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Nodejs Learning Notes (10)---interaction with mongodb (mongodb/node-mongodb-native), Getting started with MongoDB

Directory Brief introduction MongoDB installation (Windows) Getting Started with MongoDB basic syntax and operations (Mongo.exe client operations) Library operations Insert Inquire Modify Delete

9.6 MongoDB One

Directory:ASP. NET MVC enterprise-class actual directory9.6.1 MongoDB IntroductionMongoDB is a high-performance, open-source, modeless document-based database that is a popular one in the current NoSQL database. It can be used in many scenarios to

Section 1 Introduction, download, and installation of MongoDB

ArticleDirectory 1. Download Ii. Installation Introduction MongoDB is a product between relational databases and non-relational databases. It has the most abundant functions and features like relational databases. The supported

MongoDB installation and configuration file options full solution _mongodb

Installation section 1. installation package1.1 mongodb-orgThe following four packages can be installed automatically1.2 Mongodb-org-serverMongod processes and configuration files, launching scripts1.3 Mongodb-org-mongosMONGOs process1.4 Mongodb-org-

Section 1 Introduction, download, and installation of MongoDB

Introduction MongoDB is a product between relational databases and non-relational databases. It has the most abundant functions and is the most similar to relational databases. The supported data structure is very loose and is similar to the json

Getting started with MongoDB (1): installing and managing MongoDB

In the past, MySQL databases were used to write a large pile of SQL statements all day long. It took several days to remember these SQL keywords, and all the SQL keywords were written. When MongoDB was exposed, I found that I don't need to write SQL

Install MongoDB (made into a Windows service) and load the C # driver

A MongoDB Introduction:by querying some information on the Internet to introduce the advantages of MongoDB :MongoDB is a document-oriented database, currently developed and maintained by 10gen, it is rich in functionality, complete, can completely

CentOS Installation MongoDB

1. Go to the/usr/local/directory:Cd/usr/local2. Install the necessary pluginsYum-y install gcc make gcc-c++ openssl-devel wgetyum Install net-tools3. Download the mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel70-3.2.4.tgz file that matches the CentOS system download is

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Non-original, I also reprint (here) come back up a bit. About the MongoDB Garden has a series of good, click here to jumpMongoDB is a product between a relational database and a non-relational database, and is the most versatile and most like

The installation and use of MongoDB

official website http://www.mongodb.org1, download decompressionMongoDB 3.1.5 requires win7 to download and install memory patches HTTPS://SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM/ZH-CN/HOTFIX/KBHOTFIX?KBNUM=2731284KBLN=ZH-CN2, extract to

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