mongodb error authentication failed

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PURE-FTPD authentication error and FTP logon 530 authentication failed

PURE-FTPD Authentication Error PURE-FTPD implementation of user uploaded files belong to Apache users and groups. Check the UID and GID of the current Apache user first The code is as follows Copy Code ID Apacheuid=48 (Apache) gid=48 (Apache) group =48 (Apache) Then change the MySQL table, the result is as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code

Rails connection PostgreSQL error: psql: Fatal error: User "s" Ident authentication failed

Rails connection PostgreSQL error: psql: Fatal error: User Login sident authentication failed Rails connection PostgreSQL error: psql: Fatal error: User's ipvs Ident authentication

Rails connection postgresql error: psql: Fatal error: user & quot; postgres & quot; Ident authentication failed, psqlpostgres

Rails connection postgresql error: psql: Fatal error: User "s" Ident authentication failed, psqlpostgresPsql: Fatal error: User "s" Ident authentication failed 1. After the postgresql d

Rails Connection PostgreSQL Error: Psql: Fatal error: User "Postgres" Ident authentication failed

password to access the database,That resolves psql: fatal error: User "Postgres" Ident authentication failed this issue)Fifth step: Restart the PostgreSQL server for the settings to take effect#service PostgreSQL RestartOr#systemctl Restart Postgresql.serviceThis solves the problem and the database can be accessed properly by the Rails project.pg_hba.conf The co

PHP Connection MongoDB user authentication error

PHP Connection MongoDB user authentication error Main error message: authentication failed MONGODB-CR credentials missing in the user document Mon

PostgreSQL Remote Connection Configuration Management/account password Assignment (FIX: Fatal error: User "Postgres" Ident authentication failed)

Problem: Fatal error: User "Postgres" Ident authentication failed Note: This is because there is no remote access configured and authentication method has not changed, only need to change the use of account password authentication. Workaround: Locate pg

Spring boot +spring Security + Thymeleaf authentication failed to return error message

Spring boot attracts a lot of fans with its many features of friendship, such as 0 configuration and microservices. and its seamless integration with the Spring security framework makes it a secure feature. On this basis, using the Thymeleaf template engine for rendering, static and dynamic combination, so that the page development more simple and intuitive.The user name and password to submit a login through the form is a common design for the login interface. In the process of beginners, I am

In IIS 7.5, how does one pop up the custom error page after three failed Windows Authentication Settings?

In IIS 7.5, how does one pop up the custom error page after three failed Windows Authentication Settings? 1. Set Windows Authentication: In the "authentication" Window of the site, "Anonymous Authentication" is invalid and "win

Linux Modify password report PAM authentication failed error resolution

is always a server to card for half a day, landing check log is successful, but always card in the revision of the password that step.So, print the process, found CHPASSWD change password this step error! Caused expect to be stuck.Look at the error message is: Chpasswd:pam Authentication failed The actual landing of t

SQL Server in the IDE Windows Authentication connection servers error, Login failed for user ' xxx\administrator '. Cause: The login name matching the supplied name could not be found.

Tags: open NIS sof log http. com. NET operation clickProblem Description:The local installed two instances, one is sqlexpress, can operate normally. But another common instance of development MSSQLSERVER but even Windows authentication is an error, the report of the mistake is very wonderful, how can not find administrator that, I log in to the computer to use this account.Detailed errors are as follows:Una

Github reports permission error fatal: Authentication failed, githubfatal

Github reports permission error fatal: Authentication failed, githubfatal Error MessageUsername for 'https: // ': ×××××Password for 'https: // ×××× @ ':Remote: Invalid username or password.Fatal: Authentication fa

Psql: Fatal error: Peer authentication failed for user "user1"

Operating system: DEBIAN8 There may be a warning error when you log in to PG: $ psql -U user1 -d exampledb psql: fatal error: peer authentication failed for user "user1" Open the following file, $ sudo vi /etc/postgresql/9.4/main/pg_hba.conf # TYPE DATABASE USER ADDRESS METHOD # "local

Lenovo computer Update BIOS reboot prompts "Secure Flash authentication failed" error

ThinkPad machine update BIOS prompts "Secure Flash Authentication failed" error how to do, the affected computer is quite a lot, we will give you a summary of the models and solutions. Reason Analysis: The problem is that the BIOS ID is prompted when it is low on the logical original BIOS version, so the solution is known, as long as the native BIOS versi

About SPRING-DATA-MONGODB user name password login error problem: Failed to authenticate to database

. springframework. Web. Filter. Characterencodingfilter. dofilterinternal (Characterencodingfilter. Java: $) Two. Workaround2.1. First, the MongoDB database setup passwordLogin to Mong Shell,>use Admin>db.system.users.remove ({})>db.system.version.remove ({})>db.system.version.insert ({"_id", "Authschema", "CurrentVersion": 3})>use TestDB>db.createuser ({User: "abc", PWD: "123456"},roles["ReadWrite", "DbAdmin"])The MONGO service starts the command w

An error occurred while adding users to Mongodb cluster startup with security authentication

After use admin. When you add the user db. addUser ("admin", "123456"), because other nodes do not have the admin user and use the-keyFile parameter, permission authentication is required. The first time a user cannot be created.Symptoms: The code is as follows:Copy code Switched to db admin{"User": "admin ","ReadOnly": false,"Pwd": "dfb2b4f665d248c6887cfba7b1f0c9fc ","_ Id

Mac MongoDB Connect failed connection Error resolution

Tags: check search solution ICT ref data read display warningsThese days have been tossing the MongoDB database, has been the following this problem MongoDB Shell version v3.6.0 connecting To:mongodb:// for error after poll), Reason:connection refused 2017-12-27t09:54:34.778+0800 E QUERY [ Thread1] error:couldn 't connect to server

IP error caused MongoDB replica set initialization failed

Tags: uri mlog fork Cat 2.0 configuration command BPA MongoDB TorProblem Description:When setting up an environment for a client, initialization failed during initialization of a MongoDB replica set, reported "No host described in new configuration 1 for replica set mongotest maps to thi S node ". Specific error inform

Errors that often occur in MongoDB (summary) child process failed, exited with error number

Exception handling Rollup-server handling Rollup-database family is not the only, this side can only be used as a reference, roughly is such a few solutionsChild process failed, exited with error number 1Child process failed, exited with

[Mongodb]child process failed, exited with error number 100

Tags: http os io strong for AR art CTI SPRun the following command first to start the MONGO servermongod run --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.confAssuming you installed MONGO using Brew.More information on the Mongod process hereEDITTry to repair MONGO using:mongod --repairSeems to has issues with permissions also, try using to sudo start MongodHttp://

How to put username &password in MongoDB (security&authentication)? (Configure user authentication in MongoDB)

', ' MONGO ');1> show collections; Fs.chunksfs.filessystem.indexestesttab> use testswitched to DB test> db.auth (' root ', ' MONGO ') error:18 {ok:0.0, er Rmsg: "Auth failed", code:18}0> db.auth (' anbob ', ' MONGO ') 1[[emailprotected] log]# vi/etc/mongodb.conf # Mongod b.conf# Where to store the data.# note:if your run MongoDB as a non-root user (recommended)

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