mongodb script injection attack

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Server Side JavaScript Code injection attack service-side JS injection attack

Today, the scanner mistakenly reported the flaw, I think it is a false alarm.Take the opportunity to understand, as if for the NoSQL and Nodejs service side, I think it may be JS for Nodejs is executable code, that is, arbitrary code execution, such

NoSQL Injection Analysis and relief, nosql injection relief

NoSQL Injection Analysis and relief, nosql injection relief Key points of this article: 1. learn about new security vulnerabilities targeting NoSQL 2. five types of NoSQL attack methods, such as repeat, joint query, JavaScript injection,

MongoDB security: Injection Attacks in php

MongoDB security: Injection Attacks in php 15:06:12 Source: 360 Security broadcast author: Mo Bai read: 35 times Share: Before discussing MongoDB injection, we must understand what it is and why we prefer it more than other databases. Because

About XSS (cross-site scripting attacks) and CSRF (cross-site request forgery)

We often say that the network security should include the following three aspects of security: 1, confidentiality, such as the user's privacy is stolen, account theft, the common way is a Trojan horse. 2, completeness, such as the integrity of the

Cross-site scripting (XSS) and CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)

We often say that network security should actually include the following three aspects of security: 1. confidentiality, such as user privacy theft and account theft. The common method is Trojan. 2. Integrity, for example, data integrity. For example,

How to ensure the security of your webpage

How to ensure the security of your webpage From technology to security, this is a trend. I used to pursue cool technologies. After implementation, I found out what else I could do. it's almost time to learn about the technology. user security is a

2015-07-01linux Security and Tuning

Content Summary:I. Linux security1. Linux distribution versionChoose the mainstream, update faster.Get the installation image from the official website2. Hardware and physical securitySet BIOS passwordSet Grub PasswordSet the system passwordSelect

Introduction to the Modsecurity general rules

OWASP Rules:Part I: Base rule setMODSECURITY_CRS_20_PROTOCOL_VIOLATIONS.CONF HTTP protocol specification related rulesMODSECURITY_CRS_21_PROTOCOL_ANOMALIES.CONF HTTP protocol specification related rulesmodsecurity_crs_23_request_limits.conf HTTP

Based on. NET Platform common framework and open source program collation _ self-study Process

Since studying. NET, elegant programming style, extremely simple extensibility, strong enough to develop tools, minimal learning curve, let me have a strong interest in this platform, in the work and study also accumulated a number of open source

"West Shrine Diary" "07" hard work, find information, thinking, how to do ASP image upload

"West Shrine Diary" "07" efforts to find information, thinking, how to do ASP image upload (2015.07.23 Thursday) Today forgot to bring a book, directly written in the books on the notes, later or in the book folder; Learned so long Web

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