Drop": "Maple1"}){"ns": "Maple1.maple1", "Nind

MongoDB Study Notes 1 installation and basic commands

: 28017/web admin port: 280172. Basic commands for getting started with mongodb show dbs: display the Database List show collections: display the set in the current database (similar to the tables in the relational database) show users: display the user db. help (): displays database operation commands. There are many command

Use of MongoDB Export and Import commands

Mongodb provides easy-to-use export and import commands. 1. Introduction and use of export commands. MongoDB provides a simple export tool, which is located in {MongoDB_HOME}/bin/mongoexport.exe, for example (My mongodb is deployed in a windows operating system and is simila

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