mongodb snapshot backup

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Using LVM for speed snapshot and compression backup for Mongodb

Here, we use the LVM Logical Disk for speeding backup of Mongodb. mongodb has reached dozens of GB or more. The speed of using the mongodb tool for backup will make us feel quite slow, at this time, we can run the mongdb data directory. Here, we use the LVM Logical Disk for

How to use LVM snapshot (snapshot) backup

LogicalVolumeManager (LVM) provides the "snapshot" (snapshot) function for any LogicalVolume (LV) to obtain the state consistency backup of a partition. When backing up a file in a certain state, an application may be accessing a file or database. This means that the file is in a state during backup, after the Logical

Lvm-snapshot: LVM-based snapshot backup _ MySQL

Lvm-snapshot: Attention and Please for LVM snapshot-based backup! The beginning 3. LVM-based snapshot backup Lvm-snapshot: LVM-based snapshot back

MySQL High-performance backup solution to data uninterrupted access (LVM Snapshot method Backup)

MySQL LVM snapshot backup features: 1, in most cases, this approach is almost a hot standby. It does not need to shut down the service, just set a read-only or similar limit. 2, support all local disk based storage engine, such as MyISAM, InnoDB and BDB, also support solid, primext and faction. 3, the fastest backup speed, because you only need to copy the rel

MySQL Backup series (4)--lvm-snapshot backup MySQL data (full + incremental) operation record

Tags: log top blocks mod min remove PVC oca Tor The three most commonly used backup tools for MySQL are mysqldump, xtrabackup (Innobackupex tools), and Lvm-snapshot snapshots.The previous sections describe:MySQL Backup series (1)--Summary of backup scenariosMySQL Backup seri

LVM Snapshot Backup and recovery

Brief introductionRecent work on data backup uses two tools, one DD, and the other a snapshot of LVM (snapshot). Because the data is large, the direct use of DD is very time-consuming, and LVM snapshots can be easily done in a few seconds, and can achieve real-time results, but the cost of using LVM snapshots is to exchange space for time.Let's start by understan

Aliyun server reload system, snapshot backup rollback restore, upgrade downgrade configuration

plain and the dispatch?? Long?/div> For the new purchase of Aliyun server ECS, this I have previously in the "ARI Server ECS purchase process and the VPS panel and experience Speed performance evaluation" in the article has been more detailed sharing, here will not repeat. This article focuses on common ECS servers when panel applications, including reload system OS change and selection, root password reset, upgrade and downgrade scheme, snapshot

Use snapshot to implement HDFs file backup and recovery combat

Enable backup of files on HDFs via snapshotAPI address please see Allow snapshot creationFirst, execute the command below the folder where you want to make the backup

MySQL's LVM snapshot backup recovery

Tags: mysql backup mysql LVMIt seems that the general people do not use this bar, here is only as a record it.In fact, the LVM snapshot no matter what storage engine can be close to hot standby, looks also good look. But it also needs some necessary conditions.For example: LVM volumes, and there is enough free space to take snapshots, and the transaction log is also associated with the data file.Well, don't

MySQL backup recovery based on LVM snapshot

Tags: LVM mysql backupDirectory1, Database Full backup2. Preparing the LVM Volume3. Data recovery to LVM volume4. Backup data based on LVM snapshot5. Data Disaster recovery6. SummaryWrite in front:The MySQL 5.5.36 database is already installed in the test environment, but the data directory is not stored in the LVM volume, this time to demonstrate LVM-based data backup and recovery, so the MySQL data first

MySQL Backup recovery based on LVM Snapshot

MySQL Backup recovery based on LVM Snapshot Directory1. Full database backup2. Prepare LVM volumes3. Data Recovery to LVM volumes4. Back up data based on LVM snapshots5. Data Disaster Recovery6. Summary Preface:The mysql 5.5.36 database is installed in the test environment, but the data directory is not stored in the LVM volume. This shows how to back up and restore Data Based on LVM, therefore, the mysql D

