mongodb sharding and replica sets

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MongoDB cluster technology: replica set & amp; sharding, mongodb Cluster

MongoDB cluster technology: replica set & sharding, mongodb ClusterA MongoDB replica set is a process of synchronizing data to multiple servers. The replica set provides redundant backup of data and stores data copies on multiple servers, this

MongoDB cluster building (master-slave replication, replica and) (5), mongodb master-slave

MongoDB cluster building (master-slave replication, replica and) (5), mongodb master-slaveVi. Architecture ManagementMongodb master-slave clusters are divided into two types:1: master-Slave replication (master-Slave) -- The Slave server will not

MongoDB replica sets and auto sharding configurations

MongoDB replica setsAndAuto shardingThe simple configuration procedure is what we will introduce in this article. Many tutorials on the Internet have written replica sets and auto sharding (or sharding) together, which may be confusing for beginners,

"Mongodb" sharding Replica sets Shard cluster production environment installation and introduction!

System Environment: Centos 6.5Official manual: the information: MongoDB authoritative guide"MongoDB Combat" "deep learning mongodb"650) this.width=650; "src="

MongoDB Sharding Learning Operation Chapter

The MongoDB version used in this article is 2.4.6, which uses the following deployment architecture for testing and not for the online environment. The following tests are all done on this machine, and the on-line environment requires separate

MongoDB Finishing Note のreplica sets + sharding

MongoDB Auto-sharding solves the problem of mass storage and dynamic capacity expansion, but there are some distances from the high reliability and high availability required for the actual production environment, so there is a "Replica sets +

MongoDB 3.4 Cluster Build: Shard + Replica set

MongoDB is the most commonly used NODQL database and has risen to the top six in the database rankings. This article describes how to build a highly available MongoDB (shard + replica) cluster.Before you build a cluster, you need to understand

Managing maintenance of the deployment of MongoDB replica sets and replication sets on CentOS7

An overview of the MONGODB replication setA replica set is an additional copy of the data that is the process of synchronizing data across multiple servers, providing redundancy and increasing data availability through a replica set to recover from

MongoDB distributed sharding Cluster [4]

MongoDB distributed sharding Cluster [4]Sharding cluster configuration of MongoDBSharding cluster IntroductionThis is a horizontally scalable mode, which is especially powerful when the data volume is large. In practice, large-scale applications

MongoDB replica sets + sharding solution and chunks block and chip Key Analysis

The following figure shows the mongdb cluster architecture to be built. Create the first replset folder ------------------ create directory mkdir-P/data/replset_sharding/replset1/r0mkdir-P/data/replset_sharding/replset1/r1mkdir-P

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