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MongoDB, Java, and ORM

Document directory MongoDB Introduction Add the mjorm Library to the Project Create pojo Create an XML ing File Integration MongoDB Introduction Currently, there are many competing nosql products, which are used in different ways, but can

"MongoDB for Java" Java Operation MongoDB

Previous article: Http:// introduced to the MONGODB console to complete the data manipulation of MongoDB, We have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of MongoDB through the previous

MongoDB Continuous Development: Release 1.4, 10gen to provide business support

March 25 MongoDB (taken from "Humongous") 1.4 release shortly after its founder Dwight Merriman (formerly DoubleClick Ceo/cto) announced 10gen--open source document database MongoDB behind the company, It will provide business training and

MONGODB Basic Environment Deployment (under Windows System)

Because the project team needs to develop the big Data management analysis system, but also want to use the relevant software and libraries are open source, so the choice of the use of MongoDB This non-relational, structured organization more

"Go" Test MongoDB's differential chip performance with YCSB

MongoDB's library-level lockMongoDB is currently the most popular NoSQL database, with its natural document-type data structures, flexible data patterns, and easy-to-use horizontal scaling capabilities that have been favored by many developers. But

MongoDB installation on Windows and additions and deletions in Java

installation creation under 1.windowsHttp:// Operation

Mongodb configuration to Application

I. Mongodb introduction Mongo ( is a high-performance, open-source (DAI zhenjun daniu is studying Mongodb source code. You can go to www. cnblogs. comdaizhj), schema-free document-type database, which can be used in many scenarios to

MongoDB Introductory article

0) MONGO: Connect MongoDB database via client1) Show DBS---Display the currently created database2) Use test---Create or switch databases3) Db.dropdatabase ()--Delete the current database3) Show Collections: Displays the collection created by the

Java Development--Operation MongoDB

Http:// introduced to the MONGODB console to complete the data operation of MongoDB, We have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of MongoDB through the previous article. Now we're

"MongoDB for Java" Java Operation MongoDB

Development environment:System:windowsIde:eclipse, MyEclipse 8Database:mongodbDeveloping dependent libraries:JavaEE5, Mongo-2.5.3.jar, Junit-4.8.2.jarEmail:[email protected]Blog:, the

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