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I changed the default port of mongodb and cannot start it.

Mongodb. lock after deletion. Then sudoservicemongodbrestartJavaScriptexecutionfailed: Error: couldntconnecttoserver127.0.0.1: 27017atsrcmongoshellmongo. js: L112 why? Original article address: I changed the default port of mongodb and it cannot be started. Thank you for the original article.

CentOS 22 default port SSH default port

1. Add a port Vim/etc/ssh/sshd_config Remove the comment of # Port 22 and add the line feed to Port 443. If you want to add but modify the port number, we recommend that you keep port 22 and wait until the new port can be logge

hadoop2.x common port, definition method and default port, Hadoop1. X-Port comparison

Question guide: The port of the HTTP service of 1.DataNode, and the port of IPC service. The port of the HTTP service for 2.NameNode, and the port of the IPC service, respectively. The port of the HTTP service for 3.journalnode, and the

The default Apache port 80 is used, causing service failure. The default apache Port

The default Apache port 80 is used, causing service failure. The default apache Port In practice, when running the Apache service, you may find that the default port 80 of Apache is occupied and the service cannot be started. How

Linux CentOS remote SSH default 22 port modified to a different port

To modify the default port for SSH:1, the file that controls the SSH access port is /etc/ssh/sshd_config .Therefore, edit the SSH configuration file sshd_config:#vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config2. Find the Port=22 field and remove the comment that precedes it:#Port //Remove the Note

Change SSH default port 22 in CentOS to another port

CentOS in each release of the SSH port defaults to 22, if the official station or other purposes, in order to improve security needs to modify the default SSH port number, to prevent the poor by the conscientious password. Some VPS providers, if your VPS server SSH suffered multiple violent cracked, may be fined or temporarily terminated service, so modify the SS

OFBiz port modification, default with 8080 port

See here: I was modified 8080 for 8089 port Due to the 8080 port number being occupied by other projects, the modification of the next ofbiz default port number (8080,8443) is analyzed today. Find that only two files need to be modified, or relatively simple. 1.808

CentOS 7.0 Modify SSH default connection 22 port and add firewall Firewalld via port

The first thing to do is to modify the default port of SSH 22Need to modify file/etc/ssh/sshd_configUsing commandsVi/etc/ssh/sshd_config[[emailprotected] ~]# vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config# $OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.90 2013/05/16 04:09:14 dtucker Exp $# This is the SSHD server system-wide configuration file. see# Sshd_config (5) For more information.# This sshd is compiled with path=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin# the s

Centos remote SSH port 22 is changed to another port by default

Centos remote SSH port 22 is changed to another port by default Modify the default SSH port: 1. The file controlling the SSH access port is/etc/ssh/sshd_config. Therefore, edit the SSH configuration file sshd_config: # Vi/etc/ssh

MySQL modifies the default port number, modifies the port number of the My.ini

Tags: style blog http io sp file div.MySQL default port number is 3306, if install multiple or conflict need to modify the port number, modify the port number of the My.ini, the file is normally under the installation directory. Here are the specific instructions:Method/Step Stop the MySQL server in the service fi

Tomcat default 8080 port is occupied: Isolate the process that is occupying the port Pid__java

When using MyEclipse to do development and start Tomcat, the console always complains failed to initialize end point associated with Protocolhandler ["http-apr-8080"]. When Tomcat starts, the problem above arises because Tomcat's default 8080 port is occupied, so there should be two ways to solve this problem, one is to give Tomcat a new port number instead of t

An error occurred while using http: // ip: Port/to access the default SSL port.

Tags: blog HTTP use art ar Div log SQLOriginal article: the website URL is: http: // ip: Port/If SSL is enabled on the website (default port 443 is used), visit the following in the browser:Https: // ip: Port/You will receive the following error:SSL receives a record

CentOS Modify the SSH remote port/default port method

Linux Server:centos 6.2 Desktop system Environment: Windows 7 Connection tool: Putty 1. Modify SSH configuration file Vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config Modify port, disable root login, add limit user The code is as follows Copy Code Port 2345Permitrootlogin NoAllowusers Gino2. Modify Iptables Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables Copy 22 Port

How to modify Tomcat's default port (8080) to port 80

How to use the default port 80 to log on to Tomcat's http: // localhost/index. jsp page This method is relatively simple.1. Open the server. xml file in the conf folder under tomcat.2. FindMaxthreads = "150"Minsparethreads = "25"Maxsparethreads = "75"Enablelookups = "false"Redirectport = "8443"Acceptcount = "100"DEBUG = "0"Connectiontimeout = "20000"Disableuploadtimeout = "true"/>ChangeMaxthreads = "150"Min

How to modify the default port (8080) to 80 port for Tomcat

How to use the default 80 port to log on to Tomcat's http://localhost/index.jsp pageIt is simpler to implement such access methods.1, open Tomcat under the Conf folder in the Server.xml file2, findMaxthreads= "150"Minsparethreads= "25"maxsparethreads= "75"Enablelookups= "false"Redirectport= "8443"acceptcount= "100"debug= "0"connectiontimeout= "20000"Disableuploadtimeout= "true"/>Amended toMaxthreads= "150"M

Nginx Configuration default 80 port default server

Direct access to IP address 80 port, nginx resolution to the corresponding serverYou need to configure the server default parameterserver {listen 80 default;server_name;access_log logs/ main;error_log logs/ warn;}Nginx Configuration default 80

Ubuntu virtual machine MongoDB boot and port mapping

Environment: Ubuntu 14.04.1 MongoDB v3.4.1 Virtual Machine Connection mode is a NAT connection First, MongoDB startup problemAfter updating the kernel, when running MongoDB, the Data directory/data/db not found. Error, the time is long not remember installed configuration OrzLooked up some information, this is because

MongoDB error 32-bit servers don ' t have journaling enabled by default resolution _MONGODB

Every time you start MongoDB will always receive the following unclean shutdown prompts, summed up the cause of the problem and the solution. The prompts are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: ************** D:\greent~1\powercmd>mongod--auth-dbpath C:\mongo\MongoDB\mongo\data Wed May 16 16:06:50 Wed 16:06:50 warning:32-bit servers don ' t have journaling enabled by

RHEL7 Modifying the SSH default port and modifying the SELinux running state

RHEL7 after installation, the SSH service is turned on by default for remote configuration, but the default port 22 is not safe, the default port is generally not recommended, then modify the SSH default

How do I modify the default SSH port in the CentOS system?

How do I modify the default SSH port in the CentOS system? The default CentOS default port is 22, and you'll find a lot of log files in a long time, which is the error log left by the scan attack. So what we're going to do today is to change the number that we know, which r

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