Use the snapshot feature of LVM to implement almost hot backup of data

Use the snapshot feature of LVM to implement almost hot backup of data The snapshot function of LVM can record information at a certain time point to the snapshot area. Therefore, you can use this feature to completely back up data. Then, the new data can be incrementally backed up and restored using the binary log fil

kvm--Virtual Machine Snapshot backup

new qcow2 format of the disk.3. Snapshot management of virtual machines(1) Create a snapshot of the oeltest01 virtual machineYou can also Virsh snapshot-create as oeltest01 snap1 after creating a snapshot alias.(2) View the version of the virtual machine image snapshot(3) V

Backup restore for MySQL based on the LV snapshot

Tags: lod centos7 radius-o linu Delete Table read Font networkBuild the Environment:centos7 close Selinux:setenforce 0 Shut down firewall: systemctl stop firewalld Build step: Creating a logical Volume # Pvcreate/dev/sda6# vgcreate Vg0/dev/sda6# lvcreate-l 5g-n lv_mysql vg0# lvcreate-l 3g-n lv_binlog vg0# Mkfs.xfs/dev/vg0/lv_mysql# Mkfs.xfs/dev/vg0/lv_binlog# Mkdir-pv/data/{mysql,backup} Create mount point# Vim/etc/fstab Perm

LVM Snapshot backup MySQL

Principle of snapshot backup (from other blogs):Principle: Through LVM snapshot to the LVM to take a picture, when the LVM host changes, the LVM snapshot of the LVM changes the content before the change in the snapshot, so that in the time of the LVM

Detailed description of Linux-6.5 backup data based on LVM snapshot in MariaDB-10

for backup 2. Mark binary log files and locations (manually ); Iv. Create LVM snapshots and release global locks. 1. Create snapshot volumes 2. Release the global lock V. Back up data and delete snapshots. 1. Mount the snapshot volume and check whether the volume is mounted successfully: 2. Insert data into the backup

Linux-6.5 MariaDB-10 The backup data based on LVM snapshot

) this.width=650; "width=" 955 "height=" "title=" 9.png "style=" Width:723px;height:72px;float:none; "alt=" Wkiol1nrip3byaclaad_tabxh94902.jpg "src=" Http:// "/>2. Release the global lock650) this.width=650; "Width=" 949 "height=" "title=" 10.png "style=" Width:722px;height:81px;float:none; "alt=" Wkiom1nrisetrukoaacoty9sfy8388.jpg "src=" Http:// "/>v.

Use LVM snapshot for Database Backup

information through another terminal;$ Mysql-uroot-p-e 'show master status \ G'>/path/to/master-'date + % F'. info View the current log:Mysql> show master status;+ ---------------------- + ---------- + -------------- + ------------------ + ------------------- +| File | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB | Executed_Gtid_Set |+ ---------------------- + ---------- + -------------- + ------------------ + ------------------- +| Mysqld-binlog.000007 | 650 |+ ---------------------- + ---------

Snapshot backup MySQL database and examples

Snapshot backup MySQL database and example 1. create logical volume Create a logical volume according to the following connection document Http:// Requirement: physical volume 20 GB; volume Group name: vg0; logical volume 2 GB; logical volume name: mydata Create and mount a logical volume mount point # Mkdir/mydata # Mount/dev/vgo/mydataII. install the MySQL database If mysql is inst

Backup MySQL database with snapshot mode and example

to the/mydata operation as follows: # sed-i ' s/^datadir.*$/datadir=\/mydata/g '/etc/my.cnf# service mysqld Restart modify/mydata directory and its contents belong to the main group # chown-r mysql:mysql/mydata/*# chown mydql:mysql/mydql start MySQL Service # service mysqld START III, create Snapshot lock All Tables first # Mydql>flush TABLES with READ lock;>\q Create snapshot # pvvreat-l 20m-s-N mysnap/de

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