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Linux/centos turn off the graphical interface (X-window) and enable graphical interface commands

Original: Close X Window at the image interface:1.1 Shell runs init 3 into text mode and closes the associated service (Xserver definitely off)1.2 Alt+ctrl+f1~f6 to character interface, root login, PS aux|grep/usr/x11r6/bin/x, get X process number,Kill-9 process number, in fact, it has been to the text

A Face to learn Oracle (graphical interface operation---plsql graphical interface)

1: After a few days of tossing, and finally Oracle installation success, create users, authorization and so on, then settle down learning Oracle;Install the Plsql GUI and after the Chinese (the process of Baidu, Baidu more and more), login graphical interface is this B-like;2: After successful login is this B-like:There are three columns on the left, so you can view the information yourself according to you

GUI (graphical user interface), gui graphical user interface

GUI (graphical user interface), gui graphical user interface AWT Overview The full name of GUI is Graphical User Interface, which is a Graphical User

Normal users cannot log on to the Linux graphical interface, only the root user can log on to the graphical interface __linux

Ordinary users can not log on to the Linux graphics interface, only the root user login to the graphical interface (ordinary users, username and password input correctly, click Login, 2 seconds later returned to the login interface, that is, can not log in.) The solution to this problem is as follows: /tmp This direct

Java graphical user interface list box, java graphical list box

Java graphical user interface list box, java graphical list box The list box is generated by the Swing component JList, which occupies a fixed number of rows on the screen. To obtain the selected element in the list box, you only need to call getSelectedValuesList () to generate a string array with the selected element name. The JList component allows multiple se

Graphical buttons for the Java graphical interface

]); Jb.setdisabledicon (pictures[4]); Jb.settooltiptext ("Yow"); Add (jb); If setrolloverenabled is true, then when the mouse moves over the button, the contents of the Setrollovericon are used on the graphic of the button, that is, picture[1];When the button is pressed, the contents of the Setpressedicon are used on the graphic of the button, i.e. picture[2]; when the button is disabled, the contents of the Setdisabledicon are applied to the button,i.e. picture[4].Jb1.addactionlistener (

7. Java graphical interface design-null layout of layout manager (empty layout) and graphical null

7. Java graphical interface design-null layout of layout manager (empty layout) and graphical null Reprinted: Generally, containers use the default Layout mode. However, if you need to specify the size and position of each component accurately, an empty layout is required. Operation Method: 1) First, use

The most common graphical login manager for the Ubuntu graphical interface

1, install the basic Ubuntu graphics interface: 2, install GNOME desktop: If you want to fully use GNOME as your desktop, you will also need to install: Apt-get Install gnome-applets gnome-control-center gnome-volume-manager libsmbclient Menu Network-manager-gnome gnome-utils gnome-system-tools gnome-netstatus-applet gnome-nettool Libgnomevfs2-extra 3, must install the software: Apt-get Install gnome-terminal gedit Firefox 4. Chinese support

Graphical IDE hard disk interface diagram SATA hard disk interface diagram SCSI hard drive interface

hard Disk Interface The current hard disk interface type is not much, mainly IDE, SCSI, SATA three kinds. Many times the IDE replaces the Ultra ATA, many people are accustomed to the Ultra ATA hard disk is called IDE hard disk, but need to explain that the concept of the IDE is greater than ata--in principle all hard drive integrated controller design belongs to IDE,SCSI is no exception. Of course, with

Linux graphical interface and character interface switching

Tags: Character graphical interface VMW login Inux etc cli Col viewTransferred from: Enter the character interface at startup and later want to switch to the graphical interface: using startx or init 5(Not

Linux character interface and graphical interface

Ubuntu graphical interface and character interface switching Ubuntu, like other Linux systems, has a graphical interface and character interface, as well as the ability to set the default boot interface.Linux display

Linux graphical interface and character interface switching

1. Enter the character interface at startup and later want to switch to the graphical interface: using startx or init 5(Note: StartX just added a graphical interface to the original RunLevel 3, the runlevel is unchanged, and init 5 is switching to RunLevel 5, so log back in.

Linux common commands (i) Linux switch, restart, and text interface and graphical interface interchange

2m later ..." to all login usersShutdown–h +2 in 2m later ...After 2 minutes, the machine shuts down automatically and does not restart:Close the machine now:Shutdown-h now2. Graphical interface and text interface switch:A. Default toggle: Modify the Initdefault parameter in the/etc/inittab file to modify the default startup

Some Linux systems start with a graphical interface that changes to the command line interface

Background: Graphical interface is very beautiful, but now do not need a graphical interface, only the command line can be, so the graphical interface from the start to close. Body: Centos: Change the file/etc/inittab one line id:

Linux 2 graphical interface and command interface switching

Tags: interface Linux switchFirst, before writing the switch command, it is very rare to switch the graphical interface in general work, because it is mostly remote, so we only discuss it here.Linux presets provide six command window terminals let's log in. By default we are logged in is the first window, that is, tty1, these six windows are tty1, Tty2...tty6, yo

Linux system graphical interface and command line interface between the switch __linux

I. Situation where the system is not in the virtual machine Switch to the command line interface using Ctrl+alt+f1~6; ctrl+alt+f7 switch to the graphical interface Two. The situation of the system in the virtual machine ctrl+alt+shift+f1~6 switch to the command line interface; Return to the

Authentication login for interface and event graphical interface

event handler class does not have a login interface form object, which you need to define methods to borrow form objects from the login interface class.5 Implementation of graphical interfaceGraphical interface classes provided by 1.Java1.AWT (Basic)The components of AWT are drawn by the operating system's drawing mec

python-graphical interface programming (an interface to start and stop the service)

GuiProgramming1. PythonImplementGuithe method1) use python 's standard library Tkinter2) use WxPython3) use Jython(can be seamlessly integrated with Java)2.UseTkinterinstalling the Tkinter libraryYum install-y tkinter Tk-develCreate 1 blank main window#!/usr/bin/python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-Import Tkinter # Create a main window Mywindow = () # Enter message loop Mywindow.mainloop ()Write a service-initiated graphical

Graphical interface and command line interface switching in virtual machine-linux system

Tags: virtual machine efault har PST run level between runlevel nal minThe switching between graphical and command-line interfaces in Linux systems can be divided into two types, temporary switching and permanent switching.Temporary switching is only valid for this time after switching, the system restarts the interface or the default interface.Permanent switching is the

No login interface for Centos 7 graphical interface

2016/5/8Not a nice day, but goYesterday, somehow the CentOS login interface has been ruined.Really suffered, help brother, solved. (Don't ask me how to fix it, I don't know).Having such a big problem, I finally know something about Linux.First of all, the interface is out of the question, what kind of interface do you use?Gnome,kde? CentOS generally defa

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