mongodb search for string

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Go Hubbledotnet+mongodb Building high-performance search engines-Overview

Hubbledotnet starting from 1.2.3 version in the official code to support and MongoDB docking, MongoDB is a 10gen company developed No-sql database, its read and write performance than traditional relational database is much faster, and can be very

MongoDB Installation and Basic use

The blog has moved Https:// MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented NoSQL (not only SQL) database written using C + +, and one of the most popular NoSQL databases. NoSQL Introduction NoSQL means "Not just SQL", is the

MongoDB combat Development "0 basic Learning, with complete ASP.

MongoDB combat Development "0 basic Learning, with complete ASP.Read Catalogue Begin Download MongoDB, and start it Using MongoDB in C # Refactoring (simplifying) code Viewing data using MongoDB's clients Maintaining

MongoDB Real-combat development

"Goal": This article will show you how to access MongoDB in C #, complete common database operations tasks, and also introduce MONGODB clients (command-line working mode) and some basic commands in the form of real combat."description": What is

MongoDB Quick Start

MongoDB Quick Start1. MongoDB Introduction MongoDB is a cross-platform NoSQL document-type database that stores data in the form of Key_Value pairs. NoSQL (not only SQL) databases generally refer to non-relational databases.1.1 features of NoSQL

Install a tutorial using MongoDB on Mac OS _mongodb

ConceptMongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database that delivers high performance, high availability, and scalability. MongoDB work in the collection and document concept. What is NoSQL?NOSQL, the full name is not just SQL, refers to

MongoDB from configuration to Application

Long wanted to write an article MongoDB, suffering from wood has time, today I have learned the MongoDB knowledge integration, share out, part of MongoDB knowledge from the network. No link here, if there is infringement, please contact me in time ..

Minute hand Net-daily share: The difference between Redis, Memcache and MongoDB of memcached:the memcached can take advantage of multicore advantages, with a very high single-instance throughput of hundreds of thousands of QPS (depending on key, the byte size of value, and server

MongoDB Getting Started notes

MongoDB, as the first database in NoSQL, has been using more and more people in recent years, and as a developer, it is necessary to understand the next MongoDB database. The following will give you the basic knowledge of the MongoDB database, there

Mongodb installation and basic search operations: Learning and organizing (1), mongodb search

Mongodb installation and basic search operations: Learning and organizing (1), mongodb search **Install and configure MongoDB in windows: **Installation references:

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