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MongoDB 3.0 new Feature "Go"

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MongoDB 3.0 new Feature "Go"

This article from: HTTP://WWW.OPEN-OPEN.COM/LIB/VIEW/OPEN1427078982824.HTML#_LABEL3For more information, see official website: article:Test:

Storage and operations of spatial data in MongoDB

In this example, we use the official C # Driver to store and query spatial data (vectors) in MongoDB) read vector element space information and attribute tables, and write them to MongoDB. Read the shapefile file and convert the space information to

MongoDB Installation and Basic use

The blog has moved Https:// MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented NoSQL (not only SQL) database written using C + +, and one of the most popular NoSQL databases. NoSQL Introduction NoSQL means "Not just SQL", is the

Common issues with MongoDB's geo-spatial index

Considerations for creating geo-spatial indexesThe creation of the geospatial index failed with the following error message> Db.places.ensureIndex ({"loc": "2dsphere"}){"Createdcollectionautomatically": false,"Numindexesbefore": 1,"OK": 0,"ErrMsg": "

MongoDB series five (geo-spatial Index and query).

First, the latitude and longitude of the representation wayThe storage of latitude and longitude in MongoDB has its own set of specifications (mainly for the purpose of establishing a geospatial index on that field). There are two ways, namely

MongoDB Detailed Introduction

Basic concept basic features 1 rich data type 2 easy to expand 3 rich features 4 no sacrifice speed 5 Easy management scenario storage model concurrency control memory management disaster recovery 1 Backup 2 Repair MongoDB Transport Protocol MongoDB

MongoDB Continuous Development: Release 1.4, 10gen to provide business support

March 25 MongoDB (taken from "Humongous") 1.4 release shortly after its founder Dwight Merriman (formerly DoubleClick Ceo/cto) announced 10gen--open source document database MongoDB behind the company, It will provide business training and

Spring Java MongoDB Geo Location Search service sample

1, configure the Pom.xml, add the following 2 in the original Spring project. org.mongodb mongo-java-driver 3.2.2 spring-data-mongodb 1.9.2.release2, Configuration Spring-data-mongo.xml 3. MongoDB

MongoDB Geo-Spatial index

1. Lbs geo-Spatial indexAbout lbs related items, generally store the latitude and longitude coordinates of each location, if you want to query nearby sites, you need to set up an index to improve query efficiency. MongoDB establishes a geospatial

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